What Is the Most Hated Zodiac Sign? (Most to Least)

What Is The Most Hated Zodiac Sign?

Although you’re supposed to love or hate zodiac signs based on your personal experiences with people, most people tend to hate the same signs. It’s a psychological bias. There are different kinds of people under one zodiac sign, so it really all depends on our individual personalities. But out of curiosity, what is the most hated zodiac sign?

It’s Gemini. Geminis are generally perceived to be cold, prickly, unfaithful, manipulative, and the list goes on. People say you never know what to expect from a Gemini. They’re allegedly unpredictable and unstable. They’re also said to be unreliable and hard to be around.

Continue reading for a deep dive into the most hated signs in ascending order.

Top 5 Most Hated Zodiac Signs

Top 5 Most Hated Zodiac Signs

There are some zodiac signs that have a certain “notoriety” among the general public. Whether it’s due to cultural stereotypes or personal experience, some zodiac signs stand out from the rest as being particularly disliked.

According to astrologers and the general public, here are the top 5 most hated zodiac signs.

5. Aries


This fire sign is naturally energetic, passionate, and ambitious. But they can also be argumentative and inconsiderate, which lands them on this list.

They’re Overly Aggressive

Aries is very blunt with their opinion when it comes to debates or conversations. They don’t care about the consequences of their words and actions; all they want is to get their point across in any way possible.

They’re Impulsive

Aries don’t think before they act, and this can be a real problem. They tend to act on impulse, which means they don’t really consider the results of their actions before diving in headfirst. This can lead to them making bad decisions and potentially doing something they may regret later.

4. Virgo

Virgo 1

You may be asking why the earthy virgin sign is on the most hated list. Virgos are amazing people. They’re organized, loyal and observant, but they possess some qualities that put them on this list.

They’re Judgemental

It may be different with the Virgo, you know, but Virgos are known to criticize, and most times, this criticism isn’t constructive. Not only do they judge people around them, but they also judge themselves. When they criticize, they come off as condescending, and this turns people off.

They Claim to Know It All

This explains why they’re judgemental. Virgos feel like they know everything, so when you don’t do things their way, they proceed to criticize. Although they’re exceptionally smart, it can be difficult to change their minds about what they strongly believe.

They’re Perfectionists

They become so deeply invested in intricate details that they often lose sight of the bigger picture. This makes them procrastinate, abandon projects, and self-sabotage.

3. Leo


The sun sign is one of the most talked-about zodiac signs, and it’s probably the most popular. Leos are generally charismatic and lovely, but they have some traits people hate.

They Rarely Think of Anyone but Themselves

In other words, they’re narcissistic. Other words used to describe them include egomaniacal, selfish, arrogant, etc. Leo is a strong zodiac, they’re born leaders, so it’s only normal they expect to be glorified and praised. However, most times, they do nothing to deserve that praise but still look at others as mere mortals in their kingdom.

They Want All the Attention

Their narcissistic tendencies make them want to be the center of attention at all times. They often think the spotlight was made for them, hence they fail to notice other people. Even though they do it unintentionally, the attitude attracts a lot of hate.

They’re Inconsiderate

Like Aries, Leos are competitive. They’re overbearing, domineering, you name it. They want to control everything and everybody around them, so they go overboard and repel people in the process.

They Don’t Forgive Easily

Try not to hurt a Leo because there’s a slim chance they’ll forgive you. One of Leo’s hated characteristics is the tendency to seek revenge. When you dent their ego, they struggle to accept and move on; they seek revenge instead. They can also have anger issues.

2. Scorpio


Scorpios are mysterious, so they don’t usually feel the need to open up. They need to know you’re not a secret leaker before letting you in, but this has been misconstrued into the bad behaviors below.

They’re Deceptive

Since they hide their emotions, Scorpios are said to be distrustful and secretive. Although some people love how mysterious they are, others find it extremely annoying.

They’re Too Emotional

Scorpios have little or no control over their emotions, so they are hard to please. They can occasionally lash out at you or cry. In reality, they’re softies, but people label them as emotionally unstable and hate them for it.

They’re Heartless

A bad habit of Scorpios that gets bandied around on the internet is their cruelty. They’re known to be coldhearted, and they tear people down without an inkling of mercy. This is because of their moodiness.

1. Gemini


Gemini is the crowned ruler of the zodiac with obnoxious characteristics. They get the most hate even though they mean no harm most times. Here are some Gemini traits people detest.

They’re Two-faced

It’s the sign of the twins, what do you expect? The duality of Geminis makes them turbulent and unstable. They’re also known to be lying, conniving backstabbers—that may be too harsh.

They’re Unpredictable

Another trait that puts Geminis in the limelight is their unpredictability. They won’t let you guess their next move, and therefore, they come off as unreliable, unfaithful, and indecisive.

They’re Inconsistent

Geminis are all over the place. One moment they can be loving and kind, and the next, you don’t know what to expect. Because of their inconsistency, many people find it difficult to trust them.

And that wraps up our list of the top 5 most hated zodiac signs.


Again, the internet’s opinion on the most hated zodiac sign is totally subjective. Every zodiac has its bad characteristics, and we aren’t defined by our sun signs. So cut Gemini, Scorpio, Leo, Virgo, and Aries some slack.