How Much Do Tarot Readers Make: Does It Pay the Bills?

How Much Do Tarot Readers Make

Have you ever wondered about the average income of tarot readers?

With its mysterious capabilities to offer powerful insights, tarot reading has become increasingly popular for people to gain advice on their lives and goals.

People have monetized their skills and earned big bucks from tarot reading. But let’s face it straight! You have to run on a treadmill to attain expertise in this area.

There is cutthroat competition in the market of tarot reading business. Tarot readers need to raise the quality and standard of their readings for better outcomes.

So here we reach the main topic of this discussion – How much do tarot readers make?

The average salary of a tarot reader in the US is around $55,938 per year. However, charging for tarot readings entirely depends on the reader’s experience level. Also, if a person makes handsome money from the tarot reading business, they have to pay taxes.

In today’s article, we will reveal the history of tarot reading, how much a reader earns, and the wealthiest tarot card reader in the world. Let’s get straight into the fascinating facts.

How Did Tarot Reading Start?

How Did Tarot Reading Start

A lot of people today know about tarot card readings. But do you know about the evolution of this incredible art?

Although the exact origin is unknown, the roots of tarot cards trace back to Italy in the 1430s. Around this period, the decks of playing cards had become quite a fashion in Italian cities like Venice, Milan, Florence, and Urbino.

From Italy, the playing cards spread to European regions like Germany, France, and Australia.

Such regular playing cards had five suits: Pentacles, Cups, Wands, Swords, and Trionfi (triumphs). However, the purpose of cards wasn’t fortune telling. Instead, they were just a popular trend in Europe and Italy.

In short, cards were the idol pursuits of wealthy Europeans. The well-off Italians used to play a game called ”Tarocchi” with the playing cards.

The First Tarot Book

In 1791, a Frenchman named Jean-Baptiste Alliette wrote an influential book connecting divination with tarot cards for the first time.

He assigned each card a special meaning, borrowing from astronomy and the elements along with ideas revived from the Egyptian Book of Thoth.

The author named the book ”Etteilla” by reversing his surname.

Average Income of Tarot Readers

Average Income Of Tarot Readers

The income of a tarot reader hangs on the mode of reading and the level of expertise. It depends on whether tarot reading is your hobby or profession.

The salary differs in the case of physical, online, and freelance readings.

However, a general estimate of a tarot reader’s earnings ranges from $14,000 to $140,000 a year. A beginner reader’s per year revenue is $14,000, while that of an experienced tarot reader is $145,600.

The Glassdoor statistics reveal the average salary of tarot readers in the United States as follows:

  • $55,938 total pay per year.
  • $52,670 base pay per year.
  • $3,300 additional pay.

The average base pay of a UK tarot reader is £33,927 per year.

Do Tarot Readers Pay Taxes?

Do Tarot Readers Pay Taxes

If you consider tarot reading a toll-free job, you are probably miscalculating! It entirely depends on the money a professional tarot reader makes.

If readers make enough out of this business, they have to pay quarterly taxes. If they take the fee of their clients in the form of cash by hand, no deduction applies.

But, if clients pay through other methods like checks or money transfers, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) probably notices them.

Professional card readers may pay taxes for the following things if they make handsome bucks from this business.

  • New decks of tarot cards.
  • Computer equipment (if used for business).
  • Books related to tarot reading and study.
  • Travel expenses to reach clients, etc.
  • Trips to a conference.
  • Membership in tarot associations.

The tax deduction also depends on your status, whether you are an employer or an independent contractor. This criterion has a significant influence on your tax rate.

A better way is to consult a professional tax preparer. Such a person will help you handle tax affairs keenly.

Editor’s Note

In some parts of the US (Pennsylvania) and Australia, taking money by predictions is disallowed. Hence, if tarot readers make money from fortune telling, they will likely face tax and heavy fines. Some places in the world even imprison fortune tellers.

Richest Tarot Reader

Richest Tarot Reader

Sylvia Browne is considered the wealthiest tarot reader ever. It is because her estimated net worth has been counted as around $70 million.

Although she had accomplished much in her life, some of her false predictions remained controversial.

To become a successful tarot card reader, you ought to know the latest media means. Advanced psychic skills are not enough to generate income. Instead, you must combine psychic and business skills like Sylvia Browne did.

Other notable tarot readers are listed below with their average revenue. 

  • Uri Geller ($20 million)
  • Derren Brown ($7.5 million)
  • Theresa Caputo ($1-10 million)
  • Ron Bard ($1.5 million)

Should You Charge for Tarot Reading?

Should You Charge For Tarot Reading

It is a common question for most beginner readers. There are a variety of opinions on whether you should charge for tarot readings or not.

Some say tarot reading is a divine gift, so there is no need to charge for it.

Don’t listen to such opinions! Your time is worthwhile and valuable. Although tarot reading is a natural gift, it is more than a mentally tiring job.

You invest your time, skills, and effort to do an accurate reading. So, you deserve to earn from it.

The matter of charging for tarot card readings depends entirely on your experience. If you are a beginner in tarot readings, you can offer it free for some period. It will help you razor-sharp your skills and intuition.

Once you have gained enough expertise and confidence, you can start charging money. If you’re unsure how to start a tarot reading business, keep the four important points in mind.

  1. Target audience: Decide about your customers and what services you can provide.
  2. Experience level: How much experience you possess in tarot reading.
  3. Secondary skills: Life coaching and counseling should also be available for better customer service.
  4. Business costs: Free tarot software, templates, cards, and other expenses.
Bonus Tip

Advertising is the lifeblood of a tarot reading business. Consider creating a blog and social media handle to showcase your skills. Also, collaborate with other tarot readers to generate more leads and make a name for yourself.

Wrapping It Up

Readers of every category exist in the world. Some make big bucks, while others are barely getting an income. A successful tarot reader can make a decent average income per year. Tarot readers in the United States make a median income of approximately $52,000 annually.

The amount also depends on their experience and location. You can do this by employing psychic skills along with business and marketing. That’s the truth! Ace the level of your expertise and use the right strategies. Only then will you earn a good income from tarot readings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a certified tarot reader?

Udemy and other online courses can help you become a certified tarot reader. You might be asked to complete and pass one or more practice readings to attain a tarot certification. Some certifications may require you to participate in an intensive training program, including hands-on readings.

Can anyone become a tarot card reader?

Absolutely yes! Anyone with the right set of skills can become a tarot reader. It’s more about understanding the symbolism and meanings behind the cards.