What Does a Reversed Tarot Card Mean: 5 Messages for You

What Does A Reversed Tarot Card Mean

Are you curious about what it means when a tarot card is upside down? Have you drawn a card and immediately noticed it is reversed?

It’s a common thing. You shuffle the deck, pull the cards and then read them. But when a card appears upside-down, its meaning differs from its natural orientation.

Some say ignoring card reversals during a tarot spread is like dealing with a half deck. Others think a reversed tarot card guarantees bad news.

So the question is, do reversals matter? What does a reversed tarot card mean?

When a tarot card is reversed, it means the opposite of upright interpretation. It can represent the blocking or delaying of energies. Reversed tarot is a sign of resistance or refusal to accept something. It also shows the presence of a challenge that comes in the way of achieving success.

Do you want to add further insights into your current situation by reading a reversed card? Let’s explore the five probable interpretations. You’ll also learn how to add card reversals naturally to your deck.

5 Possible Meanings of Reversed Tarot Cards

Possible Meanings Of Reversed Tarot Cards

Shuffling tarot cards is an excellent way to relax your mind and engage with the divine realm. The twist is you need to be more attentive when a reversed card appears.

Here are five potential explanations for your consideration. Be sure you’re not rushing to conclusions but looking at the overall shape of things.

1. Opposite of the Card’s Upright Meaning

If a card is drawn in a reverse position, its meanings are the opposite of the traditional meaning. It either foretells a negative or positive outcome depending on its nature.

  • For example, the Star is among the best cards in tarot. It is associated with hope, healing, and dreams coming true.
  • But if this card appears in an opposite form, it can symbolize sadness and despair.
  • The Tower card (symbolizing sudden change and chaos) suggests stability and predictability when reversed.

Hence, it’s vital to take note of the reversal and read its meaning accordingly.

2. You Need Improvement in an Area of Life

You Need Improvement In An Area Of Life

When a card appears in an inverted position, it indicates you need to work on something. That something could range from your relationships to personal ambitions.

The card is here to tell that the lack of effort or focus is creating a hindrance. And it’s time for you to shift your attention to the relevant area and make necessary changes.

  • Suppose the Strength card is reversed during a tarot spread; it signifies a lack of strength or courage within you.
  • You should be more courageous and resilient against life’s challenges.
  • The Justice card often shows unfairness when seen in reverse.
  • That means you’re expecting too much from the world without being reasonable yourself.

3. Delay in Fulfilling Your Desires

Delay In Fulfilling Your Desires

Reversed tarot can indicate a delay in the manifestation of your desires. That is, it’s not happening as fast as you wish it to be.

You should take action and put in the effort to see progress. Do something tangible that positively affects your objectives. Otherwise, the results will keep on moving further away from reach.

For instance, the Knight of Swords signifies ambition and an action-oriented attitude. But its opposite form indicates there is some issue here. You cannot get where you want due to a lack of decisive action.

Editor’s Tip

Learn to manifest positive energy in your life. It’s an opportunity to become wiser. Develop your inner strength and practice gratitude every day. All you need is patience to find the right direction.

4. Block or Delay in Energy

Block Or Delay In Energy

When the natural orientation of a tarot card turns upside down, it carries the meaning of blocked energy. It warns you to be aware of any fraud or manipulation in life.

  • Someone is trying to take advantage of your weaknesses.
  • There is a potential danger around you, but with plenty of chances to stop it.
  • You are going through a difficult phase and need emotional support.

You should listen to your inner guidance and look out for signs. The universe may be trying to direct you toward something more fulfilling.

5. Challenges That Need To Be Addressed

Challenges That Need To Be Addressed

Are you aiming to achieve a goal but can’t seem to progress anymore? Is your business about to blossom, but something seems to be off?

You decide to do a tarot reading, and you find out that the results are reversed. It’s time for you to reconsider your strategies because it could be a sign of upcoming challenges.

Sometimes, a reversed card can turn out to be a warning. It’s here to tell you something is wrong and needs your attention. Pay heed to the cards showing up oppositely.

The warning also comes with a remedy or suggestion on how to fix it. The Empress is a strong symbol of creative expression and fertility. But the reversed Empress says that new ideas or projects can’t take off because of an obstacle.

You may have difficulty trusting others or feel unable to access new opportunities. Hence the suggestion is to figure out the roadblock and resolve it ASAP.

Add Reversals Naturally to Your Deck

Add Reversals Naturally To Your Deck

It’s not recommended to add the cards in an opposite position intentionally. It harms the deck’s original symbolism. Rather than forcing it, allow the reversal to come naturally in your readings.

  • Divide the tarot cards into two piles.
  • Now turn one of the piles upside down and combine them.
  • Shuffle the cards while keeping your questions in mind.
  • Pull 3-4 randomly and see if the cards are reversed.

These are some ways to read reversed tarot cards for accurate readings. It’s time to become mindful of their messages and act accordingly.

Not Every Upright Card Is Positive, and Every Reversed Is Negative

Let’s be clear. Not every upright tarot card brings luck, and not every reversed card has negative implications. In fact, a few of them can be taken as a warning for you to take precautions.

On the contrary, reversed tarot cards can also be taken as a sign of happiness and surprise.

An upside-down Three of Swords shows relief from sorrow and pain. Your heart will be no more in anguish, and you can finally move on with your life.

In Conclusion

Reversed tarot cards can help you get a deeper insight into your life. They may sound a bit alarming, but it’s an opportunity for you to learn and grow. Through them, you know what’s blocking the path toward success.

Don’t be afraid to accept the truth and start taking necessary actions for a better tomorrow. No matter what happens, trust yourself and make decisions that are in your best interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a tarot card is upright or reversed?

It’s so simple. If the imagery of a card is the same as how it’s printed in the deck, it is upright. When it is upside down from its original orientation, it is reversed.

Why are all my tarot cards reversed?

Don’t take it all in negativity. This arrangement shows that the universe is sending you some important messages through various hints. Some hints are encouraging, while others may require extra caution.