How Often Should You Get a Tarot Reading (5 Schedules)

How Often Should You Get A Tarot Reading (Follow 5 Schedules)

If you are one of the people who can’t wait to have another tarot reading, stop! You’re probably mistaken.

Tarot reading is a good tool that helps you find insights into your life. It is, however, not something that should be used all the time and for every situation.

The frequency varies from person to person. You must look through your life and determine how often you need a tarot reading.

Tarot readings offer guidance and advice, not answers. If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed, a tarot reading can help get you back on track.

So, how often should you get tarot readings?

It’s best to get a tarot reading once a month, after three months or six months, or even annually. Daily tarot readings are suggested if you pull cards for yourself. Don’t go to a reader too often because it disrupts the clarity of the message.

Let’s explore five suitable schedules for you to have tarot readings. We’ll also see when you should not get one. Hopefully, you’ll gain clarity in your foggy cloud!

Is There a Rule on How Often One Should Take a Reading?

Is There Any Expiry Date To Take A Reading?

Absolutely not! There is no hard line for when and how often you should get a tarot reading. Whenever you need essential answers, visit a tarot reader.

However, life never stays alike. You are likely to get big punches on the way. So, it’s always advised to have tarot readings when you need them the most.

Keep your intuition a top priority. You might be unaware, but your instinct screams to be heard. So, listen to yourself first. If you need help understanding the voices, go for a reading.

Pro Tip

Nothing is permanent in life. So, it’s better to follow the ebb and flow of your life rather than overload yourself with tarot readings.

5 Suitable Schedules for You To Get a Tarot Reading

5 Suitable Schedules For You To Get Tarot Reading

Getting tarot reading is an excellent option for gaining past, present, and future insights. But how often you get it depends on the nature of your questions.

Several factors can help you estimate a suitable time for a tarot reading.

Here we will discuss the top 5 schedules you should consider to get answers to your queries.

1. The Best Time To Do a Tarot Reading

First thing first, never ignore the peace of your mind. The perfect time to read tarot cards is when you are at peace. No reading will work out until you are calm.

It is so because emotional imbalance strips off the accuracy of your reading. Experts recommend developing a bond with your tarot deck and doing readings for yourself. Why?

Because tarot mirrors your intuition and helps you grow wisdom! You can also consult a professional. But, your own energy for readings is incomparable to anyone.

Here is a list of the best moments to take a tarot reading.

  • Before making any major decision.
  • When you want to explore your potential.
  • When you want to bring out a new part of yourself.
  • When you feel lost and need direction.
  • When you need relationship advice.
  • When making necessary business plans.
  • When life hits you hard.
  • When you need confirmation.
  • When you need to get rid of negativity.

2. Daily Readings for Yourself

Daily Readings For Yourself

If you get a professional tarot reading, a daily schedule is highly discouraged. But, if you can pull cards for yourself, go for a daily reading without a pause.

Pulling cards for yourself is reliable as it creates a deeper bond with your deck.

Imagine you and your tarot deck are like a special duo who communicates directly. A daily practice helps you understand yourself better and shows how beautifully your life changes every day!

It is a great way to keep a check on yourself. You should take time for daily readings because:

  • You get a sense of mindfulness.
  • You deal with negative emotions beforehand.
  • You get stability and purpose.
  • Your insights improve.
  • You identify the patterns of life.
  • You embrace challenges readily.
Editor’s Comments

The most powerful tarot reading is the one you do for yourself. It’s like a best friend who listens to you and guides you on the path of self-discovery. The more you practice, the more in tune you become.

3. Go Once a Month

Go Once A Month

Many professional tarot readers advise a gap of at least three months between every reading. However, if you are someone who can’t help waiting to see a psychic, a monthly plan is best for you.  

Monthly tarot readings prove best for busy people. This way, you don’t have to jumble up the answers by visiting your reader weekly.

Just stay calm, breathe well and keep positive energy. Monthly tarot readings are especially preferred when things get out of control.

  • For instance, if you are a student facing academic pressure, monthly readings can help you deal with it.
  • Or the barriers in your work life that no one can understand, monthly reading is just the way to go.

Tarot readings don’t guarantee the smooth flow of life. The energy depends on you. First, reflect on the answers from your previous reading. Contemplate your current actions and look for the gaps. You will find your next reading worthy once you polish the previous one.

4. Leave a Gap of 3 Months

An ideal time to get a tarot reading for significant changes is a gap of 3 months. Leave a space of 12 weeks before you revisit the tarot reader.

It dramatically helps you manifest valuable changes in your life.

The span of three months is considered enough to breathe the actions. Do you know how to utilize this gap? Read the list below to make the best use of this 3 months gap.

  • Ponder over the tarot card meanings.
  • Incorporate tarot energies in your life.
  • Let the universe grant you power.
  • Put the readings into practice.
  • Cultivate the ability to listen to your inner self.
  • Stay away from negative vibes.
  • Dive deeper to face the value.

Think of it as a mechanism. You read tarot cards and get the answers. Now, take three months to contemplate the answers.

You’ll start noticing the positive changes in your life quickly. So, until the next reading, you’ll have disposed of enough negative energy in your life.

5. Go for the Annual Tarot Reading

Go For The Annual Tarot Reading

Annual tarot reading is best for you if you love knowing about the year ahead. You might not have known this before, but there is a fantastic tarot spread for yearly readings.

Experts call it the “seven tarot spread.”

The seven tarot spread is beneficial if you want to seek direction on a long-term basis. Most people opt for annual reading at the start of the year.

However, there is no set stone rule; you can take this reading in any month of your preference.

Editor’s Tip

If you can combine the tarot cards with astrology, the outcome will be terrific. Tarot cards complement zodiac signs like a star and a moon. So, let the cosmic powers work with you, and get ready to experience the magic!

Don’t Overdo It

Listen, would you prefer to take an overdose of medicines for a quick recovery? Definitely no! Going for readings too often is just like an overdose of drugs!

If you keep scratching the surface for a better answer, you’ll end up in chaos.

Have you thought about what happens when you keep hammering the cards for the same situation? You need to give a chance for the changes to manifest. That’s why you get frustrated in the end.  

Although there is no set sigma rule for scheduling the readings, there are a few things to consider. Never get the multiple tasks often. It disrupts the momentum of your growth.

When Not To Go for Tarot Reading?

When Not To Go For Tarot Reading?

Reading tarot cards for advice is good. But making it a source of dependence is terrible. If you make it a coping mechanism for uncertain anxiety, it’s a big red flag!

If you wish to lessen the fear of the future, you have to limit its use. A monthly or annual reading is more than enough if you go for the sake of guidance.

However, there are certain situations where you should avoid getting tarot readings

  • When your emotions are unstable.
  • When you want to get reading for someone else.
  • When you just had a reading.
  • When you want a redo to hear the answer of your choice.
  • When you want to ask about a medical issue.

Tarot readings won’t help you much if you are suffering a loss. Whether it’s a departed soul or the loss of a relationship, the high emotional state will trample the interpretation of cards.

At this time, you should take a break from the hustle of life.

Wrapping It Up

Getting a tarot reading is highly recommended to gain perspective on life. However, going too often will muddle up your interpretations. So, it’s better to work on your instinct and dispel away the negativity first.

Remember, having an open mind is much necessary to get a clear understanding of divine messages. Don’t let the fear of the unknown control your life.

Hold your breath, stay calm, and be positive!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to read tarot cards every day?

No, it’s not bad. Practice every day. It provides you with a sense of meditation and a moment of solitude. Also, it’s a great way to start your day.

How long is a tarot card reading?

Reading can be very brief (2 minutes) if you draw one or two cards. Psychics can read cards from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of cards drawn and the complexity of the reading, etc.