How To Get a Pisces Man To Marry You

How To Get A Pisces Man To Marry You

Pisceans are the dreamer of the zodiac circle and carry an emotional side to them. Also, they have inherently kind, charming, and romantic personalities, further highlighted by their ability to fantasize by closing off from the rest of the world.

Another significant trait is their generous nature, which especially holds in relationships, be it romantic, familial, or friendship. Also, their Disney romance-loving side pushes people with this zodiac sign to pursue love and be in a relationship.

On that note, the good news is that Pisces men aren’t afraid to commit, which brings us to the question of how to get a Pisces man to marry you.

To get a Pisces man to marry you, you should connect with him emotionally, and to do that, develop your friendship with him first. Also, patience is the key in this regard, but being romantic, open about your view on marriage/commitment, and not overpressuring your Pisces man are some ways to go about it.

Here we will provide an insight into how to get the commitment for marriage from a Pisces man and what setbacks you can expect along the way. So, let’s dive right in!

How To Get a Pisces Man To Marry You

How To Get A Pisces Man To Marry You

The personality traits of Pisces men attribute a contradictory character to them, which is why, no matter how loving people with this zodiac sign may seem, getting them to marry you is nothing short of an ordeal.

But it doesn’t mean they are afraid to commit or aren’t loyal when it comes to marrying, but simply the slippery nature of the fish. Following are some ways you can use to get a Pisces man to marry you.

1. Develop Friendship First

The most significant fact to remember to make your way into the heart of your Pisces man is to start by getting on friendly terms with him. Pisceans usually have small friend circles, which makes people with this zodiac sign have their guard up all the time.

To break through the walls constructed by these people, you have to tingle their sense of friendship. However, if you push it to clinginess, it will only reverse the effect.

To get the desired outcome, you should show your Pisces man, your comfortable side, how well you hit it off, all while maintaining an independent air around you.

2. Tread Patiently

Patience is a virtue that cannot be more true when dealing with a Pisces man. Their need for space and fantasy-loving side puts you in a position where you have no choice but to wait for your Pisces man to take the first step.

Contrarily, if you try to push your Pisces man, it will only enlarge the distance between you two. Their zodiac symbol of fish is your first sign to proceed with patience to get the fish to bite, in your case, your Pisces man’s commitment to marriage.

3. Use Fantasy and Traditional Romance

Using fantasy and traditional romance work like a charm when trying to get your Pisces man to marry you. Pisceans adore old-school romance and imagine themselves playing out a fantasy romance because of their ruling planet Neptune.

Therefore, if you want to get commitment from your Pisces man, taking approaches from a Disney movie can help you the most. Make your Pisces man feel like the knight in shining armor.

If that’s not enough of a hint for your Pisces man, you can be more obvious about it. For example, you can hint about how fascinating the ending of a fantasy romance with marriage, children, and happy-ever-after was, or admire a scene with your Pisces man where the main characters share marriage vows, etc.

4. Show Your Commitment, but Don’t Be Overwhelming

Arguably the point you should keep the most in mind is to show your commitment to a serious relationship but not overwhelm your Pisces man to decide as if it’s the end of the road.

It will assure your Pisces man that you also want a future with him, and his imagination will start revolving around you. The only thing that you can do is to keep showing your Pisces man your love for him and how you enjoy your time with him.

It will bridge the gap between you two closer and closer. However, never fake your feelings because, as a water sign, they are highly sensitive to emotional cues and can pick your positive and negative intents.

5. Adapt a Push and Pull Approach

If going through all these strategies doesn’t work, the last one is to adopt a push-and-pull approach. It doesn’t mean asking your Pisces man outright or forcing him to decide, as they are used to going with the flow.

So, if you try to disturb the flow, they will only evade you. What you have to do is reverse; you need to make your Pisces man curious about what you are doing.

After you catch your Pisces man’s attention, get to know what he thinks his envisioned married life would be like, and share your views on how you imagine yours.

You have to show your Pisces man that while life has brought you two together, if he doesn’t get serious about the relationship, life can always throw in a curveball. All while subtly hinting about marriage and how you two complement each other.

Other Ways To Get a Pisces Man To Commit

Other Ways To Get A Pisces Man To Commit

Marriage is the goal of your relationship with your Pisces man, but commitment is problematic, be it commitment to marry or commitment after marriage. That’s why; the following are some points you should remember to have your Pisces man hooked and committed.

1. Be His Emotional Support

Water signs are known for their emotional intelligence, but when dealing with their burst of emotions, Pisceans shut down and get away into their fantasy world.

Here, you can play a crucial role as a support for your Pisces man and assure him of how you are there to look out for him and understand his difficulties and efforts.

Also, Pisceans are one of the most artistic zodiac signs and take to their hobbies when things don’t go their way. So, appreciating his creative hobbies, poetry, music, etc., will help you get your Pisces man to commit and appreciate you.

2. Be Sincere

Honesty goes a long way when diving into a relationship with Pisceans. Pisces are highly sensitive to emotional cues, so any dishonesty on your part is in plain sight for these zodiac signs.

Pisces man will start distancing himself from you as a starter and wouldn’t want to involve himself with you if he doesn’t find you trustworthy.

The best thing to do is to get to know what your Pisces man wants in a woman and try to adjust accordingly without any pretending involved. The closer you are to your nature, the more attracted a Pisces man will be to you.

3. Be Empathic

Empathy is the best trait to attract these empathic zodiac signs. Pisces men care for others as they care for themselves, bringing about their empathic selves. That’s why; they are often taken as a softie, which makes them not show this side to others.

However, if you share this characteristic with your Pisces man, he will feel you are the one for him as you connect with him. He will open up to you about it, and as it is linked with their emotional side, he will become emotionally invested in you.

4. Give Him Space

Another point to note is to give space to your Pisces man whenever he needs it. It is highly unlikely that a Pisces man will want to put distance in the relationship, as he will want you to listen to him and nurture him.

However, it doesn’t mean they don’t need space in a relationship. Their creative natures make them drift away into a fantasy world, so letting your Pisces man drift into his imagination every once in a blue moon will do you more good than harm.

Also, your Pisces man will appreciate you for not clinging to him, and it will strengthen his feelings for you.

Editor’s Note

Kind and caring women who can understand their fantasy-loving side and keep them tied to reality are the most attractive to Pisces men.

Setbacks in Getting a Pisces Man To Marry You

Setbacks In Getting A Pisces Man To Marry You

The path to getting the commitment or ensuring your Pisces man marries you isn’t a straight line, and the primary hurdles in the way are the personality traits of your Pisces man.

A Mix of Imagination and Reality

The first and foremost challenge you need to overcome is to show your Pisces man that what he might be thinking has transpired may have only taken place in his mind.

Pisceans take the crown for their imagination and creativity, and it can work against you in this regard. Because even if you bring them out of their imaginary world, the perfect moment your Pisces man has envisioned may not be something that happens easily in real life.

That’s why; their imaginative side is one big challenge for you while trying to get your Pisces man to marry you.

Imbalance in Expressing Feelings Into Words

Pisces are known for their emotional intelligence, but this trait also works against you because people with this zodiac sign value this intellect in a relationship and often want their partners to understand them without them saying.

It can lead to stagnation in the relationship or sometimes misleading cues, which is the chief contributor to Pisceans getting stuck in a relationship.

What you can do here is to assure your Pisces man that you are there to help him and can’t provide him with the support he desires unless he expresses his feelings. Also, if your Pisces man still doesn’t come forward, the best thing to do is to ensure he knows you have his back.


Before closing, you can use several strategies to get a Pisces man to marry you, but the thing to watch out for is not to pretend or manipulate your Pisces man into thinking you are the best match for him.

Contrarily, the thing you should do is develop a friendly yet independent relationship with him, have patience, be old-school romantic, show your views on marriage and commitment, and let him decide how to pave the rest of the way.

On the other hand, the imaginative and emotional side of people with Pisces as their zodiac sign is the chief culprit behind the standstill in your Pisces man’s commitment to marry.

However, marriage is one of the most significant things to people of this zodiac sign, so you need to play the right cards with patience, and in no time, your Pisces man will propose to you.