How To Keep a Virgo Man Interested

How To Keep A Virgo Man Interested

A Virgo man doesn’t expect his partner to be perfect but wants to see her trying. He hates giving up or being averse to change. He can become unsatisfied quickly or even bored. If you’re trying to know how to keep this earth sign interested, you’re not alone.

So how do you keep a Virgo man interested?

Understand his beliefs and values, give him space, control your emotions understand his routine, raise your standards, ask for his advice, don’t rush him, and don’t be superficial.

This may be a lot to digest but stick with me as we dive deep into how to keep a Virgo man interested.

Understand His Values

Understand His Values

A Virgo man is a perfectionist, so he has demanding standards and is very picky. Instead of imposing your wants on him, appeal to his desires and try to get what makes him tick.

For example, why don’t you ask him what restaurants tickle his fancy instead of picking a restaurant to go to on a date? With a Virgo man, don’t assume anything, or you’ll get used to being wrong. Asking questions that help you understand him more every day will help you keep him interested.

Once he sees that you get him more than anyone else, he’ll like you more than anyone else.

Give Him Space

One of a Virgo man’s pet peeves is clinginess. So if you’re being too clingy, you’ll only be pushing him further away from you. Make him feel he needs you and let him come to you.

He’ll be more interested if he sees that he doesn’t have to fight for his independence with you. It’s hard for a Virgo man to find a woman who understands his need for space, so if you know this, you’re a gem. Let him lead the way in the relationship, and don’t crave his attention.

Be Tidy

Still on the topic of a Virgo man’s pet peeves. An untidy person is a major red flag for a Virgo man due to his organized and methodical nature.

Whether it’s your clothes, workspace, or house, you need to care about cleanliness if you want to score bonus points with a Virgo man.

You don’t need to be a clean freak for him to like you, but you may get frustrated at how organized he is in a relationship with him. So, to be on the same frequency as your Virgo man, care about being organized.

Tame Your Emotions

Tame Your Emotions

With a Virgo, minimal emotional expression is the order of the day. He’s the shy and reserved type who gets overwhelmed when you get too emotional around him.

A Virgo man wants to feel desired and not overly needed, so with him, you have to show that you’re in control of your emotions. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show emotion; just don’t go overboard with it, like crying or throwing tantrums. Keep your emotions in check.

Understand His Routine

This earth sign is one of the most organized signs of the zodiac. They love their routines and doing certain things the same way is bliss.

If you constantly tell a Virgo man he’s too attached to his routine, you’ll start losing him. Don’t argue about why he’s doing some things in specific ways. That’s his preference and style, and you’ll get along well with a Virgo man when you understand that.

He wants to be in control of his day or life and doesn’t accommodate people’s opinions of how he should do his things. So your best bet is to accept him just the way he is.

Raise Your Standards

A Virgo man wants a sophisticated woman who knows her worth. He has high standards and wants a partner with defined values and beliefs.

You’re perfect for the Virgo man if you’re a woman who doesn’t let herself get trampled on. You also need to have your head in the game. Know what you’re doing and strive to be your best self every day.

Ask for His Advice

Ask For His Advice

A Virgo man likes it when you want his opinion. Asking him for advice on anything tells him you respect his expertise and logic.

He likes being complimented for his wisdom and logical thinking. Flatter him and make him feel like he made your life easier with his wisdom.

Asking him for advice is also a signal of trust. You trust him enough to help you make crucial decisions. With time, he may even start asking for your advice. Asking for his advice is the first step to a relationship full of mutual trust, and it’s sure to keep him interested in you.

Don’t Be Superficial

A Virgo man wants you to like him for reasons other than money, sex, or other superficial reasons. He cares about your personality, and the reason he wants a partner is companionship.

He wants a friend who will always be there for him, a shoulder to lean on during troubled times, and someone who’ll encourage him to smile on hard days.

In a few words, be his best friend. He knows the importance of material possessions or sex but doesn’t let it define the relationship. Don’t think he doesn’t like sex; he enjoys it just like any other man does. He’s just not as open about it, so don’t push him.

Let him decide the right time to get intimate with you. He’s not avoiding sex; he just needs time to build the relationship, which brings us to the next point.

Don’t Pressure Him

Virgo men like to look at their own clocks. So at the beginning of the relationship, it may seem as if he’s not interested in you.

Don’t be in a hurry with a Virgo man, or you’ll only be disappointed. Be patient and trust that he cares about you. Give him time to feel like you’re the right person, and he’ll come around.


A Virgo man likes a woman that gets him. If you want him to be interested, be that woman. Know his likes and dislikes, give him space, understand his routine and be patient.