How To Text a Pisces Man (Get His Attention)

How To Text A Pisces Man

One of the essential build-ups for a relationship is the early communication between the two people involved. It is a huge defining factor that can decide the course of the relationship and determine the core values that would remain functional between both partners.

Hence, many people tend to pay more attention to this stage to ensure they get it right from the beginning. Failure to get it right could also lead to them missing their chance before attaining it.

As such, you should never be too shy to research ways you can use to text someone you have recently taken a liking to.

If this person you have found yourself crushing on is a Pisces man, one of the most crucial questions you would be asking yourself would be; how can I text a Pisces man?  

The essential information you need to know when texting a Pisces man is that you should never be shy or afraid to text first. It will also help if you always try to give him compliments regularly and let him know that you find him trustworthy.

This article contains vital information you might require if you are wondering how to text a Pisces man.

4 Tips To Use When Texting a Pisces Man

4 Tips To Use When Texting A Pisces Man

Pisces men are some of the most likable people among all zodiac signs, which explains why it is easy for women to develop a crush on them.

However, it might be a little difficult to expect a Pisces man to make the first move because they have a timid personality and a high susceptibility to being hurt by people.

A Pisces man could like you as much as you want him, but he might not make a move on you. If, at any chance, you get the opportunity to exchange numbers with him or details of any messaging platform he has, you should not sit and leave him to do all the talking.

The following are tips that you can find beneficial if you want to know how best to text a Pisces man.  

1. Send the First Text

A lot of people have the misconception that most Pisces men are nonchalant and egotistical. This misinterpretation is mainly because Pisces men don’t always like making the first move on women. They usually don’t do this out of spite or ego but because of their shy nature.

Most times, Pisces men tend to keep to themselves because they are scared of having their emotions bruised, as they are sensitive people.

This caution also affects how they interact with the women they like but don’t have a close relationship with yet.

Trying to climb from this high wall they have built up to protect themselves may take a lot of time, and most people may take this hesitation as some ego play. The best thing to do in this scenario is to make the first move by sending the first text.

Doing this will ease him into the conversation, and it will become relatively easier from there.

2. Give Him Compliments Regularly

Compliments go a great way in helping to create an excellent relationship between people because everyone loves to be around who makes them feel good about themselves.

Regular compliments will also make him look forward to talking to you and seeing you often.

Pisces men find it hard to control what is in their heads, and this could make them quickly become doubtful or sometimes fall into depression as a result of overthinking and not feeling good enough.

By giving him compliments, you will encourage him and give him a sense of belonging.

Merely making this habit will make the Pisces man see you as his source of strength and inspiration. He will always want to talk to you about his ideas because he considers you an optimistic person.

At this point, it will not take time for him to take the giant leap into committing himself to you in a relationship.

3. Be Vulnerable

Another quick way to become a Pisces man’s favorite through texting is by allowing him to notice your vulnerability.

Since they are not the type to confide in people because of their fear of being hurt through it, you can make them feel more comfortable with you by talking to them about your delicate situations.

Confiding in a Pisces man will make him feel trusted and eventually get him to trust you with some information he would never share with anyone in the first place.

Tell him about your dilemma and let him weigh in on it. It will also help if you take his suggestions sometimes and give him feedback on how helpful he was and that you are grateful to have someone like him around you.

4. Be Consistent

Sometimes you might not hear from the Pisces man for a while, and you might probably be discouraged by the act, but you mustn’t give up just yet.

Stay consistent with communicating with him until he gets all the courage and motivation he needs to text you regularly.

However, you need to be observant enough to know when the Pisces man feels choked, as you might want to give him space if that is the case.

Regardless, you should endeavor to find a way to balance the situation and make sure you are on his mind at all times because Pisces men are mostly absentminded.


Many might argue that texting someone you like should be a spontaneous activity, and while that is partly true, it is also essential to know that people are dissimilar.

What works for this person might not work for the next, and you might even miss your chance of having something great with someone because you used the wrong approach while texting them.

If you plan to text a Pisces man, you should always be ready to send the first message and initiate conversations regularly. Being vulnerable with him will also help make the Pisces man comfortable texting you.