How To Know When To Stop Shuffling Tarot Cards

How To Know When To Stop Shuffling Tarot Cards

Picture this. It’s early morning with a beautiful sunrise, and you’re about to kickstart your tarot reading session.

You begin by shuffling the tarot cards. From splitting the deck into piles to cutting the cards, it seems like the shuffling session is never-ending.

You’ve been going at it for a few minutes but are still unsure when to stop.

Tarot cards are a great tool to help subtly point us in the right direction. The tarot deck gives answers to some of life’s most difficult questions.

For some, it’s confusing to figure out when the tarot is shuffled enough and ready to dive into the reading.

So, what is the best time to put down the cards and move on to the next step?

Knowing when to stop shuffling tarot cards is essential to any tarot reading. However, there’s no rule of thumb for it.

Listen to what your intuition says. If one or more cards fly out of the deck, the tarot cards are ready for reading. You can quit after three shuffles, as the number three indicates a balance in spirituality. Finally, when you have rearranged the scattered tarot piles, it’s best to stop shuffling them.

Tarot cards should be full of energy without losing power due to over-shuffling! Continue reading to find out when it’s time to end that ritual tarot shuffle. Let’s dive into it!

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5 Indications To Stop Shuffling Tarot Cards

Tell me one thing, when you start mixing the cards, do you feel specific energy or vibe? A good tarot reader recognizes the signs of divine energy.

But obviously, it’s hard to tell when the energy is leaving, and cards are losing momentum. So, here are five signals that suggest you end the tarot shuffle.

1. Listen to Your Gut Feeling

Listen To Your Gut Feeling

Gut feeling is something that connects your mind, body, and soul. Although some people consider it unreliable, intuition helps you make better and more accurate decisions.

All spiritual processes depend on intuition. So while doing the tarot shuffle, you must trust it.

  • Keep flipping the cards until your gut feeling tells you to pause.
  • A good part is when you don’t second guess the shuffling, and your inner voice says, “Stop.”

Meditate regularly to tap into the power of your inner self. Move toward reading when you feel the most substantial connection to a tarot deck.

It is the point where you are highly centered and most focused on reading.

2. Look for Jumper Cards

Look For Jumper Cards

Do you know why some tarot cards fly out of the deck during merging? They carry strong meanings! Jumper cards act as a solid indicator to stop the shuffling process.

It happens mostly when you are anxious about the outcome of a reading. You keep flipping the cards out of nervousness and unconsciously delay the reading.

So, your higher self communicates by letting some cards jump out of the deck. It tells you to proceed toward the main event.

  • Jumper cards also appear when you are doing a reading for someone else.
  • In that scenario, you should pay close attention to the meaning of the card that jumped out.
  • If it jumped in a reverse position, the card might be a warning for you or the querent.

3. Follow the 3 Shuffles Rule

A good strategy for quitting the shuffle is doing it at least three times. The number three symbolizes a balance in divination practices.

It is the best option if you want to settle your mind and tap into the spiritual energy of tarot reading.

  • Repeat the process three times with pure intention.
  • It is a fine go-to point to initiate the selection of cards and stop mixing.
  • When you do a reading for someone else, ask that person to interact in shuffling too.
  • Let them mix once or twice, and do the final shuffle by yourself.

It’s beneficial to establish a spiritual connection with the deck.

An interesting finding is that some people also look for “tingling” in their fingers as a sign to stop shuffling tarot cards.

4. Stop After Rearranging the Piles

Stop After Rearranging The Piles

Piling is one of the best ways to organize and reorganize tarot cards.

Lay the cards into four piles facing downward. Reassemble them into the deck in a random manner. After this practice, stop merging again as the cards are ready for reading.

  • Some readers prefer to shuffle 17 to 19 times if the deck is stacked in order.
  • But, if the cards are mixed randomly, flip them 7 to 9 times.

Remember that no number is fixed for shuffling the tarot piles. It all depends on what sounds right to you!

Editor’s Tip

You can play a relaxing song in the background to make the pile shuffling enjoyable. As soon as the song ends, stop flipping the cards. The new journey of tarot reading begins!

5. When the Deck Feels Heavy 

Do you feel a sensation of heaviness in a tarot deck? Is it purposeful or merely a coincidence?

Well, there are numerous reasons for the heaviness of a tarot deck. It is a feeling that conveys countless meanings to the reader!

However, it urges you to move toward pulling tarot cards. When you sense a “burden” on the tarot deck, it signals you to stop mixing the cards.

  • You feel a wave of energy during the whole process.
  • The cards seem to be sticking together like a magnet.
  • Your hands become uncomfortable. 
  • And interestingly, the atmosphere around the reading table changes!

To Summarize

Tarot card shuffling is an essential part of the reading process. But if you’re obsessed with it, things won’t go your way. It’s essential to be mindful when mixing a deck.

Some techniques, for example, pile shuffling and jumper cards, help reduce the time for a tarot reading. But you should clarify one thing: there is no set number of shuffles to complete a tarot reading.

Sometimes, it takes just one shuffle to get the job done! No matter which method resonates with you best, remember to be mindful, as this allows for greater clarity during readings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times should you shuffle tarot cards?

It is believed that seven shuffles of the tarot deck provide a random game. Some choose to give flip their cards a few times. Others devote a full minute mixing up the deck. It’s the best way to purify the question you want to ask.

Is it okay to use tarot cards every day?

Even if you are new to tarot or a seasoned reader – there is much to gain from establishing a daily tarot reading practice. This ritual helps hone intuition and provides valuable insights into the decisions in life.