Five of Diamonds Meaning in Tarot & Cartomancy

5 Of Diamonds Tarot Card Meaning

The tarot is a tool to help you tune in with your spiritual self and help you better manifest your idea. It also serves as a warning in case you have missed something, and things can go South if you do not pay heed. Each card in tarot carries a different meaning, and it varies based on what you want it for.

On that note, the Diamonds suit is related to monetary fluctuations, and the same is true for Five of Diamonds in Tarot. These cards influence a broad category of aspects in life, from career, love life, relationships, and financial side, to help get you an affirmation about something.

That’s why; if you are doing a tarot reading and Five of Diamonds pops up, here are some meanings it portrays.

The primary meaning behind Five of Diamonds is reconciliation. It signifies that it is time to focus on bettering the relationship instead of focusing on the ups and downs in life. Also, it tells you to focus on your goal rather than money flow and be patient and careful. All in all, this card has a good meaning.

Here, you will find different meanings of Five of Diamonds in several aspects of life. That’s why; continue reading to find out what purpose it serves in your tarot reading.

Meaning of Five of Diamonds Based on Purpose

Meaning Of Five Of Diamonds Based On Purpose

The tarot has seventy-eight cards in the deck, with each card imparting a different meaning. That’s not all; the reading is influenced by the combination of cards, e.g., the Devils and the Lovers card combination, and so on.

Also, if you think it ends there, you couldn’t be more wrong, as based on the situation, aspect, and the thing you are doing it for; it imparts a different meaning. That’s why; for a Five of Diamonds, below are some of the most common and frequent ones.


The most frequent and common meaning that a Five of Diamonds has is for a relationship. It tells you that it is time to fix the broken relationship, but it also indicates struggle and tells you to focus on reconciliation instead of getting distracted by the ups and downs of life.

Financial Side

Trouble on the money side is also something that this card depicts. However, it isn’t a negative meaning; instead, it highlights that you will lose out on the bigger picture if you keep being preoccupied with money.

In essence, it shows that you will complete the stuff that has been eating away at you for a while. Or if you are worried about your goals, success is at your doorstep; you only need to keep striving for it.

Yes/No Reading

Surprisingly, Five of Diamonds can give both yes and no meaning. It is dependent on the type of card spread and situation.

The general one highlights the rigidity towards change, which can be positive or negative based on the problem. For example, staying in a career where things aren’t working out for you or not going for opportunities that can help shape your future and push you closer to your goals.

Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of Five of Diamonds is a positive one. Here, it tells you to have a patient attitude as the goals you have been striving towards are soon reaching fruition. It further informs you to avoid getting distracted and not be impatient, as patience and focus on the stuff you want is the key to success.

What Is Five of Diamonds Implying?

What Is Five Of Diamonds Implying?

The meaning doesn’t end at these; the card in and of itself implies that you should do the following things:

View Things With Clarity

For starters, Five of Diamonds implies that you need to take another look at what you are aspiring to achieve and accept the positive and negative results that may come along.

It further informs you that instead of a deluded approach and clouding your vision with the ideal version, focus on what’s in front to make the most out of your life.

Be Humble

The primary meaning of this card is to see the bigger picture and not let a small success get to your head, as it may impede the progress in your goals. That’s why; staying humble is an underlying meaning of this card.

Keep On Going Without Losing Hope

In general, the meaning of this card relates to up-and-coming success; hence a positive revelation. It tells you to stay persistent and not feel dejected even if you haven’t yet seen success in your endeavors.

Take Care in Making Decisions

Five of Diamonds implies that what you are encountering or about to encounter will be a significant part of your life. It may be a relationship, career, or spiritual-related aspect, but you need to ponder hard about your decisions and not take them half-heartedly.

The card tells you that every cloud has a silver lining, so don’t be discouraged by the darkness and focus on the light which is about to take over. But your decisions are the deciding factor in determining how bright this light will be.

Don’t Be Distracted by the Flow

This card also shows rigidity in the decisions, which works both ways, i.e., positive and negative. It implies that instead of letting life decide for you and going with the flow, it is time to take the reins and shape your life.

So, getting distracted by stuff happening around you is the hardship you will encounter, which may hold you back from achieving what you desire.


Lastly, Five of Diamonds carries numerous meanings, and all of them are highly situation dependent. However, the connotation of this card is good, and you can expect a positive result.

In a relationship, this card implies the chances of patching up your relationship with family, friends, or partner. In the spiritual sense, it tells you to be patient to achieve success, and for your career, it implies money shouldn’t be your top priority if you want to achieve your goals.