How To Get a Capricorn Woman To Chase You (Surefire Tips)

How To Get A Capricorn Woman To Chase You

So you have your eyes on a Capricorn woman and wonder how to make this earth sign crazy about you; you’ve come to the right place.

A Capricorn woman is organized, sincere, witty, responsible, and detached. She thinks with her head and not her heart, so she’s not the type to get too emotionally invested in anything.

However, when it comes to relationships, a Capricorn woman can compromise because she knows just how vital companionship is.

So how do you get her to chase you?

Show her that you’re also a go-getter, help her break out of her routine, be authentic, be interested in her, dress well, be patient, practical, and loyal,  and give her freedom.

Stick with me as we break down all the qualities that can get a Capricorn woman chasing you in no time.

1. Be Ambitious

Be Ambitious

To make a Capricorn woman chase you, prove to her that you’re serious with your goals and dreams.

She wants to know that you have everything together and you know what you want to achieve because she knows hers.

She’s organized and likes to structure her life, so it’s only natural that she wants an ambitious partner.

You don’t have to be the manager of a large firm or have luxurious things; she only wants to know that you’re stable and ambitious.

2. Help Her Relax

A Capricorn woman is a go-getter who rarely gives herself the time to blow off some steam or throw caution to the wind. Be her escape.

Help her escape by bringing her out of her serious mode and showing her it’s okay to relax.

Don’t think she won’t see you as ambitious because of this; she’ll value you more. Make it clear to her that you’re also working hard, but a little relaxation sometimes won’t hurt anyone.

New restaurant in town? Suggest you go there together.

Be the spontaneous person in the relationship who helps her break out of her routine, and she won’t be able to get enough of you.

3. Be Honest

Be Honest

If you often say one thing and do another, you won’t last with a Capricorn woman. With her, you need to mean what you say because she doesn’t accommodate games in a relationship.

She appreciates openness and honesty and needs someone to trust, so if you’re constantly proving dishonest, she’ll look for ways to stay away from you.

If you can’t surf, there’s no reason to say you do to please her. You’ll only make her annoyed when she finds out the truth.

If you say unpleasant things behind her and another in front of her, trust me, she’ll find out. She’s highly logical and can put two and two together on a whim.

A Capricorn woman likes a man that can stick to his beliefs and defend them wherever he finds himself. In other words, she wants you to be authentic to the core.

4. Be Genuinely Interested in Her Work

Another way to make a Capricorn woman crave you is to show her that you’re interested in her and what she has to say. Ask thought-provoking questions to help you understand her work and point of view.

She hates small talk but loves deep conversations, so don’t be scared to interview her about things she’s passionate about.

Capricorn women are great conversationalists who would go on and on if they feel like you’re listening to them.

So if you want that Capricorn woman to chase you, you need to show her that you care about what she has to say.

5. Dress Well

Dress Well

A Capricorn woman is the type to care about how great her partner looks with her. She cherishes her public image and wants her partner to care too.

You don’t need to start wearing suits and ties to satisfy her, but you should wear clothes that make a statement. Be fashionable because she likes it but above all, be comfortable.

Know the right way to dress for every occasion. You definitely won’t wear a suit and tie to a beach date. Pull out that vintage shirt and sunglasses.

In short, show her you know your stuff when it comes to wearing clothes.

6. Give Her freedom

If you start getting possessive with a Capricorn woman, you’ll lose her because she needs space. She thinks about many things, so you may see her showing signs of withdrawal and think she wants nothing to do with you anymore, but that’s not true.

She may not tell you, but she needs time to think and rejuvenate. Don’t take it personally because the moment you start acting out, she’ll pull away for real.

7. Be Practical

Be Practical

You can dream with a Capricorn woman, but only if you show her a practical way to actualize that dream. As an earth sign, she’s grounded and methodical.

So if you’re disorganized, wasteful, or often impractical, she may not fancy you. Be practical in your goals, money, and decisions, and you’ll vibrate on her frequency.

If she sees that you’re reaching for the ceiling but still have your feet on the ground, she’ll crave you.

8. Be Patient

If you try to rush things with her, she’ll see you as flighty, like you want to use and dump her, then move on to your next victim.

She wants a long-term relationship, so if you want her to be crazy about you, you must learn to take things slow.

With her, slow and steady certainly wins the race. You can start as friends and then slowly enter a relationship.

She’ll like that you both got to know each other well before entering a relationship, and she’ll feel like you truly get her.

9. Be Loyal

Be Loyal

After entering a relationship with her, the worst thing you can do is be disloyal.

She doesn’t open up her heart to everyone, so if you take advantage of that, she’ll be gone before you say Capricorn. Be loyal to her, and she’ll remain loyal to you.


A Capricorn woman values stability in a relationship. So if you want her to chase you, you need to display the qualities of a stable person. Someone she can build a future with.

Be serious with your goals, dress well, help her relax, and be interested in her, but at the same time, give her freedom, and she’ll long for you more than anyone else.