How To Store Tarot Cards (6 Ways To Keep Them Safe)

How To Store Tarot Cards

How do you store your tarot cards? Do you have a special box or bag in which they live or sit in a drawer somewhere?

If you are a tarot reader, you’ll be conscious about the safety of your deck. Tarot safety is necessary if you want to receive accurate readings.

Especially if you have bought a new tarot deck, it’s always good to store it along with cleansing.

Tarot cards are spiritual tools that harness the power of symbols and archetypes to help us navigate our paths through life. Their energy is unique, and it’s important to keep them safe.

So, how to store tarot cards to ensure their energy stays in its best condition?

A velvet pouch or storage box is ideal for storing tarot cards. If you want to dispel the negative energies, wrap your tarot cards in silk fabric. You can also keep the cards in spiritually clean and sacred places like an altar, a chest, or a manifestation room.

Let’s see why there is a need to store cards. We will also learn 6 easy ways to keep your tarot cards safe when not using them. After all, you don’t want to miss out on any of the magical energies!

Why Should You Store Tarot Cards Carefully?

Why Should You Store Tarot Cards

Have you wondered why you need to keep the tarot deck safe? Well, the reason lies in the physical symmetry of cards.

Although the card paper is thick, it’s not always laminated. So, there is a risk of damage without the protective layer.

Moreover, if you do readings regularly, the cards can accumulate dirt. It not only messes with the surface but affects the quality of readings.

Therefore, you must handle the cards carefully to return the energy to their work. For this, you have to keep the tarot cards safe when not using them.

6 Convenient Ways To Store Tarot Cards

Ways To Store Tarot Cards

Storing and cleansing the tarot cards are vital for their upkeep. It’s like cleaning the windows of your soul!

The more you take care of your magical cards intuitively, the more accurate readings you’ll receive.

There are several methods to store tarot cards. After following them, you will receive accuracy and positivity in your tarot readings.

Get ready for a fantastic journey ahead!

1. Store in a Pouch

Store In A Pouch

A pouch is an ideal option for storing tarot cards. A cotton, silk, or velvet pouch can be an excellent option.

Not only does a pouch keep your cards safe, but it can also lend spiritual energy to your deck.

There is a variety of pouch sizes and shapes available. A few such types are drawstrings, zippers, and buttons. All of them are convenient, but the drawstring pouches are the best among all forms.

If you haven’t yet found the perfect pouch for the deck, why not create a customized one? Measure the corners of your cards and design a bag exclusive to a specific tier. Embellish the pouch with beads, buttons, and fabric paint.

Consider adding some items to the pouch to multiply the positive energy.

  • Crystals: As tarot cards are complete with divine energy, adding crystals will amplify the powerful vibrations.
  • Herbs: Herbs like lavender and rosemary are beneficial for cards as they prevent negative energies.
  • Charms: You can hang a charm from the bag to attract positivity, luck, and good vibes.                                                                                                              

2. Place in a Storage Box

Place In A Storage Box

A storage box is the most commonly used object to store tarot cards. It offers the perfect protection for your cards.

An antique wooden or metal box can be a suitable protection agent. An exemplary storage box will keep your cards organized and eliminate negative energies.

If you need help finding an antique box, worry not! Look around your house and choose any box that pleases your intuition.

You may also use the props to beautify your storage box. You should place a few things inside the box, like a crystal and silica bag.

The crystal can charge your cards, while the silica bag can absorb the excess moisture. Prefer to put the box on a bookshelf or a working desk so that it always stays by your sight.

Editor’s Tip

Give your cards a perfect home! Try to buy a storage box with dividers. The divisions will make organizing and retrieving your tarot cards easier. For example, you can keep major and minor arcana in different sections.

3. Wrap Tarot Cards in a Silk Cloth

Wrap Tarot Cards In A Silk Cloth

If you don’t have a storage box or a pouch, a piece of simple silk fabric can work for you. It doesn’t have to be a fancy piece. Just wrap a silk cloth of any color around your cards.

Whether diagonal or square, you can fold the fabric in any way you like.

Silk is a spiritual cloth that has been used for many years. It will add flair and smooth bedding to your cards.

Moreover, silk fabric is supposed to wash away the negative energies from a tarot deck. Your stored tarot cards will be no messier after getting the silky surface.

Lastly, you can always put a crystal over the silk-wrapped deck. It will energize your tarot deck as well as store it safely. Use this method to store your tarot cards while traveling.

4. Try Original Packaging

Try Original Packaging

The original packaging is one of the best options for storing tarot cards correctly.

You may have discovered that most tarot decks come with attractive packaging. It’s better not to throw away the original sheet of cards.

It offers the following benefits.

  • Perfect for the size of cards.
  • Keeps them from dust and dirt.
  • Eliminates the need to buy a pouch or box.
  • Prevents damage and fading of colors.
  • Matching designs make it visually pleasing.

You’ll feel an emotional attachment to your cards as a tarot reader. Also, the original packaging can be valuable if you want to sell the deck someday.


There can be a risk of some wear and tear if you open and close the original wrapping daily. If you accidentally place something heavy on an empty box, it can get crushed like paper.

5. Use Salt

Use Salt

No one can deny the power of salt! You may have used salt to clean the cards as a tarot reader. However, salt is also a great choice for storing tarot cards.

But how can you use salt to keep the cards protected?  

It’s pretty simple! Wrap tarot cards in fabric and lay them on a layer of salt. The purpose of cloth is to protect the cards from any possible damage. Put some salt over the deck in such a way that it gets covered.

Salt will do three things.

  • Absorb any dampness in the air.
  • Zap away negative energies and block them from re-entering your deck.
  • Keep your cards in a calm, meditative state.

6. Put the Cards in Sacred Places

Put The Cards In Sacred Places

The excellent idea is to store tarot cards in a spiritually clean and sacred place. This method applies to all areas. You can keep your tarot deck in an altar, manifestation room, or chest.

It is so because such an area is free from toxic energies. It also helps bond with your tarot deck more strongly and gives you a deeper connection.

So, keeping the cards in a holy space can prove insightful for your readings. Moreover, if you first cleanse the area with incense, your tarot deck will get an additional dose of energy.

Editor’s Comments

Include tarot cards in your spiritual rituals. Keep the deck with you while doing yoga, chanting mantras, or meditating. It will transfer the positive vibrations to your cards and help you use them better.

Where Should You Not Store Your Tarot Cards?

Where Should You Not Store Your Tarot Cards

You can choose any of the methods mentioned above to store your cards. However, there are certain places where you should avoid placing your tarot cards.

Your tarot deck is your best friend. It deserves better treatment from you. Here are a few areas where you shouldn’t store the cards.

  • Near the window.
  • Under your pillow.
  • Close to the candle.
  • At your front door.
  • Around the water.      

The safety of tarot cards is mandatory for accurate readings. Hence, you must follow the appropriate ways to ensure positivity.

Concluding Thoughts

Storing the cards with utmost care helps you regain the connection with them. It doesn’t matter what method you choose; do what feels right. Now that you know numerous ways to store your deck, keep the cards in the best manner.    

You’ll indeed produce much more accurate readings from now on. The evil energies will be washed away, and the cards will go no messier. Like a pro, you can use the cards for a lifetime if you store them correctly.

Thank the cards for their work. As a token of appreciation, place them in the center of your altar or hold them in your hands. This way, you’ll return the respect and love they offer to help you read tarot cards. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I keep my tarot cards facing the same way?

Don’t waste your precious time organizing the cards in a specific direction. If you decide not to read reversals, turn each card right side up when setting them down on the table.

Do tarot cards have to be wrapped in silk?

Take silk if you want, but other materials like cotton and velvet will also work. It’s all based on personal preferences.