What Tarot Deck Should I Get? (5 Factors To Consider)

What Tarot Deck Should I Get

Are you ready to delve into the mysterious world of tarot cards? Do you want to get a tarot deck for yourself but are still deciding which one to choose?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Tarot reading has been around for centuries and used by people all over the world to find inner wisdom, self-knowledge, and spiritual guidance.

Choosing the perfect tarot deck is an important decision. It sometimes takes a bit of work to find the one that speaks directly to you.

There are many beautiful and diverse designs out there. From traditional decks to unique and whimsical ones, the possibilities are endless.

So what tarot deck should you get to start your journey?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. As each person is unique, so should their tarot deck.

Choosing a tarot deck starts with identifying the purpose behind card reading. Research online to see which deck imagery resonates with you. Examine the tarot cards, feel their energy, and narrow down your choices. Rider-Waite and Morgan-Greer are widely used tarot decks by beginners.

There are certain considerations that go into choosing the right tarot deck. Let’s dive deep to figure out what your ideal deck of cards looks like!

5 Factors To Consider When Getting a Tarot Deck

Factors To Consider When Getting A Tarot Deck

Selecting a new tarot deck is confusing as it brings many questions to mind. It is something you should never opt for randomly. From symbolism to imagery, each deck is unique in its way.

However, certain factors should be considered when getting a new tarot deck. The following factors will help you get the best experience from a tarot reading.

1. Think About Your Purpose

Think About Your Purpose

The first thing to consider is purpose because your intention defines the type of deck you should get. There can be many reasons behind buying a new tarot deck.

  • You may be a beginner who wishes to practice the art of tarot reading.
  • You want to focus on a particular area of your life by doing relationship tarot reading or career reading.
  • You can also upgrade your current deck by purchasing one with more in-depth insights.

There are several tarot decks designed for a variety of purposes. So, purify your intention and choose one that caters to your needs and interests.

2. Check Out the Artwork

Check Out The Artwork

The factor of imagery should always be addressed when getting a new deck. If you are new to tarot, know that the imagery and symbolism of tarot cards are rich and subtle.

It always conveys in-depth meanings and interpretations. Research the unique art of a deck and the overall purpose it represents. Find out whether or not it resonates with your overall personality.

Any deck whose visuals connect you to your intuition is right for you. Your readings will only go smoothly and clearly if you feel that spiritual connection with the images of tarot cards.

Editor’s Tip

Raider-Waite-Smith Deck is an excellent option as it comprises detailed imagery and in-depth interpretations. It’s also easily understandable and perfect for new learners.

3. Look for an Intuitive Connection With the Cards

Look For An Intuitive Connection With The Cards

The best way to choose a tarot deck is to find one with which you feel an intuitive connection. Never make the mistake of selecting a deck based on the opinions and experiences of others.

Suppose your dear one flaunts a Fairy Tale Deck, but you like Raider-Waite-Smith more. Here, you aren’t supposed to opt for what others want.

Remember, tarot is a matter of personal and intuitive connection to cards. So, always get a tarot deck you can connect to. Otherwise, your tarot readings will go blank.

The appropriate way is to visit a nearby bookstore and carefully watch for each deck. Select the deck which gives you goosebumps after setting your eyes on it.

4. Level of Expertise

Level Of Expertise

Another significant factor is to consider your level of expertise, whether you are an advanced or a beginner tarot reader.

If you are starting your journey of tarot reading, prefer a deck with explicit imagery like Morgan-Greer Tarot.

But if you are an expert reader, there’s no compulsion for you. If you want to explore more complex areas and in-depth readings, choose a deck such as Thoth Tarot Deck.

A level of expertise doesn’t mean you stick to only a specific deck. Instead, keep exploring different decks to determine what suits your energy the best!

5. Examine the Size

From pocket size to giant size, tarot decks come in a wide variety.

Size is an essential factor to look for when buying a new tarot deck because of its influence on the handling, shuffling, and storing the tarot cards.

Examine all sizes and figure out the one that feels convenient to you.

  • Pick up the regular-size deck if you do more face-to-face readings.
  • For a group tarot reading, an oversized deck is a suitable option.
  • However, the mini size is best for you if you want to carry your deck in a handbag.

Best Tarot Decks To Buy in 2023 

Best Tarot Decks To Buy In 2023

You can’t wait for someone to gift you a tarot deck. After all, you need it to access the divine wisdom within.

There are a variety of tarot decks out there in the market. Some are ranked as the best because of their insightful nature.

Anyone can use these decks; beginners and professionals. It is a subjective opinion and not rigid data.

  • The Raider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck
  • Tarot of Mystical Moments
  • Morgan-Greer Tarot
  • The Modern Witch Tarot Deck
  • White Numen Tarot
  • Light Seer’s Tarot
  • Tarot of the Divine

All these decks are based on the old tradition. However, they reflect positivity and insightfulness. 


Selecting a new tarot deck is a process of exploration. You must find the best option according to your needs, budget, and preferences. Always remember that comfort matters most when it comes to the spiritual world.

Any deck will work for you as long as you feel connected with the artwork, symbolism, and imagery of the cards! Take time out, visit your nearby store, and make sure you decide which tarot deck suits you best! Good luck on this fantastic journey ahead.

Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many tarot cards should you pick?

Beginners are suggested to pull one or three tarot cards for simple reading. But if the nature of your questions is complex and requires deeper insights, you can draw more cards (up to 13).

When not to read tarot cards?

You should avoid seeking answers about others’ life with these cards. Tarot readings are for self-discovery and spiritual guidance, not predicting someone else’s future. It’s considered an unethical practice.

Can I listen to music while doing a tarot?

The meditation music you choose can be played in the background to enhance concentration. However, ensure it does not distract you from connecting with the cards. And avoid loud music as it can disrupt your attention.