How To Talk to a Virgo Man: 5 Things To Know

How To Talk To A Virgo Man

Virgo men are highly desirable by many women because of their hardworking, courageous, and intelligent personalities. These are the attributes that women spot as soon as their eyes are set on a man.

If you find yourself falling in love with a Virgo man you have been noticing for a while now, you should be aware that getting his attention may not be as easy as you would with other men. Hence, it is essential you figure out how to talk to a Virgo man.

As difficult as it may be to impress a Virgo man, you can easily do the trick by knowing the proper conversation you should have with him and how to go about it.

When you want to approach a Virgo man, the first thing you need to do is relax and show him your intellectual capacity. Throw in a little bit of humour from time to time and ensure you make the conversation interesting. Also, a little compliment sometimes can do the trick.

Read more if you are interested in discovering the tricks to use when you want to talk to a Virgo man.

Tips on How To Talk to a Virgo Man

Unlike men of other Zodiac signs, talking to a Virgo man requires conscious efforts.

Virgo men are very brilliant and are hard to please because they will never settle for less when choosing a partner. A Virgo’s partner must exhibit excellent traits that will convince them that she is the right one.

If you are looking to impress a Virgo man by talking to him, here are some tips you can follow.

1. Go Easy

Go Easy

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when approaching a Virgo man is to act like talking to them was preplanned.

Virgo men don’t like it when they are being hounded. Instead, they prefer doing the chase. Hence, if you give them a reason to believe that you are the one looking to start a conversation, they might refuse to discuss it with you.

To avoid this from happening, what you need to do is maintain a very calm demeanour when you are around the Virgo man that you like.

Let the conversation starter be in the most natural way, preferably from him, but if he does not make a move, it is alright for you to do so, as long as you don’t act too desperate.

2. Spice Up the Conversation With Humour

Spice Up The Conversation With Humour

Perhaps you have gone through the hard part of getting the attention of a Virgo man, and you are wondering how you can keep the spark of the conversation going on between the two of you.

What you need to work on the most is your sense of humour if you don’t have one already.

This is because Virgo men are always witty when having conversations. During the discussion, they would chip in some sarcastic comments, hoping that you would be able to discern them.

The best way to prove that you didn’t miss these witty comments is by throwing some into the conversation also. That way, they will be impressed and captivated by you.

3. Flirt With Eye Contact

Flirt With Eye Contact

As stated earlier in this article, Virgo men don’t like it when women chase them, and as such, if you want to do it, you have to do so as subtly as possible. Your best approach to flirting with a Virgo man without putting him off will be to allow your eyes to do all the talking.

Asides from being a very safe form of approach, flirting with your eyes will also impress a Virgo man, and he would gladly enjoy unravelling whatever message you are trying to pass across. This alone is enough to make him find you as an exciting individual.

4. Prove That You Are Intellectually Sound

Prove That You Are Intellectually Sound

Virgos are super brilliant people, and that is also one of the most important attributes they look out for in a partner.

The quickest way you can use to capture a Virgo man’s attention is by showing him that you are intelligent. You can do this by conversing with him about your favourite topics or a little bit of knowledge about several subject matter.

By doing this, a Virgo man will see you as a worthy companion and will pay attention to other things that you have to offer if he concedes to go into a relationship with you in the foreseeable future.

However, it will help to keep the conversation on the surface because going too deep might make him feel like you are trying too hard to impress him.

5. Be Mysterious

Be Mysterious

When you start talking to a Virgo man, it might be advisable not to put all your cards on the table just yet.

Hold back on some information about yourself to keep him astonished in a good way. It does not necessarily have to be some big secret or a deal-breaker.

It could be as simple as not letting a Virgo man know if you are really into him or just being yourself.

Allow him to put effort into figuring some things about you out on his own. This trick will help keep you in his mind more than he might want and make him find you fascinating.


Virgo men are top tiers when it comes to picking elite men. They know this fact, and as such, they don’t make themselves available for just about anyone to pick on. Their ego would not allow them to have a woman chase them because they believe they should be the one doing the chase.

If you have found yourself longing for a Virgo man’s attention, all hope is not lost. You only have to make sure you talk to him the right way. You can do this by approaching him slowly and steadily, flirting with him subtly and at the same time, showing him that you are intelligent enough to handle his brilliance.