Why Are Capricorns Attracted to Aquarius?

Why Are Capricorns Attracted To Aquarius?

An Aquarius is sharp, strong, and mysterious. Aquarians love to try new things and have a great sense of adventure. Capricorn, on the other hand, is grounded, logical, and determined. Capricorns are highly organized go-getters and the most reliable people you’ll ever meet.

Although Capricorn and Aquarius don’t have too many things in common, Capricorn is attracted to some qualities Aquarius possesses. Earth and air signs don’t usually get along, but these two signs always find ways to make it work.

So why are Capricorns attracted to Aquarius?

Aquarians are go-getters that have a strong sense of self. Even though they’re spontaneous and adventurous, they have defined values, goals, and ideals. Aquarians are also independent, good-mannered, friendly, and ambitious.

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What Qualities of an Aquarius Attracts a Capricorn?

Below are some qualities that a Capricorn loves in an Aquarius.

1. They Are Stable

They Are Stable

Aquarians are not the type to change who they are for anybody. They know who they are, so they aren’t usually affected by peer pressure. In other words, they aren’t people pleasers.

Aquarians are confident in their values and beliefs, and this trait is highly attractive to the organized Capricorn. Aquarians act sporadic and often let go, but deep down, they know their end goal and what to do to achieve it.

Capricorns plan everything to the T. They know the goal and plan what it takes to achieve it. Aquarians, on the other hand, like to loosen up a bit. They have clear goals but tend to freestyle the process and go with the flow.

2. They Are Objective

They Are Objective

They may act disorganized, but Aquarians still think clearly. They’re calm under pressure and don’t let their emotions get in the way of logical thinking. Capricorns are the same way, but these two signs process things differently.

Capricorns think through communication. They talk about the pros and cons of the decision, which helps them process better. On the other hand, Aquarians have all the fun in their brains. They’re quick thinkers and great problem solvers.

All in all, both of these signs don’t make irrational decisions because of how thoroughly they think things through. Their high logical reasoning attracts them to each other.

3. They Are Independent

They Are Independent

Aquarians are self-sufficient in all aspects of their lives. From money to relationships, this air sign trusts no one. They understand that no one in the world can be there for you every time, so they take the wheels of their lives.

In relationships, Aquarians are never clingy. In fact, they usually have numerous hobbies so they can rarely get bored alone. An Aquarius cannot drop everything to please another person; Capricorns love this about them.

Capricorns are usually busy with work, so they seek partners that are okay with this. Unlike signs like Aries that need too much attention, Aquarians encourage their partners to chase their dreams.

4. They Are Open to Love

They Are Open To Love

Aquarians act shy regarding relationships but don’t stay shy for long. This zodiac sign accepts love and is open to relationships. Aquarians don’t waste time; if they like you, they aren’t afraid to show it.

Capricorns like this about them. Capricorns aren’t the types to chase people and stay in the talking stage forever. They want to build a relationship fast if they use their analytical skills to determine that you’re the right person for them.

Both of these signs don’t fall in love fast, but they hate wasting time doing so.

5. They Are Unique

They Are Unique

Every Aquarius has a quirky trait. They’re fun to be around because of their unique hobbies. For a Capricorn who is usually organized, an Aquarius brings change. Capricorns want partners who can break them out of their routine and make them embrace spontaneity.

Aquarians aren’t like other people, and they don’t want to be. They take pride in their quirks, and people love them for it. So a Capricorn-Aquarius relationship is sure to be interesting because one will constantly push the other to step out of their comfort zone.

6. They Are Social

They Are Social

Both these signs know how to communicate and make friends with other people. A Capricorn is usually popular, so they want partners that are as social and outspoken as they are. Aquarians check all the boxes with their friendly nature.

You can’t hate an Aquarian because they get along really well with people. They know the right jokes to tell and the right tone to speak with. A Capricorn and an Aquarius will be socially unstoppable because they’ll be the life of every event.

Additionally, Aquarians are known to be friendly and empathic. They can read feelings excellently. Not only will this help them socially, but it’ll also help them communicate better with Capricorns.

7. They Are Good-Mannered

They Are Good-Mannered

Aquarians hold their morals in high regard. They know the appropriate way to act in every situation and never come off as disrespectful. Aquarians believe in equity, and they live their lives following this value.

Capricorns find this character strength attractive. They like people who can stand up for their beliefs and not yield to pressure.

Challenges of a Relationship Between a Capricorn and an Aquarius

Aquarius and Capricorn have a lot in common, but they also have differences. Below are some possible challenges a Capricorn and an Aquarius will face in a relationship.

1. High Expectations

High Expectations

Capricorns are long-term planners; they plan everything from work to relationships. A Capricorn may already have a list of what they want their partner to bring to the table.

The unconventional Aquarius may not check all of these boxes, leaving the Capricorn disappointed.

2. Lack of Freedom

Lack Of Freedom

Aquarians hate to be confined to rules or norms. They like to embrace randomness, and they value freedom.

Although Capricorns can learn to let go, they’ll have issues adjusting to a relationship with an Aquarius.


Capricorns are attracted to Aquarius for several reasons: their self-sufficiency, logical thinking, good manners, and strength of character.

However, their relationship isn’t perfect. A Capricorn may ruin the relationship with high expectations, and the last thing an Aquarius wants is to be confined to rules.