Are Tarot Reading Apps Accurate? (4 Reasons They’re Not)

Are Tarot Reading Apps Accurate

Are you considering getting guidance from a tarot reading app but not sure if it’s accurate?

Tarot readings have been around for centuries, used to give people insights into their lives. Nowadays, tarot reading apps are a popular option to get spiritual guidance without breaking the bank.

You don’t need to book an appointment with a tarot reader or leave your home. And the best part? You don’t even have to spread tarot cards.

Everything happens virtually. But one of your friends has sowed a seed of doubt in your mind. And now that seed is making the readings less meaningful for you.

You’re wondering how accurate are these tarot reading apps. Can a robotic algorithm predict every aspect of our life correctly?

The accuracy of tarot reading apps is satisfactory to some extent. But these apps can’t replace a professional tarot reader. The reason is you’re still relying on pre-written interpretations of the cards. The lack of spiritual connection and real-time card shuffling also make the readings less authentic.

Let’s explore why these apps are not as accurate as a live tarot reading. We’ll also discuss how you can make the most out of tarot reading apps. Continue reading to find out more about this intriguing topic!

Reasons Why Tarot Reading Apps Are Not As Accurate

Why Tarot Reading Apps Are Not As Accurate

Tarot apps do provide fair readings. But the touch of spirituality that a real reader brings is missing. You’re there, and your question is there, but the environment isn’t right.

Here are four reasons behind the absence of precision in a software-based fortune reading.

1. Inability To Sense Energy

Imagine this scenario.

You woke up early in the morning, feeling tired and out of sorts. You had a terrible dream and are surrounded by negative vibes all day. You turn to a tarot app for help.

But the energy of that particular moment is not sensed by it. Spiritually the app is thousands of miles away from you as compared to real tarot cards.

Now take a look at this.

  • Instead of going with the app, you decide to do a tarot reading yourself.
  • After spreading the tarot deck into piles, you pull some cards and try to interpret them.
  • As you do it, you start feeling some energy in the room.
  • The answers to your questions are flowing in like waves of positive energy.

So what would you choose?

Editor’s Note

The energy that a physical tarot deck can provide has its own charm. It helps you connect to your inner being in an inexplicable way. The aura of the one-to-one session with a reader can’t be replaced by an app.

2. Lack of Strong Spiritual Connection

Lack Of Strong Spiritual Connection

Tarot reading is something that demands a keen and holistic affinity. It requires a strong spiritual connection between the reader and the cards.

However, in the case of digital apps, most people experience a lack of divinity. There always remains a gap to be bridged in app readings. Only a person with super strong intuition can get authentic interpretations through it.

Hence, a lack of solid spiritual relation and intangibility significantly affects the accuracy of tarot reading apps.

3. No True Shuffling of Tarot Cards

No True Shuffling Of Tarot Cards

Tarot reading starts with shuffling the cards randomly to gain correct insights. The cards are selected on the principle of random chance or through the influence of ”jumper cards.”

But shuffling is quite different in tarot reading apps. With no chance of jumper cards, there is a computer-generated randomization. Such an order rarely results in valuable outcomes.

The digital tarot apps may display the tarot cards as ”randomly shuffled,” but this might not be true.

Unreal patterns, incorrect card combinations, and lack of actual shuffling make the readings futile. As a result, the outcome must be taken with a pinch of salt.

Although some people receive a synchronized response, it’s better not to count tarot apps as a full-fledged option.

4. Less Intuitive Interpretations

Intuition is a prerequisite to achieving accuracy in tarot readings. Being an average reader, you will only be able to get a little out of the tarot app.

But, an experienced reader gets success by keenly watching out the cards. As expert readers already know the meanings of all cards, they use their spiritual energy to produce intuitive readings.

Moreover, the tarot app relies on ”cookie-cutter spreads.”  It makes you see the limited options for laying cards. As a result, you won’t be able to design spreads according to your choice.

The overall spiritual energy is low, making the readings inaccurate.


The thing that matters is neither the app nor the physical cards; it’s how the person uses any of the tools. The results largely depend on the capability of the reader.

But still, if you want to test some apps before going for physical reading, the following are some worthy options.

5 Best Tarot Reading Apps in 2023

Best Tarot Reading Apps In 2023

As the trends kept changing with time, modes of divination practices also underwent significant changes. Tarot reading has emerged in the form of digital apps.

Although such apps aren’t very accurate, you can still opt for them for quick reading.

The top-rated tarot app is Labyrinthos due to its efficiency and ease. It is considered as best for learning the ins and outs of tarot. It also provides an easy understanding of the readings and quizzes to evaluate your progress.

You can draw single cards or multiple spreads. The unique feature is that Labyrinthos contain Lenormand spreads too. It lets you deal with more real-life issues.

Here is a top 5 of some of the well-designed tarot reading apps in 2023 for Android and iOS:

  1. Labyrinthos Tarot
  2. Tarot Card Reading Prediction
  3. Tarot Divination – Cards Deck
  4. Tarot Reading by Innovana Astro
  5. Tarot Card Psychic Reading

Some apps support multiple spreads, while others come with eBooks too. So at least, you’re able to learn a few basics of tarot card reading.

Tips To Get the Most Out of Tarot Reading Apps

To get the most out of a tarot app, you have to consider your requirements from the app and your skill level.

First, clarify the intention as to whether you are using this app for fun or learning purposes. The best way to get significant insights from tarot reading apps is by copying down the names of all cards.

Next, you can summarize each card’s meaning on paper or in a digital space. Now you can respond to each card like a manual deck.

Writing down the names and meanings of cards make you think rhythmically. You’ll be able to link the cards more and come to meaningful conclusions like a pro.


Tarot reading apps can be a great place to start if you are just getting into tarot readings. It helps you learn the basics. However, remember that these apps aren’t as accurate or intuitive as traditional physical methods of divination.

If you’re looking for more in-depth analysis and spiritual energy, it’s best to stick with manual card readings from a tarot reader. Regardless of your chosen method, an essential factor is to stay open-minded.

Explore the possibilities that tarot has to offer. With patience and practice, anyone can become an expert at deciphering the mysteries behind tarot cards!