What Happens When You Ignore an Aries Man?

What Happens When You Ignore An Aries Man?

It is the nature of Aries men to crave their partners’ attention; hence they cannot stand being ignored.

If you are in a relationship with an Aries man, you will notice that he tends to seek your attention and desires that you make him the center of your world. Once you get married to an Aries man, he will always strive to be recognized as the king of your heart. 

You may want to think twice before deciding to ignore your Aries partner. When an Aries man is ignored, he may react in these ways; he will seek revenge, he could break up with you, or he could start missing you and chase you. 

This article will enlighten you on the repercussions of ignoring an Aries man.

He Will Give You the Same Treatment

He Will Give You The Same Treatment

It is said that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will make the whole world blind and toothless.

Due to the stubborn nature of Aries men, you need to be warned that if you ignore him, he will do the same. This is likely to bring a storm into your relationship. When you ignore an Aries, you may realize your man is ignoring you too.

Here’s how he might react:

  • He’s failing to pick up his phone when you call.
  • He responds vaguely and rarely to your messages.
  • His schedule suddenly becomes busy.

If your Aries man notices that you are intentionally ignoring him, you will realize that he will stop picking up your calls. He may give you lame excuses such as “I was sleeping” or “I didn’t hear my phone ring.” Do not be so naive to believe such excuses; he is just serving you from your cup of tea. 

After ignoring your man and later sending him messages, you will realize that he is taking longer than usual to reply. Do not try to console yourself that he never received the message. The reality is that you showed him that you are playing a game, and in response, he is showing you that he is a better player. 

Once you ignore an Aries man, do not expect him to come running after you immediately. He might not even question why you ignored him but instead, he will give you double the treatment. If you argue that you are busy, he will become busier. He will choose to go out with the boys instead of taking you out. 

However, you need to understand that an Aries man ignoring you does not mean that he loves you any less. He just wants you to taste a bit of your own medicine.

He Will Break Up With You

He Will Break Up With You

Aries men dislike it when their partners distance themselves. Before you ignore him, you need to know that he might break up with you.

Here are some ideas that he may have in mind when he’s ignored:

  • He may think you are seeing another man.
  • He may feel that he is not good enough for you.
  • He may feel that you wanted to end the relationship.

Since an Aries man is addicted to having all the attention of his partner to himself, ignoring him may give him the idea that there’s some other guy that has your attention. It torments him once he conceives this, and he cannot stand it due to his insecure nature. So, do not be surprised if he calls off the relationship.

Every man wants to feel loved and be good enough for his woman. If you ignore your Aries man and stop calling him first once you have an issue, he will think he is no longer good enough; hence he might break up with you because he believes you deserve better.

Since most women give hints about their problems instead of saying things directly, your Aries man might take your ignorance as a sign that you are no longer interested. Do not be surprised if you find him making out with another woman; he just thought that’s what you wanted.

He Will Start Missing You

He Will Start Missing You

Indeed, this is your desired outcome when you decide to ignore your Aries man.

However, this will only happen when the man is genuinely and deeply in love with you. Although ignoring him should be your last option when trying to make him miss you, once he begins chasing you, be sure that you are the only queen in his heart and you’re more important than his ego.

Editor’s Comment

Once your Aries man chases after you, even after ignoring him, let go of your doubts about him. However, make sure he realizes that you are a gem he ought to treat appropriately.


Aries men are proud hence they will not run after you immediately after they notice that you ignore them. Your Aries man might even take your best friend out for dinner to make you jealous. However, this does not mean that you should give up on him, for he is just trying to send you a message to come back into his life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth ignoring an Aries man? 

Fighting for your Aries man will not be a walk in the park, for the consequences are dire. However, if you happen to ignore him and get the desired results, you can be sure it was a worthy risk.