How To Charge Tarot Cards: 7 Ways To Get a Magical Boost

How To Charge Tarot Cards: 7 Ways To Get A Magical Boost

Are your tarot readings making no sense at all? Do you feel the energy boost is missing?

It’s so because your cards need charging!

Yes, your tarot deck can go sluggish by the negative energies. Cleansing and charging them can help you regain harmony for better readings.

So, how can you charge your tarot cards?

Charge your cards in the light of the full moon. Try out the smudging method by giving them the fumes of smoke. Using crystals, knocking, and bowling methods also add a spark to the deck. You can practice reiki to transfer the universal energies to the tarot cards.

Let’s dive deeper into the 7 ways to recharge your tarot cards and make them more powerful.

When Do You Need To Charge Your Cards?

You always need to add power to your deck. You might not know, but your energy constantly changes along the events. After every reading, a heap of junk stacks up your deck.

This junk messes the reading with chaos and confusion. 

You may have tried to read, but your cards won’t make sense. So, how do you know when to charge your cards?

You can casually cleanse them anytime. Here are the intervals you should specifically energize your tarots.

  • When you buy new tarot cards.
  • When your cards act lazy.
  • When someone else uses your cards.
  • Every time after a reading.
  • If traveled with your deck.
  • If you feel a disconnection with your cards.

7 Effective Ways To Charge Tarot Cards

7 Effective Ways To Charge Tarot Cards

Who doesn’t want good insights into tarot readings? Your cards always need extra energy to respond well.

Because they possess true power, you need to refresh your cards occasionally. It’s just like rebooting a device!

Are you ready? Follow up for a spark of ideas!

1. Charge in the Full Moon

Charge In The Full Moon

Charging the cards under the moon bath is everyone’s favorite!

The full moon is a time of enhanced intuition and illumination. That’s why most people tend to schedule a tarot reading session on a full moon.  

Moreover, the moon bath plugs out the entire negativity from the cards. Hence, your deck absorbs vibrant energy from the moon’s glory.

But the question is, how can you boost up your cards in the moonlight?

Just line up the cards in your window and let the moonlight do wonders! Whatever spot you choose, make sure it is risk-free. Otherwise, you are likely to experience damage.

2. Try the Smudging Method

Smoke is also an excellent detox for tarot cards. Use a particular herb, incense or wood to dispel the negativity of cards. You can choose the spices based on your area and climate.

However, lavender, palo santo, and sage are the most famous for smudging. These herbs carry fantastic healing benefits to push back energy.

Some of the best options for smudging tarot cards are:

  • White sage
  • Desert sage
  • Lavender
  • Copal        
  • Smudge sticks
  • Sweetgrass

Hold your cards near the fumes and waft them side by side. The fumes interact with the card’s aura and expel negative energy away.

So, let your magical cards absorb the drizzle of positive energy.      

3. Give a Boost of Crystals

Give A Boost Of Crystals

Using crystals is an excellent option for cleansing and recharging tarot cards. All stones carry healing energy.

Choose the one based on the subject you read about. You’ll notice a good deal of vital energy in cards after giving them a crystal boost.

The following crystals can infuse your cards with a special kind of energy:

  • Hematite – for purification.
  • Selenite – for success and healing.
  • Amethyst – for stress relief and clarity.
  • Rose quartz – for self-love.   
  • Sunstone – for protection.
  • Blue crystal – for balance and emotional healing.

Spread your cards on the table and put the crystals/stones above them. You can either put all crystals on one deck or one crystal on one card.

But always keep your intention strong. Wait and let the crystals keep charging tarots.   

Editor’s Tip

Leave the crystals at cards under a full moon for an extra dose of energy. It’s like an energy shower!

4. Knocking and Blowing Method

Knocking is the most traditional method for charging tarot cards.

It has been used for many ages. There is no specific number for knocking, but most people do it three times.

  • Firstly, spread your deck of cards in scattered form.
  • Tap and knock three times as you pile them back in order.
  • You transfer immense positive energy into the cards as you knock up.

It is the quickest and easiest way to dispel negative energy from tarot cards.

Blowing is also a standard method used by tarot readers.

  • Hold your cards and blow a deep breath.
  • Focus and believe that your breath will bring forth positive energy.          
  • It will lighten up the mood of cards and fill them with incredible energy.

This method instantly washes away every possible worsening factor for your deck’s effectiveness. It can also improve your tarot reading.

5. Shuffle the Cards Thoroughly

Shuffle The Cards Thoroughly

Shuffling works best if you want to clear the slate of previous readings. Your tarot cards get a perfect reboot after reordering.

Don’t worry if you need clarification on the correct method for it. There is no thumb rule to shuffle the cards to charge them.

You can order in a sequence of major arcana and minor arcana. Then shuffle the cards by disordering them randomly.

By using your senses of sight and touch, you must only feel the cards in your hand.

If you want to close your eyes while mixing cards, it’s fine too. Tarot charge is a matter of intention, not the method.

However, there are three famous ways used by experts for shuffling.

  • Overhand shuffle (just like playing cards).
  • Riffle shuffle (split the deck into two and then interlace them together).
  • Pile shuffle (split the cards into three piles and then put them back together).

You can place a crystal on top of shuffled cards for an extra layer of charging.

6. Charge Through the Magic of Earth

Earth’s aura works well to clear off the card’s unwanted energies. Earth has a grounding energy known for its rebirth properties.

Place your tarot cards directly on the ground to recharge them well. You can choose places like the oceanside, river bank or a mountain.

Now, bring your imagination to work. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine the expulsion of dizzy vibes.

You can also place your tarot over a surface like a flower, a tree stump, a river stone, a feather, etc.

Once your intuition assures you that cards are charged, gather them and go home. Your tarot deck is good to go now!   

7. Try Reiki

Try Reiki

Reiki is a type of energy healing which uses the palm specifically. You can charge your tarot cards by transferring the universal energy from your hands to the cards.

But, there are specific prerequisites you must know before setting the cards with reiki.

  • Physical cleanliness.
  • Tidy environment.
  • Grounding (stay with your cards).
  • Your tarot deck.
  • A clear intuition.

Put your cards on the desk or ground. Now, place your hand upside down with some gap over the cards. Imagine a white light passing from your palm to the card.

You must keep the intention pure so the universal energy gets to work.

When your gut feeling assures the spark, pull the hand back. Collect your cards; they are charged now!

In Conclusion

The energy of tarot cards never remains the same. They go sluggish when frequently used. Try the above methods to clear out the card blocks.

Be it moonlight, shuffle or knock, always remember to set a clear intention. It will make the process of charging more smooth and more effective.

Just like a human, tarot cards need love, too! Give them a little care; they will keep you motivated for years.

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge tarot cards with salt?

Wrap your cards in a clean cloth. Place them in an airtight box and sprinkle some salt into it. Seal the box and keep it away in a dark, clean place for 24 hours. A wave of positive energy will sweep the cards afterward.

How do you activate tarot cards?

Activation is like the first use of tarot cards. You may rub your fingers on the back or tap gently while focusing on the card’s potential. This will give the card a jumpstart as you put the powers into action.