How To Attract a Cancer Woman Through Text

How To Attract A Cancer Woman Through Text

If you fall in love with a Cancer woman, you may as well be ready for a lengthy battle to break their shells because they do not let their guard down anytime soon.

But lucky for you, texting can help more than you think because of their homebody nature.

Women with this zodiac sign are hyper-sensitive, so they are masters at reading between the lines and grasping the hidden intent. That is why; texting can help you to soften the shells of this zodiac and can help to develop your relationship, which was at a standstill.

So, how to attract a Cancer woman through texting?

To attract a Cancer woman through text, start by sending daily greetings. Then make sure to reply to all the messages, say when you are unavailable instead of making her wait, flatter her through compliments, use emojis to express yourself better, and send flirty but not cheesy texts.

To get the attention of your Cancer woman via texts, continue reading the tips ahead to get a full in-depth view.

1. Send Daily Greetings

For starters, you need to show consistency in your behavior to garner the attention of a Cancer woman.

How to do so? It is easy; start by sending “good morning” messages, and to keep things from getting mundane. And why not send a good morning text with a little twist?

Cancer women are cautious by nature and take their time to know someone, which is especially true in the case of a relationship.

Showing your reliable, steadfast, and patient side to your Cancer crush via daily greetings is the best option as a start.

2. Reply to Every Text

Like other water zodiacs, Cancerians are known for their sensitive natures.

Not replying to one text or simply reading a message and leaving it on “read” may not be a big deal for you, but if you are interested in a Cancer woman and want to make her find you attractive, never do that.

Cancer women take these little things to heart, by doing so will leave the impression that they do not hold much importance in your life.

Even if it is accidental, assure them you did not mean anything by not replying. She wasn’t left hanging on purpose, rather you just had to talk to your boss and you forgot to respond.

3. Compliment Her

While you may think it is strange to compliment your Cancer woman over the text, why not in person?

You are right, but in the start, making progress in the relationship with your Cancer woman is tough, and while they love compliments, giving frequent compliments makes it lose its charms.

Also, flattering your Cancer woman in person makes her feel overwhelmed.

Giving compliments to your Cancer woman via texting is your best bet at attracting her, and try to gather the compliments around her nature for a more fruitful result.

4. Use Emoticons

Emojis, gifs, and newly popular animated stickers are a great way to express yourself and get the interest of your Cancer woman. This zodiac sign loves beautiful and cute things, so adding emoticons to your text can help convey the message better.

Even if you are not a fan of emojis, try an effort to send some. Tell your Cancer woman that you do not use them and are making an effort for her, it will convey your sincerity, and you both can laugh at any silly emojis you send.

This way, you can have a topic to chat about, and she will find such a clumsy side of yours very attractive.

Editor’s Note

Avoid replying to a long text with a simple Emoji or GIF. It will disrupt the conversation flow and make it seem like the effort your Cancer woman put into texting was lost.

5. Send Flirty but Not Corny Texts

While it is best to keep physically flirting to a minimum in the start, especially if you just got to know her, ensure that you do not keep things too casual over text. If you do, you have a higher chance of being friend-zoned instead of considered a romantic partner.

Sending flirty texts is another option to get the attention of your Cancer woman. But keep the flirty texting light-hearted and not cheesy. You should avoid cheesy pick-up lines.

Flirting does not mean you should take the dirty-talking route, which is a big no if you are trying to court a Cancer woman. So, no dirty talking at the start.

Find out which flirty messages are best to send to your Cancer crush.

6. Ask About Her Day and Feelings

Check out which zodiacs are most compatible with Cancerians and which are not before discussing the topic at hand.

Why is it significant? It is because you can guess from this which characteristics of those zodiacs attract Cancerians, i.e., they are reliable and good at taking care of our Cancerians.

You need to text and ask them how their day was and how they feel right now to check on these Cancer zodiacs. It will increase your importance and show your care for them.

If they talk with you about something or an event, try to send follow-up messages after a few days or a week.

Do Not Ghost Them

Never ghost them or leave them hanging. You do not need to be readily available, but do not go off for hours or days without telling your Cancer woman. Try to reply within 5-10 minutes to avoid a clingy or “I don’t care attitude”.

7. Be Honest and Show Them, They Are on Your Mind

Being mysterious is good and keeps the spice of romance in the relationship, but playing mind games, you should avoid that. Cancer women find this psychological warfare a turn-off.

Taking a direct and honest approach while maintaining a hint of mystery is the best way to text a Cancer woman and get her attention.

When a Cancer woman falls in love, you will stay on her mind for most of the day. So, she would like to know whether you think of her or not.

That is why; send her a text with a simple reason that she came across your mind, and you wanted to know where she was and what she was doing.

This simple gesture will melt her heart and make her want to be with you.


To sum it all up, you can use texting as an indirect way to plan dates with your Cancer woman and get in touch with her while giving her some personal space.

Lastly, to attract the attention of a Cancer woman via texting, you need to take a gradual approach, make sure to respond to every single text, and flatter her. Also, flirt with her, let her know that she is on your mind, encourage her, and let her lean on you by asking about daily activities and feelings.