How To Get Rid of Tarot Cards Safely (in 7 Simple Ways)

How To Get Rid Of Tarot Cards Safely

Do you have a tarot deck that you no longer need? Have you recently purchased tarot cards but are scared of the terrible energy they bring into your home?

Or the worst case is that you’re hurt by someone and have decided to get rid of their gifted tarot cards. Cards can also get torn after years of use.

Although cleansing the tarot cards can turn the negative vibes away, people still want to eliminate them. For them, tarot cards can be a source of discomfort, with their mystical attitudes and occult vibes.

So, how can you get rid of tarot cards safely to get a fresh start?

You can throw tarot cards in the trash like an ordinary deck of cards, but it doesn’t sound ceremonial. If their condition is not poor, sell them on Amazon or eBay. Consider gifting them to your friend or a free giveaway on social media. You can also burn tarot cards or bury them in your garden with prayer and thanksgiving.

Knowing how to discard tarot cards safely is essential because you want to ensure that no bad luck remains attached to the cards. So if you want to get rid of your cards safely and respectfully, continue reading!

Why Is There a Need To Dispose of Tarot Cards?

The aura of mystery surrounds the tarot cards. Many people have a sacred affiliation with these cards, while others consider them merely a piece of art. 

It is assumed that tarot cards will bring bad omens if you throw them abruptly into the trash. Quite often, people also perform rituals before discarding the cards. 

At this point, one may wonder why people need to discard these cards if they mean so much to them. Different reasons compel them to do so. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  • Many tarot readers discard cards to reduce the clutter.
  • Tarot cards start giving false readings.
  • Some cards are damaged.
  • The art forms are not clear on the cards.
  • When one is done with the journey of self-exploration.

These factors persuade a person to think about getting rid of tarot cards.

7 Easy Ways To Get Rid of Tarot Cards Safely

7 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Tarot Cards Safely

Let me tell you the truth; disposing of tarot cards can be a bit tricky. But don’t stress out yourself if you think bad fortune will chase you.

A card cannot bring any harm to you. However, you must ensure to eliminate them from your life well. Here are the 7 possible options for you to try and let go of the cards forever.

1. Feed Them to a Shredder

Feed Them To A Shredder

Have you ever wondered why some people prefer to keep their tarot cards at home? It’s because they don’t want anyone else to touch them.

Shredding them is the safest way for a tarot reader to ensure that no one can ever get their hands on the cards. Shredding also eliminates the need to find a proper disposal method.

  • All you need to do is, place your cards in a shredder and destroy them on the lower settings.
  • It is a silent way to destroy the cards without fear of bad luck.
  • Plus, it is an eco-friendly option since it produces no waste.

2. Use Fire To Burn Them

Use Fire To Burn Them

One of the most convenient ways to destroy tarot cards is to burn them. This method allows you to perform a transformation ritual and release the past energies attached to these cards.

You can either burn them on the stove or empty ground.

Fire is considered a purifying element. Hence, it will keep the sanctity of the cards. Look for a fireplace for this purpose. The balcony is also suitable for burning tarot cards if you live in an apartment.

Editor’s Note

Avoid using extensive fire as it will be difficult to control. And as far as possible, try to do this in an open space, or you may end up creating a mess inside your home. Finally, sprinkle some water on the ashes for complete destruction.

3. Give Them a Sort of Funeral

Give Them A Sort Of Funeral

Earth is an absorbing element. It absorbs the energy and neutralizes a substance. So, if you prefer burying tarot cards under the ground, it will clean and purify them.

  • First, choose a spot in your yard or garden and prepare the ground.
  • Dig a grave for a tarot deck.
  • Wrap the cards in a piece of cloth or paper bag. 
  • Avoid using a plastic bag, as it is hazardous to the environment.
  • Next, dump them properly, and cover them with sand.
  • Put flowers or plant trees to bid goodbye and honor the cards.

These steps convey a message to the universe that you are letting go of the cards and turning over a new leaf in life.

4. Trade Tarot Cards for Something Good

As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” So why not get a valuable item in return for your tarot deck?

You can post on social media and trade tarot cards with something useful like books, decorative items, or even a new tarot deck.

Suppose your friend is interested in getting used cards. You can ask him to buy yours and give you something in return.

Wow, it sounds like a win-win situation, right?

5. Give Them to a Friend

Give Them To A Friend

If your cards are in a good state but don’t want to keep them, you can present them as a gift. Fortunately, many tarot lovers are ready to accept them, irrespective of their condition.

It is possible that the deck, not proving to be lucky for you, may bring joy and happiness to another tarot enthusiast.

  • You can give them to your friends or family members. 
  • Leave them in a public place so that people can have them. 
  • Present them to the tarot card readers. 
  • Donate to charity or thrift stores.
  • Offer to a museum as an antique item.
Pro Tip

Don’t forget to recommend the card receiver to cleanse the tarot deck with incense as a part of their spiritual practice. It will help them to get rid of stagnant energy and make their practice more powerful.

6. Sell Them

If the fortune cards are not torn or damaged, they can be sold. This is the easiest way to get rid of tarot cards. Just post your deck on a marketplace and wait for someone to bargain.

Plan wisely, and don’t waste this chance to get a favorable amount on selling your cards. Different online and physical shops enable you to sell them at a decent price.

Opt for any of these ideas if you plan to part ways with tarot cards.

  • Post a selling advertisement on Amazon or eBay
  • Go to second-hand shops to get potential buyers.
  • Approach tarot card communities, as they can help you get buyers. 
  • Contact your social circle.

The point is to ensure that cards find the right home. Do your best to avoid throwing them in the bin.

7. Go for a Free Social Media Giveaway

Go For A Free Social Media Giveaway

Okay, the most interesting part.

Organizing a giveaway is the best way to soothe your soul. You will have someone to take them away. And the best part? You don’t have to pay for it.

Just pick a social media platform and post your tarot cards with details like condition, type, etc. Mention the giveaway rules and ask interested people to comment on it.

Your post will show a huge flow of comments in no time because people love getting things for free.

Benefit of Giveaway

Who cares for money when your following on social media grows? Imagine your Insta followers doubled within a few hours. It’s like the tarot cards are blessing you with their farewell gift.

Some Interesting Ways To Reuse Tarot Cards

Some Interesting Ways To Reuse Tarot Cards

It takes a lot of courage to dispose of tarot cards, but what if you can still keep them? Some methods of discarding cards can hurt your sentiments.

You don’t want your dear cards to vanish in thin air. So here are some creative ways to reuse them:

  • Make art out of them. Use the cards as a canvas and draw something creative.
  • Decorate your room with them. Hang the cards in a frame or create an art installation with them.
  • Transform them into a bookmark or greeting card.
  • Create an altar with your old deck to honor the spirits and ancestors.
  • You can cut the cards and paste them on paper to make a new card design.

In Conclusion

It seems a bit strange if you don’t want to discard tarot cards due to spiritual issues. Spirituality lies within you. You are the only source of intuitions for connecting with the divine world, not the cards. The important thing is that cards find a new home where someone else can appreciate their power.

So, don’t stress yourself if you want to destroy the tarot cards. Depending on your beliefs, choose the most appropriate way to get rid of them. Be mindful of your intentions and choose your path wisely.