How Does a Capricorn Man React When Hurt?

How Does A Capricorn Man React When Hurt?

Capricorn men are incredibly gentle people who find it hard to express whatever feelings they have, good or bad.

They are natural introverts and mostly always avoid situations that would make them unable to hold their emotions inside. This certainty makes it understandable when people try to figure out how a Capricorn man reacts when hurt.

Their reaction to things is mainly different from how other Zodiac signs will respond to the same situation.

When a Capricorn man is hurt, his first form of reaction will be withdrawal. Capricorn men are not vindictive, and, as such, they find it hard trying to retaliate or raise hell when someone hurts them. The most they can do is cut you off from their lives entirely, and in most cases, this is not in the bid to punish you for hurting them.

They only do this because they want to prevent you from getting another opportunity to harm them again.

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Why a Capricorn Man May Feel Hurt

Why A Capricorn Man May Feel Hurt

Sometimes it is hard to understand what makes some people feel hurt, especially when they are sensitive people.

There are some conversations you would have with other Zodiac signs, and they will take it in good faith, but if you try to do such with a Capricorn man, he will take it personally without showing you that he is angry about what you said or did.

A Capricorn man will feel hurt if you insult him in any way whatsoever, ranging from saying he is incapable of achieving success, making him feel like he is weird, or criticizing his social stance.

Doing any of these and everything related will hurt people generally, but some may not take it to the extreme. On the other hand, Capricorn men will hold those words in their minds and will hurt badly about it.

Another major thing that can make a Capricorn man feel hurt is when he experiences betrayal.

It takes a lot of effort before Capricorn men can fully trust anyone, as their trust is difficult to earn. If they eventually trust you entirely and you end up betraying them, it will pain them bitterly.

Rather than blame you for the betrayal, Capricorn men will apportion the more significant part of the blame to themselves for trusting you in the first place.

Also, a Capricorn man will feel significantly hurt when they are ignored.

Although ignoring someone is their go-to reaction when offended by the person, they hate being rejected or ignored. When you avoid a Capricorn man, especially without reason, his mind would be filled with many theories for why he is being ignored.

How Would a Capricorn Man React When Hurt?

How Would A Capricorn Man React When Hurt?

Due to their calm and carefree attitude, many people fail to realize that Capricorn men are very susceptible to being hurt.

Most times, Capricorn men are quick to take trivial things personally, but you may not know unless you pay keen attention to their behavior.

If you notice some of the following in a Capricorn man’s actions, he is probably hurting.

When He Gives You the Silent Treatment

Unlike other Zodiac signs like Scorpios, a Capricorn man cannot express rage when hurt. Instead, he would pretend that everything is alright while he agonizes on the inside.

As a result, he might subconsciously give you the silent treatment because he is trying to heal and would not be able to keep up with acting calm and happy with you.

If you ever notice this, you should quickly evaluate your recent interaction with him and figure out if you had hurt him with your actions or words and apologize.

By doing this, you will help speed up his healing process because if he notices that you remain insensitive after hurting him, he might as well leave the relationship altogether.

When He Gets Defensive

Whenever you notice your Capricorn man is beginning to become defensive, especially in situations where you think it’s unnecessary, it is most likely because he is upset about something you must have done.

This reaction may be triggered by various reasons, which may include you teasing him about something he is overly protective of or other factors such as time-wasting.

Capricorn men hate when they spend time doing unproductive activities or when things are not going as scheduled.

If you have an agreement with your Capricorn man on such things, you should inform him if there is any development that might make you spend more time than the previously agreed one.

Failure to do this may trigger a Capricorn man to be upset, and he would consider that you don’t value him and his time.

When He Becomes Confrontational

This reaction is mostly always the last resort a Capricorn man will use, and he will only do so when he feels incredibly hurt and cornered. He will most likely only do this to establish his stance and put himself out of the receiving end.

If you are quick to figure out that your Capricorn man is hurting, and you find a way to appeal to him, the situation will not deteriorate to the level where he will have to become confrontational.

Capricorn men hate being vulnerable, especially when they are hurting. Hence, they tend to bottle up their feelings unless forced to do otherwise.


Capricorn men are one of the best Zodiac signs to be in a relationship with because of their calm nature. Being in a relationship with them guarantees that you might never need to worry about doing too much to please your partner as long as you avoid doing the things that might hurt him.

Although it might not be easy to figure out the things that make a Capricorn man hurt because they barely talk when they are angry about what you did or said.

However, you can figure out these things by understanding when your Capricorn man is hurting through his reactions, such as giving you the silent treatment, being defensive, and sometimes, getting confrontational.