Why Are Taurus and Libra Karmically Linked?

Why Are Taurus And Libra Karmically Linked?

That high school friend you’ve always had a rapport with, do you precisely recall how you got close to each other? I thought as much. It just kind of happened, right?

There appears to be an inexplicable universal force of attraction (or maybe it’s just the human biological makeup) that draws certain people to one another.

Although mystifying, we can glean insights as to why it is so. In particular, we will be exploring the link between Taureans and Libras.

So, why exactly are Taurus and Libra karmically linked?

The answer is grounded in Taurus and Libra’s love for stability, romantic treatment, harmony, and sharing a ruling planet. They mostly get to be who they are and complement each other in various ways.

Now we dive deeper, exploring just that for Taurus and Libra.

Why Are Taurus & Libra Karmically Linked?

Why Are Taurus &Amp; Libra Karmically Linked?

If you give it some thought, that high school friend (or boo in some cases) you’ve maintained rapport with has intrinsic qualities that resonate with your personality.

It goes beyond appearance, the impression they want others to have of them, and other superficial qualities. Rather, it is their inner being: the part that remains true to them regardless.

Read further to see why the rather practical Taurus is attracted to the convivial Libra.



Humans are creatures of convenience, naturally wanting to be with someone who doesn’t make them feel restrained. Taureans are not left out.

Due to the earth sign’s goal-oriented and persistent nature, Taureans are often considered stubborn.

On the other hand, Libras are flexible–able to adapt just fine. These qualities lie at the core of their attraction. A Taurus gets to follow almost all of their principles, and Libras adjust well, not seeing a reason to constantly protest.

Also, they both desire independence and freedom, but there’s a limit to what Taurus can accept before jealousy and a possessive attitude creeps in.

While there are traits the Earth sign will need to improve, such as learning to forgive and overlooking some mistakes, they make a formidable duo with Libra and bring out the best in each other.

Shared Ruling Planet: Venus


Both signs being ruled by the planet Venus play a huge role in their overlapping interests. Their shared passion for money, aesthetics, love, beauty, expensive taste, and willingness to indulge is another reason their actions attract each other.

Luxurious dining, theatre, romance, and art are important for these two signs. They both love to woo and be wooed. Since both signs see courtship as integral to developing a relationship, they fit together.

Conversely, sharing a ruling planet can worsen their negative qualities, especially snobbery. As a result, they have to be conscious of their shared flaws, so it doesn’t destabilize whatever relationship they have going on.



Despite Taureans’ “bullheadedness”, they are not incapable of affection, making it yet another reason why they are karmically linked with Libra.

A Taurus can provide the committed, loyal, and sensual relationship Libras crave while also serving as a pillar of reliability–a call is all it takes. A Taurus is there to help out in whatever capacity they can.

Taureans also cherish physical attraction, deep connection, and dependability and show a rather charismatic trait of expressing love rather than professing it. Like Taurus, Libras enjoy these and see them as integral to forming intimacy.

Libra’s Intelligence


Libras are naturally intelligent, placing their bets on facts and grounded research rather than intuitive feelings or seemingly baseless hypotheses.

Since Taureans like to take advice from their close-knit circle of friends, Libras can offer them just that, complementing and helping Taurus accelerate their goal completion.

Taurus’ Decisiveness


Since Libras are known to be rather indecisive, Taurus’ decisiveness will likely appeal to them if they are not against someone else taking charge.

During the embryonic stage of a relationship, Libras usually prefer their partners to make the decisions which is usually not a burden for Taureans.

Libra helps Taurus see the different sides of a situation in exchange.

Dispute Approach

Dispute Approach

Libras constantly weigh things and search for balance (think of the libra scale).

As a result, they are usually bound to argue even over the smallest things. They have a strong desire to win any argument. You’ll need indisputable facts to battle them.

On the other hand, Taureans have no desire to argue over frivolous things; they just sigh and let them slide.

As Taureans don’t care, Libras get to win most arguments, and no rift would form between these two signs. Their conflicts won’t last because the Taurean won’t prolong the argument.

However, things can get out of hand if the argument isn’t trivial. Taurus’ anger is an ugly sight at best.


Taurus and Libra are karmically linked because they can express themselves in the presence of the other. The fact that they share the ruling planet Venus also has a huge role to play in the link as it creates an overlap in their passions.

Other factors responsible for their linking include Taurus’ decisiveness, Libra’s wittiness, and their shared love for stability and romantic treatment.

These factors benefit and, in some cases, complement both signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Taurus and Libra Compatible?

Although Taurus and Libra are karmically linked, it doesn’t mean a relationship between them will be successful. In fact, relationships between the two signs tend to be short-lived because they have low compatibility.

Can A Taurus-Libra Relationship Work?

The short answer is it’s definitely possible. However, due to the low compatibility between the two signs, both parties have to be very cautious about their flaws. For Taurus, it’s usually jealousy, possessiveness, and forgiveness, among others, while it’s usually snobbishness and coldness towards their partner for Libra.