What Are the Best Cards in Tarot: 6 Most Powerful Cards

What Are The Best Cards In Tarot: 6 Most Powerful Cards

Does the art of tarot reading influence you? If so, your feelings are sound. Reading tarot cards has continued to benefit people for decades.

People of every age have been practicing it to gain insights and advice on their current or future lives.

Some tarot decks are known for their beautiful artwork. Others are considered powerful for their accuracy and insight.

So among the 78 cards, what are the best tarot cards to focus on?

Some of the best tarot cards are the Ace of Pentacles, the Ace of Cups, the Star, the Sun, the Lovers, and the Wheel of Fortune. These cards interpret new beginnings, prosperity, luck, and the strengthening of relationships. Think of these cards as stepping stones to achieving success.

Let’s look at each card a bit closer and understand the energy it brings and what it can represent in your life.

Let’s Uncover the 6 Best Cards in Tarot

Let’s Uncover The 6 Best Cards In Tarot

Each tarot card is powerful in itself. Once you get accustomed to all 78 cards, you’ll start noticing their hidden meanings.

But, the powerful cards in tarot help you deal with challenges and seek personal growth. Your life will become a kind of adventure, with each card guiding you to the answers.

Here are the top 6 tarot cards and their interpretations.

1. The Ace of Pentacles

The Ace Of Pentacles

Engraved with lush imagery, the Ace of Pentacles represents a new beginning. This card is one of the best in tarot, marking positivity and prosperity.

You should feel no less than optimistic when it appears. This card signifies abundance and success in terms of finances, career, and health.

Visual Description

The imagery over the Ace of Pentacles shows a mysterious hand emerging from the sky. A gold coin can be seen in the middle with a pentagram.

The landscape beneath the hand shows a luscious garden rich with flowers and fertility. It depicts a range of positivity associated with this card.


When you encounter this vibrant card, it reflects:

  • New opportunities and potential.
  • Progress in wealth, career, and health.
  • Fulfillment of your dreams.
  • Happiness and love.
  • Strong and healthy relationships.

2. The Ace of Cups

The Ace Of Cups

The Ace of Cups is a card in tarot that marks the depth of bonding, love, and intimacy. Like the Ace of Pentacles, it symbolizes the new beginnings of love and compassion.

The rainbow of your life will look brighter when the Ace of Cups appears in your tarot spread.

Visual Description

This tarot card portrays a golden cup overflowing with five streams of water. A hand slides out of the cloud, just like the Ace of Pentacles.

Also, there is a vibrant landscape with a lotus and a dove. If you reflect on this imagery, you’ll get to know the prospect behind it.

The five streams symbolize the power of your subconscious mind. In comparison, the cup shows your spiritual energy. And the landscape overall reflects your awakening with divine love.


The possible meanings you can expect from this card are:

  • Soon to receive love.
  • Experience a flow of emotions.
  • A beginning of unconditional love.
  • Time for inner radiance.
  • Birth of creative spark.
Editor’s Note

It’s one of the incredible cards for lasting emotions. For example, you and your partner can set a goal together, and the Ace of Cups will act as a bridge between your intentions.

3. The Star

The Star

Being a major arcana card, the Star is from the traditional decks. It is associated with the element air and the ruling planet, Uranus. This card symbolizes hope, faith, renewal, purpose, and spirituality.

Visual Description

The Star features a naked woman kneeling at the edge of a pool. You will see her holding two containers of water in her left and right hand.

One container pours water onto green land while the other drains water into the pool. Also, you can see a bird resting on her shoulder with stars in the background.

The woman has one foot over the ground and one in the water. A big star is visible behind her, surrounded by seven smaller stars.


You can see the card’s imagery is rich with symbolism. The two water containers present your subconscious and consciousness, while the naked woman represents vulnerability.

Finally, the big Star is the mark of your essence, and seven small stars represent the seven divine chakras.

If you pull the Star card, it represents:

  • A warm welcome after a period of chaos.
  • Rediscovering your worth.
  • A new sense of self.
  • Dreams to come true.
  • Rediscovering purpose and motivation.

4. The Sun

The Sun

The Sun card is, by and large, one of the best cards in tarot. It is the nineteenth trump in traditional tarot decks.

With an element of fire, the sun card represents the clarity coming ahead in your life. It says the universe is aiding you to achieve warmth in your life.

Visual Description

It shows a large and bright sun in the clear sky. The four sunflowers can be seen standing tall above a brick wall.

Moreover, you can see a young naked child sitting over a white horse. The child is sitting calmly and composed.

This major arcana card reflects rich symbolism, wisdom, and optimism. Four sunflowers represent the four suits of minor arcana.

The naked child displays innocence, while the white horse represents purity and strength.


The Sun tarot card stands for:

  • Radiance and Abundance.
  • Strength and positive energy.
  • A peak of achievements.
  • A not-fear-driven state.
  • Expression of power.
  • Physical energy.
Reversed Sun Card

Some claim that the reversed Sun card brings excessive excitement, pessimism, oppression, failed pregnancy, and disappointment in your life. But remember, tarot reading is not like a fixed mark on the stone. It gives you a sign or hint, not the exact outcome.

5. The Lovers

The Lovers

The sixth trump in tarot cards, “the Lovers,” is all about relationships and choices. It is considered the best card for love and relationships in tarot reading.

This major arcana card wonderfully displays the balance of forces. That means you can appreciate the beauty of two paths leading to one common goal.

Visual Description

The image portrays a naked couple (Adam and Eve) standing beside the angel Raphael. The setting is Eden, a beautiful fertile place.

Behind Eve, there is an apple tree and the snake wriggling on the trunk. The background of the image shows a volcanic mountain.

The imagery of this card is enough to tell the story. The entire scene is associated with the story in the Bible. It overall symbolizes union with the divine, passion, and temptation.


When the Lovers card pops up, it means:

  • A passionate relationship.
  • Romantic tie and compassion.
  • Clarity of faith and values.
  • Compatible energies.
  • Open communication.
  • Raw honesty.
  • Choices and harmony.
Editor’s Advice

If you pull the Lovers tarot card in your next reading, the sweetness of your relationship will intensify as if it was just like a honeymoon. So, you should take advantage of the positive vibes and act like the couple on the card!

6. The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel Of Fortune

The tenth major arcana card, the Wheel of Fortune, marks a revolution in your luck. This card stands for wealth, prosperity, advancement, and destiny.

Visual Description

The image shows a giant wheel with three figures on the outer edges of it. The wheel of the face shows an inscription of unpronounceable Hebrew words.

The mid-wheel shows chemical symbols for mercury, water, salt, and sulfur.

Four supernatural characters are portrayed over the wheel.

  • Snake, the Egyptian God Typhon, on the outer side.
  • Anubis, the Egyptian God of the dead on the right side.
  • Sphinx on the top of the wheel.
  • A four-winged creature at the corners.


The Wheel of Fortune shows a revolution for you in the form of:

  • A turning point in life.
  • Good luck and fortune.
  • Optimism and faith.
  • Spiritual guidance.
  • Angel numbers.
  • New opportunities.

To Summarize

So, these are the six best cards in tarot you should look forward to in your next tarot reading. They will bring a whiff of freshness to your life. Every tarot card is packed with insights and enlightenment.

Some cards offer positivity, advancement, and progress in life. The interpretations of cards aren’t powerful unless you work to make them happen. Look for the positive, exclude the negativity, and keep your head straight.

Believe in yourself more than tarot and work harder – you’ll see the magic soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which zodiac sign rules the Lovers tarot card?

The sign for the Lovers tarot card is Gemini. Geminis are known for their joyous and passionate nature, making them an ideal representation of the Lovers card.

What tarot card is Pisces?

The tarot card associated with Pisces is the Moon. This card symbolizes deep emotions, intuition, and psychic abilities – qualities that perfectly align with the Piscean energy.