How To Predict Timing in Tarot (3 Useful Techniques)

How To Predict Timing In Tarot

Are you looking for an answer to when something will happen? Do you want to learn about predicting timing with the help of tarot cards?

Picture this. You and your tarot deck, in a cozy corner, surrounded by candles and crystals. You’re asking questions like, ”Will my ex and I get back together?” and ”What are the chances of me moving abroad?”.

Things take a turn when you realize that those are questions with timing too. You want to know when something is going to happen, not just if it will happen.

With every why, what, and will comes a when. This is where tarot timing predictions come in handy.

Tarot is a great tool to help anticipate timing. With its ancient wisdom, it provides insights into the future. Tarot cards give guidance on how long it can take for things to manifest.

Diving into the depths of tarot images makes it possible to get a feel for how soon we might expect results.

But the question is, how to predict timing in tarot?

There are many methods to predict time with tarot cards. When you spread the cards after shuffling them, their positions refer to past, present and future events. Tarot suits also signify different time lengths. For example, the Suit of Cups indicates the occurrence of an event within four months.

If you’re ready to learn how to use tarot cards for predicting the timings of events in your life, read on! In this article, you’ll learn three techniques to make predictions with tarot.

Tips for Predicting Time in Tarot

Tips For Predicting Time In Tarot

Time prediction is undoubtedly a challenging task. It’s like a balancing act–you need to be precise and patient at the same time. However, the following ways can help you get it done with ease.

Tip #1: Three-Card Spread

Three-Card Spread

A standard method for predicting time in the tarot is the ”card placement technique.” It works by shuffling tarot cards and then observing them step by step.

You must follow specific ways to get a sound idea to use this method.

First, shuffle the tarot deck while focusing on your question about timing. The questions could be, ”When will I get a new job?” or “When will I get married?”.

Now draw three cards from the shuffled deck and lay them out in a row. Each card indicates some timeframe. The first card manifests the past, the second represents the present, and the final shows the future.

Carefully look at the cards and their meanings to determine the timing for your question. Here’s how these three cards can hint at the possible time.

  • The past card shows how long the particular situation has been going on.
  • The present card tells you where you are currently in the situation.
  • The future card informs you about when to expect a change.
Editor’s Note

You can also use Major Arcana cards to estimate extended periods. For example, the World tarot card represents a year, and the Wheel of Fortune means several months.

Tip #2: Read Numbers on the Cards

Read Numbers On The Cards

Using numbers is an excellent way for time predictions. Each tarot card has a specific order and number that can predict an event’s time.

It works in several steps, from identifying the cards to adding their numbers.

First, you must identify the card you have drawn and its corresponding number. For example, the Fool card is numbered 0, the Magician card is numbered 1, and the High Priestess card is numbered 2, and so on.

Next, you must add the card number you have drawn to the current reading date. Suppose you pulled the Tower card (numbered 16) on February 5th; you would add 16 to 5, which gives you 21.

The resulting number indicates the timing of your respective question. For example, if the resulting number is 21, you may see a significant event or change in 21 days, 21 weeks, or 21 months.

Wait! It doesn’t end here. You can also take the numerical values from all the other cards that have appeared in your reading and add them up.

For instance, if you have the Lovers card (numbered 6) and the Justice card (numbered 11), you can add them up to get 17. This means you will experience a change in 17 days or weeks.

Tip #3: Using the Suits and Elements

Using The Suits And Elements

Different Minor Arcana suits can help you pinpoint the time for an event to occur. It is so because the energy of these suits corresponds well to the seasons.

  • Suit of Wands: It is associated with fire and summer, indicating that an event may happen in summer or within three months.
  • Suit of Cups: This set is associated with the water element and the fall season. It indicates that the incident will likely occur in the fall or within four months.
  • Suit of Swords: It is associated with the air element and winter season. So the occasion could likely happen in winter or within five months.
  • Suit of Pentacles: The last suit is associated with the element of earth and the spring season. It shows the probability of the outcome in the spring or within six months.

However, it is worth noting that the suit associations are flexible with time. They can vary depending on the context, the event’s subjectivity, and the reader’s interpretation.

How To Improve Time Prediction in Tarot?

How To Improve Time Prediction In Tarot

Time prediction in the tarot is exhausting sometimes, as the interpretation can be subjective and biased. Keep in mind the following must-do points to enhance the accuracy of your tarot reading.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the symbolism and meanings of the suits, numbers, and court cards.
  2. Pay close attention to the questions being asked and the context of the reading.
  3. Look for patterns and connections between cards and meanings.
  4. Be open to the possibility of timing (and don’t rush to draw conclusions).

Remember that predicting time in the tarot is not the exact science. You can use these methods as a starting point, but your intuition should be the ultimate guide. Make your bond strong with the cards, and let the tarot speak to you.

To Summarize

Predicting events in tarot can be challenging, but you can use techniques to strengthen your accuracy. Start by looking at the Major Arcana cards for broader timing and Minor Arcana cards for specific timing. Then use the numbers from each card to add up the total number.

Lastly, recognize the suit element associated with each card and its respective season to estimate a timeframe. Above all, always let your intuition guide you while making predictions. These steps will help you enhance your time estimation abilities when reading tarot cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What timeframe is Ace of Cups?

If Ace of Cups comes in front of you during a reading, a time duration of 7-14 days is expected. But if another card follows it, you can add their numbers, as explained above.

What does it signify if time prediction fails?

It could be because of various factors, such as asking a wrong question or misinterpreting the cards. If that is the case, ensure you’re clear with your intention and ask again. Otherwise, your event may take longer than expected or happen sooner. It’s essential to stay patient and open-minded during the whole process.