What Tarot Cards Represent Aquarius (& What Do They Mean)

What Tarot Cards Represent Aquarius

Have you ever thought about the combination of tarot with the zodiac? Well, it’s interesting to know that astrological signs have parallel tarot cards too!

Tarot is a tool that highlights symbols to offer insight into our lives.

This means that certain tarot cards can be associated with zodiac signs to give us a deeper understanding of the sign’s traits.

It’s like intertwining both energies (tarot and zodiac) to provide a more accurate depiction of our lives.

Tarot cards can do wonders when it comes to understanding the energy of Aquarius, as they provide a unique reflection of their character and personality.

So, what tarot cards represent Aquarius?

Various tarot cards represent the Aquarians. The Star and the Fool of Major Arcana show numerous traits of this zodiac sign. Among the cards of Minor Arcana, the Knights of Cups, Five of Swords, Seven of Swords, Ace of Swords, and King of Swords are specifically linked to the Aquarian energy.

Do you want to explore your inner self and gain greater clarity in life?

If you are an Aquarius and looking for the meanings of tarot cards that symbolize your sign, this article is for you. Let’s dive deep into each card and discover its hidden messages.

Aquarians Are Represented by These 7 Tarot Cards

Aquarians Are Represented By These 7 Tarot Cards

Being an air sign, Aquarius is known for its intellectual and innocent nature. That means the cards associated with this zodiac also show this energy.

The following seven tarot cards reflect the Aquarian’s personality with their unique symbolism and imagery.

1. The Star: Hope and Optimism

The Star: Hope And Optimism

The Star is among the best tarot cards and belongs to Major Arcana of tarot. It reflects the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the people of this zodiac.

Ruled by the planet Uranus, the water bearers are known for their optimism. Hence, their corresponding card, the Star, also represents hope.

The symbolism on this card also mirrors the vigorous nature of Aquarians.

The imagery of a naked woman, with one foot in water and the other on land, is rich with symbolism. It shows a perfect harmony of freedom, peace, and courage.

Moreover, the Star card provides inspiration and positive insights. It also indicates the creative dimension of water bearers.

Since the Aquarius belongs to the element of air, there resides a great tendency of healing with it. The positive energy of the tarot lends innocence and surety to this sign.

Editor’s Note

Regarding the stars on the card, they are like a wish-granting machine. Believing in yourself and your dreams is a message of this tarot.

So, pulling this card is another way of saying you are unique, and it’s time to make your dreams come true.

2. The Fool: Enlightenment and Playfulness

The Fool: Enlightenment And Playfulness

The Fool tarot card presents rich imagery with a young man in a gesture’s attire. As he looks cheerful, you can see a pouch and staff in his hands, followed by a small animal.   

This card reveals the rebellious nature of Aquarius. They go their way carelessly and don’t sweep themselves along the wind.

The card shows a glimpse of air. So, the air sign Aquarius perfectly resonates with it. The air on the card shows the lighthearted nature of these people.

It gives way to their jolly and bright side. The energy of this card lends a vibrant spirit to Aquarians. However, this card also represents one of the weaknesses of Aquarius.

The young man is a warning to the Aqua sign that they must be careful on the cliff’s edge. It is so because the air can turn against their side!

3. Knights of Cups: Love and Loyalty

Knights Of Cups: Love And Loyalty

The Knights of Cups is the manifestation of Aquarian’s love side. The art on this card shows a fairytale romance with a knight over a horse.

The Knight looks strong and mindful, while the horse sounds distracted.

The landscape of air and water brings their vibrant aura together. Just like the Star card, there’s a feeling of freedom and optimistic energy in the background.

The tarot card says that Aquarians are skillful in charming their partner. They adopt gestures that sweep their partner off their feet when in love.

They are true-hearted and show loyalty toward their soulmate. However, this card also unveils the weakness of Aquarians as being over-possessive in love.

Love & Aquarius

The Knight is also symbolized by the dove. It makes Aqua persons focus more on the romantic side of their relationship. Love for them is a spiritual experience, and they are loyal to it.

In fact, the twin wings of the dove show how amazingly they cherish their partners.

4. Five of Swords: Bringing Positivity

Five Of Swords: Bringing Positivity

The Five of Swords portrays the communication levels of Aquarians. It shows relations, communication, and family life in general.

This card tells about their nurturing side. They are people who keep a positive check on their family members.

Five of Swords shows the amiable and courteous nature of Aquarius. They always play a supporting role in their family matters.

In every problem, they come up with the ultimate solution. They are always the ones who compromise on conflicts and arguments.

  • For example, if their family members have a dispute, they step in and ensure the peace is restored.
  • In their routine matters, they prefer being gently persuasive than using authoritative decisions.
  • The charm of their character is evident, and the card shows how they bring a sense of balance to every perspective of life.

However, Five of Swords also reveal some weaknesses of the Aquarius.

Sometimes, they conceal things from their close ones. It may cause some issues in their personal life. That’s not because of dishonesty but because they don’t want to hurt their near and dear ones.

5. Seven of Swords: Independent and Risk-Taking

Seven Of Swords: Independent And Risk-Taking

The Seven of Swords from Minor Arcana also represents the Aquarius sign. This card is specifically assigned to the air energy of this zodiac.

It reflects their good luck, positivity, and risk-taking nature.

Seven of Swords also gives impulsive and rash energy. The Aquarians are always quick in everything. Whether it’s love or career, their flexibility lets them switch options quickly.

However, they prefer positive changes and strive to achieve them too. 

The imagery over this card shows a man strolling quickly on his feet. His steady walk offers the smooth perspective of the Aqua sign. The tarot indicates that Aquarians don’t give up the struggle.

They have the power to achieve what they want with a clear head.

6. Ace of Swords: Divine Wisdom

Ace Of Swords: Divine Wisdom

The Ace of Swords relates to the creative side and the spiritualism of the Aquarius.

The card image features a hand holding an upright sword with a crown on top. The crown symbolizes victory and success.

The upright sword is a sign of justice and divine wisdom. It shows that Aquarians are excellent leaders in many aspects of life.

The tarot card conveys vision, focus, and intensity. It portrays water bearers as being capable of creative planning.

The change in their life may appear suddenly, like the swords, but they can handle it.

They should trust themselves and get strong. Their ultimate goal is resilience and a hard-core ambition.

Make It Your Strength

If you are an Aquarius and want to make Ace of Swords your strength, it can’t be more simple. This card should be with you anywhere, anytime.

Whenever you are in difficulty, pull out the card, keep it in front of yourself, meditate and let the divine powers take over. You will feel an instant dose of spiritual energy like the swords and the crown.

7. King of Swords: Confidence and Courage

King Of Swords: Confidence And Courage

The King of Swords represents the personality of Aquarius as an amicable friend. They are unique and have different thinking patterns.

Aquarians’ social circle considers them wise, courageous, quick-witted, and trustworthy. This tarot card declares the status of these people as dominating among their friends.

  • The imagery shows the king sitting confidently over his throne.
  • Other prominent elements in this card are the sword, a butterfly, two sickle moons, and trees.
  • The butterfly over the King of Swords reflects courage. It is so because butterflies come into being after a strengthening process.
  • It portrays the brave nature of Aquarians like the king. They struggle hard for their dreams and work for them.

Due to this reason, Aquarians are often called the “advisors” of the entire zodiac.

The Bottom Line

Aquarius is a sign that has many layers and meanings, but one thing’s for sure; they are courageous risk-takers who strive to achieve their goals with clarity.

With the right tarot cards representing Aquarian energy, like the King of Swords or Ace of Swords, you can channel your inner strength and courage to power through any challenge life throws at you!

So next time things get tough, remember – be like an Aquarius: strong, independent, and determined.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aquarius’s supernatural power?

Clairvoyance, intuition, and creativity are their supernatural powers. They can shape their life the way they want by making quick and informed decisions.

Who do Aquarians usually marry?

Sagittarius is the best match for Aquarius. They share the same passion for love and adventure, making them the perfect pair. Cancer and Pisces are also compatible with Aquarians.