How To Bond With Your Tarot Deck (Let Your Cards Speak)

7 Ways To Bond With Your Tarot Deck (Let Your Cards Speak)

Getting hands over the freshly grabbed deck of tarot is exciting! But is your connection vibrant with your tarot deck?

Do you feel a strong bond between yourself and your tarot cards? Bonding with a tarot deck takes time and effort.

You can deeply connect with the tarot deck if your intentions are pure. The deeper the bond, the more accurate your readings will be.

So, how can you develop a fit tie with your tarot deck?

The best way to start when beginning a journey with your tarot deck is to personalize it.

Introduce yourself to the cards and interview them to engage. Flip through and see the bigger picture by analyzing the tarot cards. Keep your tarot deck under a pillow when you sleep to make it feel like home. You can also journal the observations and insights you get as you connect with the cards.

Below are the 7 best ways to help you bond with your tarot deck and get the most out of your tarot readings. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

7 Methods To Strengthen Your Bond With Tarot Deck

7 Amazing Methods To Strengthen Your Bond With Tarot Deck

Good reading demands a good connection with tarot cards. Bonding helps you widen your intuitions and see beyond the veils.

After knowing these methods, you’ll be able to see the actual energies of your tarot deck.

1. Introduce Yourself to the New Deck

Added a new tarot deck to your collection? It’s time to welcome it!

Whether you bought it yourself or received it as a gift, the new deck demands connection. So, introducing yourself is the best way to create a tie with a new deck.

You are going to experience a long-term alliance with your cards. Introduce yourself to them and ask for the same.

Here are a few things you can tell your new tarot deck during the introduction.

  • Let it know who you are.
  • Tell your deck why you are investing your time with it.
  • Ask it to be honest and open with you.
  • Propose friendly cooperation.
  • Share your expectations.
  • “My dear tarot deck, you and I are like a team. Let’s make a pact, to be honest and open with each other.”

You don’t have to feel weird. This deck will be your companion in readings. Don’t be surprised because it will soon know everything about you!

Pro Tip

Have you ever thought of naming your tarot deck? It adds more fun and friendship. Choose a name like “Luna”, “Soleil”, “Castle”, “Warrior,” or “Misty.” You will see the connection growing in no time!

2. Flip Through the Cards and Meditate

Flip Through The Cards And Meditate

It is the most basic approach to building a path of connection with your tarot deck. Flip through the deck, hold the cards in your hands, and meditate.

Let the tarot seep into your soul, feel their whispers, and look for signs of their guidance. Watch out for each card in detail and deeply sense your feelings. Spend an hour meditating on each card.

You can choose a card with your favorite character. Now, think about the message it conveys to you. You can even imagine yourself as a character.

This practice will significantly help you achieve a communicative relation to the new deck. To make the meditation even more effective, set an ambient environment.

To arrange a mystical scene:

  • Light some candles.
  • Burn incense.
  • Tune in some light music.     
  • Hold crystals in your hands.
  • Dress up for comfort.
  • Engage in deep breathing.

3. Interview the Spread

Just like introducing yourself, interviewing the deck is also an engaging activity. Remember, each tier has different energy, strength, and weakness.

So, how can you know about this new deck?

Shuffle the cards from 1 to 6 and ask questions. With your pure intention, the tarot deck will keep revealing its strengths and powers. It will consume little time.

But your bond with cards will get even more profound. Start asking the questions once you are ready.

Here are some samples to frame questions for your tarot deck.

  • “Why have you come to me at this time?”
  • “What are your strengths?”
  • “What are you here to teach me?”
  • “What limitations do I need to be aware of?”
  • “How can we work together to deliver intuitive readings?”
  • “What is the highest possible potential of our collaboration?”
Fun Activity

You can even ask your tarot deck to pick a card and answer the question! You might be thinking about how it is possible. Try it out and see the results. Shout their name, “Luna!” or “Misty!” whatever you have named your deck.

Do this daily, and you’ll feel the transformation in your tarot readings. Who knows, you might even develop your natural gifts!

4. Sleep With Your Tarot Deck

Sleep With Your Tarot Deck

Simply put, place your magical card around when you are sleeping.

The nighttime is perfect for connecting with your cards. It’s because your subconscious is most active when you are sleeping. Grab this chance to knit the tarot in your soul!

Follow the ways mentioned below to get a magical experience with your tarot deck.

  • Keep your cards under the pillow.
  • Place the cards near your bed or on the nightstand.
  • Put your deck in a bag and sleep with it.
  • Keep the cards along with a crystal or meditation stone.
  • Create a ritual of sleeping with the deck every night.

It’s no wonder that you might get dreams related to your deck. It will be a clear sign you are diving into a deeper bond with the cards.

5. Journal Your Journey

Journal Your Journey

Journaling your deck journey creates a unique moment. It is a handy way to connect with your mystical cards.

Journaling is an amalgam of visualization, meditation, and engagement. Make it a daily habit at the start and end of the day. It should be the first and the last thing to do!

Choose a card based on the type of questions you want to ask. Then, write down your thoughts and emotions on a piece of paper.

Watch out for the images, facial expressions, and specific symbols. Keep meditating on the meanings they convey. You’ll be amazed to feel the connection journaling gives! 

You can also journal about dreams you had in the previous step. You’ll note a level of energy with your deck over a certain period.  

Editor’s Tip

Imagine a cup of herbal tea or coffee along with your writing session. Your cards will also love this special treatment!

6. Get the Feel of the Bigger Picture

You have to see the bigger picture to make your connection more intense. It means you have to see all the cards together.

Choose a sacred spot like a white cloth or floor. Spread all 78 cards of the tarot deck in front of you to get the feel of the bigger picture.

This way, your vision will capture all the cards at once and detect the one that feels close. Put your visualization to work and look for the themes carefully.

Search for the following things to analyze the cards.

  • Colors used by the artist.
  • Themes displayed.
  • Recurring motifs.
  • Symbols used (hidden meanings).
  • The placements of cards.

Preserve your feelings about this observation in the journal. This practice will indeed provide you with a positive experience. 

7. Show Respect to Your Cards

Your cards deserve respect. If you have bought a new deck or finished reading recently, pay regard to the deck.

Say out loud to show gratitude to tarot cards for their value. There are many ways you can show respect to the cards.

  • Thank the cards for their service.
  • Wrap them in silk.
  • Put a crystal on the top.
  • Protect the cards.

These pampering gestures are enough to nurture your bond. When meditating, bring the cards close and talk to them like friends. 

Final Thoughts

Bonding is a must-to-do for good readings. Try to make it a positive experience, whatever method you choose to bond. Spend a lot of time with your tarot cards because you’ll have their companionship for years.

Your journey with the cards is similar to a relationship. It will become better over time. Trust your intuition and be patient to grant the cards your love. Give the best to befriend your tarot deck and wait for a magical experience. It’s worth it!

Happy tarot bonding!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell if your tarot deck likes you?

The clue I like to look for is that the cards resonate with you. You can sense a vibe of spiritual connection or mysterious energy around you. The card meanings will become clearer as well.

How to apologize to your tarot deck?

Okay, so if your deck needs an apology, it’s best to start by expressing your true emotions toward the cards. Offer them flowers, light a candle, and whisper an apology. That should be enough to make up for your mistake!