Are Tarot Cards Supposed To Be Gifted? (Surprising Myths)

Are Tarot Cards Supposed To Be Gifted

Do you keep hearing a lot of myths related to tarot cards? Have you started feeling confused even before entering the world of tarot?

You might have been told if you find a tarot deck on the street, it is cursed. Don’t touch it or burn it in the fire to get rid of the negative energies associated with it.

People also say, ”The first tarot deck you receive must be gifted.” Or, ”It attracts bad luck if you buy one for yourself.”

Still, others say that it should be gifted by someone expert in tarot reading. Well, if you trust this superstition, you have to wait for the person who fulfills this criterion. And until then, you can’t start your tarot journey! How strange is that!

Tarot cards have been around for centuries, and the superstitions related to them are even older. The energy of tarot cards depends on the reader rather than on how they were acquired.

So, are tarot cards supposed to be gifted? Can you give a tarot deck to a fellow tarot enthusiast?

Gifting tarot cards is an act of kindness. You can gift a deck of tarot to your friend. Any tarot deck you get for yourself or receive as a present holds the same energy. It’s nothing more than a made-up story to get the first set of cards as a donation. So give yourself the tarot gift by buying a deck today!

Do you want to explore the realms of tarot and create your own magical journey? Let’s first dive into the mystery of tarot cards and break the related myths. You’ll also get tips to gift a tarot deck to a loved one.

Some Popular Tarot Superstitions

Some Popular Tarot Superstitions

Tell me one thing. Why should you wait for someone else to gift you something that is meant specifically for you? Tarot cards are a personal journey and shouldn’t be imposed upon you.

There are many superstitions related to tarot cards that need to be debunked. Some popular myths are as follows:

  • If a tarot deck is gifted, the receiver will benefit from it for life.
  • Tarot cards should be gifted only by an expert or a master.
  • If someone finds a tarot deck on the street, it’s cursed and shouldn’t be touched.
  • It’s unlucky to buy a tarot deck for yourself.

These stories are around us for a reason. In ancient times, tarot cards were not easily accessible to everyone. Traditional tarot readers and experts had tarot decks in a minimal number.

And since there was no proper tarot creation mechanism, these decks were often passed to people from generation to generation. Masters used to gift a tarot deck to their students as a sign of respect and admiration.

But in today’s world, such stories have no relevance. Modern tarot sets are readily available to everyone. You can find them in stores as well as online.

So, there is no need to wait for another person to gift you your first-ever deck of cards.

What To Do When You Receive a Tarot Gift?

A thoughtful gift is always appreciated. If you are lucky enough to receive a tarot deck as a present, make sure you thank the person who has gifted it to you.

Gifting tarot cards is an excellent way of showing care and affection. The gift also symbolizes the support the giver has for the receiver.

Start your journey with gratitude and humility. No matter how you acquire your first tarot deck, it will bring positive energy if you’re open and honest with yourself.

You should consider cleansing the tarot deck after receiving it. It helps the cards to absorb the energies of their new owner. Embrace this magical journey with full enthusiasm and love!

Is There Any Bad Fortune With Used Tarot Cards?

Is There Any Bad Fortune With Used Tarot Cards

There is no such thing as bad luck associated with used tarot cards. As long as the deck is in good condition, you can safely use it for a tarot reading and spiritual practices.

Remember that used cards may be packed with stories of their previous owners. Cleanse and bless these cards before using them for any divination work.

It’s a way of connecting yourself to the universe and asking permission to use the cards for a personal journey. This practice helps you set an intention while welcoming new energies into your life.

Editor’s Note

Tarot cards are simple artistic tools to express your thoughts and feelings. They don’t carry any magical powers. It’s your energy that makes them magical. All that matters is how you channel the universal energies through the tarot cards.

Things To Do With a Deck of Cards You Found Somewhere

If you find a tarot deck on the street or anywhere else, you can donate it or recycle it. But don’t be alarmed. It just means that any other person has lost their deck.

  • Keep this as an opportunity to explore the world of tarot cards.
  • If you don’t want to keep it, donate it to a charity that specializes in spiritual healing.
  • You can also gift tarot cards to a friend who is looking for a deck.
  • Or, simply put the deck back where you have found it.
  • You can burn it in fire and let the ashes fly away with the wind. This is a traditional way of releasing energies that no longer serve you.

5 Steps To Break in a New Tarot Deck

Steps To Break In A New Tarot Deck

Breaking in a new tarot deck is an essential step for a beginner. It helps you get accustomed to the cards and their meanings.

Here are five effective steps to let yourself and tarot cards be familiar with each other.

Step 1: Shuffle the Cards in a Deck

This is a critical step to getting familiar with the cards. Shuffle the deck of cards at least three times. This allows the energies of both you and the cards to be balanced.

No doubt cards have no energy themselves. But by breaking in, you incorporate those spiritual vibes into the cards.

Step 2: Divide Them into 3 Piles

After shuffling and cutting 78 cards, divide them into three piles randomly. Each pile represents different aspects of life: past, present, and future.

Step 3: Do a Tarot Interview

Close your eyes and pick one card from each pile. Put these three cards face up on the table and write something about yourself that relates to each card.

For example, if you chose the Tower as your past card, write down ”I had faced some difficult situations in my past.”

Step 4: Put a Stone on Each Pile

Place a healing stone or crystal on each pile. This helps you to focus your energies while meditating and connecting with the cards.

Step 5: Mix Them and Put them Back in Order

After placing the stones, mix up all the cards and put them back in order according to their suits. Practice it daily for a week or so for better results.

This process helps to quicken the tarot learning curve as you are letting yourself get familiar with every single card of the deck.

Pro Tip

Store tarot cards in a pouch or a storage box. A silk cloth wrapped around the tarot deck is enough to protect them.

Tips When Gifting Tarot Cards to Your Loved Ones

Tips To Gift Tarot Cards To Your Loved Ones

Gifting tarot cards encourage people to explore their spiritual side and discover how the cards can help them.

The following are some valuable tips for presenting tarot cards in an appropriate way.

  • Add a card meaning reference book as a companion.
  • Wrap the tarot deck in a beautiful piece of paper, cloth, or box.     
  • Write down a few words about why you chose this particular deck for them.
  • Add some extras like candles, incense sticks, or other accessories for spiritual practice.

And there you are! You have successfully broken a myth by buying a tarot for yourself and also for your beloved one.

In Summary

To sum it up, are tarot cards supposed to be gifted? Yes, but not always. If you want to get your first deck of tarot, go ahead and purchase it. Don’t let this myth ”tarot cards shouldn’t be bought” stop you from exploring the world of spirituality and astrology.

Tarot cards are a meaningful and invaluable gift to a special one in your life. These are not only fun but also powerful tools that help us tap into the energies of the universe. This practice teaches us more about ourselves and our connection with spirit.