Zodiac Work Woes: 10 Worst Jobs for Scorpios

Zodiac Work Woes: 10 Worst Jobs For Scorpios

Scorpios are among the zodiac signs known for their secretive natures, determined personalities, creativity, and loyal nature. Also, being a water sign attributes exceptional emotional intelligence to them. These characteristics are the core traits of most people of this zodiac.

Personality traits help determine career goals and how good someone will be in a specific field. But it doesn’t end there; it also determines the worst jobs for the said person.

Working is a significant part of our life, and trying to strive towards something better and playing the role of a cog in this system has become ingrained in our natures. While the opportunity to work in various environments and jobs is present, not everyone stays to do it and excel at it.

The same holds for Scorpios; while they are good at logical thinking, not all jobs are meant for these passionate signs. Therefore, these are some of the worst jobs for people with this zodiac sign.

Scorpios are unfit to work in jobs that don’t cater to their creativity and provide a repetitive experience. Some of these jobs include working as a salesman, a politician, an accountant, a physician, a performer, a teacher, a mathematician, a receptionist, a translator, and a chef.

This article will explain why these jobs aren’t a good fit for Scorpios and how they can feel stuck in such career choices. That’s why; continue reading for an in-depth view.

1. Salesman


One of the worst jobs that a Scorpio can do is in the sales department. Scorpios are among some of the most honest zodiac signs, but in sales, you have to represent the image of your company.

Therefore, one needs to go above and beyond to make the product or service look good in the eye of the customers. It will also include telling tall tales to get the desired outcome, which clashes with their honest natures.

That’s not all; the introverted side of Scorpios is also a parameter that prevents them from being good at Sales. These zodiac signs are known for their small friend circle and for keeping to themselves. That’s why; going out of their way to maintain business and customer relationships goes against their character.

2. Politician


For Scorpios, nothing describes them better than the phrase “Honesty is the best policy,” which is why becoming a politician isn’t a suitable job for people with this zodiac sign.

As with the sales job, mixing in believable lies with some honesty brings the best result in politics. Besides, the hot temper of these zodiac signs makes them further unfit for this role.

Worst of all, sugarcoating words and things is beyond a Scorpio, while that is a significant part of what you have to do as a politician. That’s why; being a politician is a big no for people with this zodiac sign.

3. Accountant


Accountancy ranks among the top worst jobs for Scorpios. The reason is; Scorpios need transitions in their routine, something to learn from their everyday activities, and things to motivate them to do a task.

The job of an accountant entails you to keep track of finances. This job is a monotonous activity where you have to perform the same task over and over again. The small fluctuations in numbers don’t provide any deep meaning to Scorpios.

It doesn’t mean they won’t make a good accountant. Scorpios put in 100% effort in whatever they do, but the repetition in routine makes them feel stuck in life. It goes against their life purpose, and they will want to run from it.

4. Teacher


As surprising as it may come across, teaching is also not a suitable job for people with this zodiac sign. Scorpios belong to the water signs known for their emotional intelligence, so it does sound strange to find them unfit for teaching.

However, the reasoning lies in that most studies are based on facts, and you have to debate and argue, but the facts don’t change. While Scorpios can deal with people emotionally, dealing with factual evidence doesn’t fare well for them.

But it doesn’t mean all sides of teaching are banned for Scorpios. Teaching research-oriented subjects is one way of going about it. Also, they make some of the best kindergarten teachers.

The only drawback is if they pursue a factual study, Scorpios want to have the final say even if the answer is wrong, which makes them unfit for these roles.

5. Translator


Learning is the final goal of anything that a Scorpio pursues, which is why learning a new language sounds fun and exciting for people with this zodiac sign. However, working as a translator is a burdensome task for Scorpions.

It may seem all fun and games in the starting few months, but as the routine starts to kick in and things become repetitive, Scorpios get lost in what to do.

But with the advancement in the field, the job of a translator has an immense variety to choose from, so translating texts that provide meaning to these people can provide them with the desired motivation. However, becoming an interpreter is still a no-go for Scorpions.

6. Mathematician


As with the teaching job, being a mathematician doesn’t suit Scorpios. Mathematics is based on analytical studies, the derivation of formulas, and getting the result based on these formulas.

The existence of Maths has led to breakthroughs in many technological fields, but while deriving equations seems fun to Scorpios, working as a Mathematician is a whole different thing.

Trying to understand why something came to be as it is in front of you will put Scorpions in constant struggle, keeping them from enjoying their work.

7. Receptionist


The reason for Scorpios being unfit as a receptionist lies in their introverted nature, but that’s not all; the mundane nature of the job, the hot temper of Scorpios, and other personality traits mix in to make them unfit for this job.

Dealing with people isn’t an issue with this zodiac sign, and they are helpful and take others’ problems as their own. However, if a customer starts to annoy them, they are quick to lose their temper; that’s why this job is unfit for these zodiacs.

8. Physician


Being a physician isn’t a suitable job for Scorpios. It may start as a good learning experience, as they will have to run their brains at maximum capacity to remember stuff, but after some time, the job becomes repetitive.

Diagnosing and prescribing medicine daily in the same place doesn’t provide any meaning to Scorpions. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t excel in medicine. The learning opportunity and making an impact on society can be fulfilled through more challenging roles, e.g., the surgical side.

Also, as these zodiac signs are hard on themselves, they make some of the best in the field as surgeons by constantly trying to improve on their weaknesses.

9. Performer


Being a performer or any job that puts Scoprios in the spotlight is a job they should avoid. Scorpios are notorious for their controlling nature, which makes them best at kicking back and letting others do their bidding.

Also, the weaknesses of Scorpions makes them the worst performer. They feel vulnerable trying to have the spotlight and are always in a battle with their insecurities.

10. Chef


Last but not least, the career of Scorpios as a Chef won’t take them far. Scorpios are among the fixed signs and rarely like to travel frequently. That’s why; being a chef may suit them at first, but that’s all.

They won’t feel any comfort in repeating the same thing and feel lifeless in doing so. The opportunities to learn and cook a variety of dishes may excite them, but it will be good only if the result is to their liking, as they are picky eaters.

Overall, learning to cook for themselves or as a hobby is suitable for Scorpions, but pursuing a career in this field is not a good choice for them.

Editor’s Note

All these jobs come with their pros and cons, and there are always exceptions to the rule, so it doesn’t hurt to at least try them.


Before closing, Scorpio’s personality traits provide them with emotional intelligence and an inquisitive mindset. These characteristics also play a significant role in determining which career choices are best for these zodiacs.

Contrarily, some of the worst jobs for a Scorpio are the ones that don’t provide meaning, are repetitive, and involve dishonesty. These include; politicians, salesmen, accountants, teachers, mathematicians, translators, receptionists, physicians, performers, and chefs.