The Most Positive Card in Tarot (& What It Means)

What Is The Most Positive Card In Tarot (Revealing 5 Traits)

We all want to stay a mile away from negativity. Especially in tarot readings, we are scared to get unpleasant messages.

The meaning of cards varies from reader to reader. However, some of the tarot cards are considered positive in every context.

No matter the situation, they show a positive outcome and lead us to our desired destination.

So, what is the most positive card in tarot according to the majority of readers?

The Sun is the most positive tarot card. It reflects enlightenment, success, happiness, and clarity. Your career, finances, and love are likely to flourish if you pull out this card. Moreover, the Sun, in combination with the Empress and the Hermit, brings double-fold optimism.

You are about to explore the most optimistic tarot card, which radiates positivity and hope. Get ready to make your day brighter!

The Sun – The Most Positive Tarot Card

Discover Traits Of The Sun As The Most Positive Tarot Card

Out of many cards that emit negativity, the Sun is called the happiest card in the tarot deck. Being the nineteenth trump, it stands for optimism and success.

Your energy will spark hope if this card pops up in your reading. It is a card of truth that will help you embrace the light and let go of the darkness.

Following are 5 traits of the Sun, which take it to the top of the positive tarot card list.

1. Imagery Description and Symbolism

Imagery Description And Symbolism

The visual of the Sun card displays fascinating imagery. The prominent motifs sketched are:

  • Dawn – a sun.
  • Four sunflowers.
  • A naked child.
  • A white horse.

The background displays dawn. The Sun represents the warmth and energy that illuminates the entire planet. Four sunflowers can be seen growing tall above a brick wall.

These flowers symbolize the four suits of the minor arcana and the four elements (air, water, fire, and earth). 

The image ahead shows a naked child riding over a white horse. The arms of the child are stretched, while the horse is gentle and calm.

The imagery of the child and horse justifies the status of the Sun as the most positive card in the tarot.

The child stands as a symbol of innocence and purity. His cherished state shows the role of the authentic self in happiness.

Moreover, nakedness reveals that he has nothing to hide. It indirectly connotes honesty and truth.

On the other hand, the white horse represents nobility, purity, and strength. Horse and child, in combination, present the wisdom that evolves with age.

Editor’s Tip

If you want to re-energize yourself with the Sun, the best time to draw the card is between 5 am and 7 am. The color of the Sun is yellow. So, if you want to access this card’s energy, carry a yellow crystal with you.

2. The Most Positive Card for Love

The Most Positive Card For Love

The Sun marks new beginnings and the warmth of life. The same applies to your love life when this card is pulled.

It is filled with happiness and eternity. So, you can expect your relationship to blossom in the light of this card. 

If your relationship had been stumbling earlier, you would likely experience a unique bond. It will be a wholesome experience for you and your partner to fall in perfect harmony.

Like the flowers on a card, your connection will bloom into the fragrance of romance. If you skip this for being single, stop!

Now is the time to step out and experience a chance. Your positive energy will indeed bless you with the love you dream of. 

Love Yourself

Loving yourself is like a blessing in disguise. It will attract your life partner as if you are a magnet. And the tip to intensify your magnetism is to accept yourself as you are (just like the naked child of the Sun).

3. Mark of Progress in Career and Finance

Mark Of Progress In Career And Finance

The Sun announces the most rewarding period for you in terms of career and finances. You will experience optimism, success, and advancement.

If you keep up with the positive energy, your current job might get upscaled with a promotion.

Your financial situation may finally seek a balance. Your heart shall be at peace, and a sense of fulfillment will overtake you.

The dawn in this card also tells you to pay gratitude to the abundance of wealth you own. Overall, your career and finance are taking you to your desired place!

What more can you expect from the most positive tarot card?

4. The Sun in Advising Position

The Sun is a highly advising card as it is a symbol of reason and clarity. It provides gems of advice that shoot your potential to the horizon of the sky.

Here’s what Sun offers in counsel to your life:

  • Have confidence in your natural abilities.
  • Step into the light of truth.
  • Adopt transparency.
  • Be the sage of your decision.
  • Act reasonably, logically, and clearly.
  • Manifest positive energy as much as possible,
  • Analyze things in the light of the day.
It’s Your Mindset

Remember, it doesn’t matter what the Sun advises for optimism if your mindset is not set for it. The card’s positivity only works if you believe in yourself and the power of positivity that dwells within you.

5. Sun – A Rare Card in Negativity

Yes, you read that right! Sun is the only tarot card that shows optimism even when pulled in reverse.

No matter your setbacks, the glowing Sun reminds you everything will be fine. Just as you have to empty the cups to pour more, challenges are there to clear up the cloud.

These setbacks will make you stronger to experience the joy again. The Sun card acts as a soft kiss to your wounds. 

Honey, it’s time to experience joy again!

Power Combination of the Sun With Other Tarot Cards

Power Combination Of The Sun With Other Tarot Cards

The Sun alone accomplishes bringing positive vibes to the table. However, there are some other positive cards in the tarot deck too.

The combination of the Sun with these cards gets power and a boost of optimism. These cards include the Empress, the Hermit, the Magician, and the Chariot. 

Sun and the Empress

Sun And The Empress

It is the most favorable combination in tarot cards to receive any answer. The positive influence of the Empress and the warmth of the Sun together radiate optimism.

Your life will likely get a spark of well-being soon. The Sun and the Empress together mark the following assets:

  • A fresh start and new beginnings.
  • General comfort and stability.
  • Abundance and luck in all aspects of life.
  • Fertility, fertility, and fertility.
  • A shower of blessings.
Editor’s Comments

Think of both cards as the foundation of your future. Whether it is a job, relationship, or financial stability – you may get the best answer to your query. The naked child of the Sun shines in all its glory with the Empress!

Sun and the Hermit

Sun And The Hermit

The Sun and the Hermit are called a sparkling combo. It is so because both reflect the theme of illumination. Your thought process is going to experience clarity.

This powerful combination promises transparency if your life is fogged up in clouds.

Even in the hopeless stage, understand that your challenges will soon end. The Sun and the Hermit bring the following benefits:

  • A ray of hope.
  • Finding inner peace.
  • Decluttering the thoughts.
  • Clarity of your roadblocks.

The infant on the Sun and the older man of The Hermit are like the son and father duo. They are here to guide you on your journey of life!

Final Words

Tarot cards have the purpose of guidance in your life. Getting stuck in negativity is normal, but positive cards like the Sun can let you out.

Apart from that, you always need a positive outlook to dispel pessimism. Prepare your mind and open up your heart. This way, you’ll surely notice significant changes.

Happy Tarot-ing! :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What zodiac is the Strength tarot card?

The Strength card is associated with the Leo zodiac sign. Leos are known for their courage, ambition, and bravery – all represented by the Strength tarot card.

What is the best tarot card for love?

The Lovers tarot card is considered the best for love, as it symbolizes relationship choices and commitments. It showers you with the hope that your relationship will be fulfilling and long-lasting.