What Zodiac Sign Does the Magician Represent?

What Zodiac Sign Does The Magician Represent?

Gone are the days when the only people who believed in Tarot cards were those fascinated by the mystical world. Now, almost everyone owns a tarot deck and follows up on card readings.

While there are different ways you can get meaning from tarot cards, one of the most effective is focusing on the cards that share a connection with your zodiac sign.

Astrology and tarot cards have a profound relationship, and if you can understand them, you’ll reap the immense physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits.

The Magician is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards in a tarot deck, and like other cards in the deck, it has its links with astrology and is connected to certain signs.

So, what zodiac sign does The Magician card represent?

The Magician represents the Gemini sign due to its association with Mercury and the many attributes they share.

Here you’ll discover major things about the Magician tarot card and its relationship with the Gemini sign.

What Zodiac Sign Does The Magician Represent?

What Zodiac Sign Does The Magician Represent

The Magician is the first Major Arcana card in a standard tarot deck. It’s associated with the planet Mercury, so it represents the Gemini zodiac sign. But that’s not the only reason why these two are connected.

For one, Geminis are known for their gift of manifestation. Asides from Cancer, no other signs in the zodiac are close to them in terms of manifesting. The magician generally represents manifestation because he is a channel between the physical and spiritual realms (as above, so below).

Furthermore, Geminis are known for their creativity and versatility. Geminis are blessed with a vast array of talents and skills that they regularly use to accomplish the tasks in their lives.

This coincides with the magician’s reputation as a juggler. He has all four earth elements at his disposal and can use them as he pleases. The cup, sword, pentacle, and wand indicate his versatility.

The position of his hands pointing upwards also shows that he has the ability to tap into the wisdom of the universe and apply it to solve his physical problems. Geminis are also known for their double-sidedness, which the Magician symbolizes by residing in two worlds.

Lastly, the Magician symbolizes everything wonderful about the Gemini sign. Creativity, path-making, potential, skills, and talent.

What Does The Magician Card Symbolize?

What Does The Magician Card Symbolize

The Magician card shows a man with one hand pointing to the sky and the other pointing downwards. This is commonly interpreted as a connection between the spiritual and physical worlds. 

On the magician’s table, there’s a sword, a wand, a pentacle, and a cup. These four objects represent the earth’s major elements: water, fire, earth, and air. It also shows that the magician is very powerful and can use any of the elements to his advantage.

In his hands that are pointing upwards, he’s holding a double-ended white wand. This has a similar interpretation to his hand positions; it describes him as a channel between the two realms.

Furthermore, his robes are white, which represents purity and also inexperience. His mantle is red and symbolizes two things one is ego, revenge, and rage, while the other is passion and willpower.

The snake on his waist and the infinity sign on his head proves that his potential and abilities have no limits.

There’s also a colorful garden of lily of the valley lilies and Rose of Sharon roses in front of the magician that symbolizes his creativity and ability to nurture and satisfy this potential.

Ultimately, The Magician represents potential, opportunities, talent, and the power to be great. It tells us that we have everything we need to be successful; we just have to find the right path and be loyal to it.

It also signals the connection we share with the spiritual realm and that if we truly believe, we shall have answers to all our questions.

Editor’s Comments

The Magician card tells us we need to be content and creative. We don’t need to have the most expensive laptop or gadget to start that new project. Your only hurdle is your will and belief to start. If you can overcome them, the sky is merely your starting point.

The Magician Card Reversed

Like other tarot cards, The Magician has a different meaning when reversed. A reserved Magician card represents deceit, manipulation, and someone in need of help. It also symbolizes insecurity and a lack of confidence or trust in oneself.

It can also represent a break in connection with the spiritual world or the inability to manifest. Basically, the skill and talent to fulfill potential are available, but cluelessness and lack of belief are massive obstacles.

The good news is that a reversed Magician card shows that there’s a lot of self-reflection to be done. It’s time to ask yourself questions like, what do I want to achieve in life?

Do I really like the path I’m currently on, or am I just confused? All will be fine if you can find your true self and reestablish a connection with the Universe.

The Bottom Line

The Magician is the first card in the Major Arcana tarot deck and carries vital energy that goes beyond our physical world into the spiritual. However, its interpretation goes far beyond that. For one, it controls the power of the four elements and is responsible for passing messages across both realms.

In astrology, Gemini is associated with the Magician. They are both ruled by the planet Mercury and Geminis are known for their creativity, versatility, resourcefulness, and willingness to succeed.

Geminis also possess the rare power of manifestation, which they use to send messages to the spiritual realm, similar to the Magician.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the magician card mean?

When you draw the magician card, it shows that you have a great deal of talent and the available resources to turn them into something useful. Stop doubting yourself and go forward with your plans.

What element is the magician in the tarot?

The Magician’s element is Air. However, he has all four elements at his disposal and can use them as he pleases.