What Is My Signature Sign in Astrology? (With Meanings)

What Is My Signature Sign In Astrology?

Have you ever felt like you never related to your Sun Sign? Maybe you’re a Scorpio, but your personality feels more like a Gemini or even Pisces. This can happen because everyone has a whole chart of planets describing their personalities.

From this perspective, it’s easier to understand why, as a Sagittarius would hear something like, “You’re too organized. I thought you were a Virgo!”

If this sounds like you, it may be time to check out your signature sign in astrology.

Signature signs in astrology are a great way to find which sign’s energy you embody the most. The characteristics that most often repeat themselves in your birth chart form your signature sign.

If it sounds like we’re speaking Klingon right now, don’t worry! Read on to find out all about your signature sign.

How Do I Find My Signature Sign?

You can calculate your own signature sign by tallying the element and modality that appears on your birth chart.

If you have a planet in Aquarius, that puts a point in Air and Fixed. Do this for the rest of your chart.

Check out the chart below to find out what element and modality correspond to each sign.


Or you can use this handy little tool from Astro-Seek that does the work for you.

How Do Signature Signs Work?

Let’s say you’re a Taurus sun, a fixed earth sign. But your natal chart has plenty of fixed signs, and most of the signs you have are fire elements.

That makes you feel like a Leo, which is the fixed fire sign in astrology.

Astro Seek’s calculator works by counting all the modalities and elements present in your chart and tallying them separately.

A signature sign is often the person’s sun sign, but it’s also pretty common to have a completely different signature sign altogether.

Like the one pictured below, this person’s sun sign is Gemini, but their signature sign is Capricorn, despite not having many personal planets in Capricorn.

How Do Signature Signs Work?

The signature sign of your chart can reveal what kind of energy significantly permeates your life and the aura you possess.

Traditional vs. Modern Method

If you look to the right corner of your chart, you can choose a traditional or modern way of calculating your signature or dominant sign. This can also affect your results, especially if you have an ambiguous chart.

This is an important factor because the method can actually affect your signature sign too!

After seeing many charts over the years, I personally prefer the modern method because it’s more accurate based on experience. But for beginners, the traditional method is much easier to understand, particularly if you have an equal dominance of planets in your charts, which often happens when using the modern method.

This is because the modern method includes the slower-moving planets in its calculations.

A downside is that slow-moving planets are less specific because they are generational (e.g., Uranus changes signs only about every 7 years; Pluto can take as long as 31 years!). This makes these less personal.

You can think of your signature sign as a single sign that summarizes the energy of your chart. That’s not who you are completely, but it’s a pretty good summary, so to speak!

For instance, one person may find that when using the Modern method, their signature sign is in Scorpio but in Aries with the Traditional method.

But there are special cases wherein it’s important to consider the outer planets.

My best friend’s chart in the modern method says she’s Uranus dominant and Mars dominant in the traditional method.

In this instance, I believe that the modern method is definitely more accurate because her personality is totally eccentric, indicative of the typical Uranian character.

Ultimately, it’ll depend on what you feel is most accurate. If you resonate with Capricorn more than Gemini, then refer to the method that gives you the leader of the earth signs as a result!

Ambiguous Signature Signs

Using this calculator can sometimes give you an ambiguous signature sign. There are two methods to resolve this. First, click on the traditional/modern method on your chart. If this does not work, you can look at the table of the charts, elements, and modalities again and see which two signs could be your signature sign.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a signature sign; it only means you have a pretty well-balanced chart!

Take a look at the example below.

This person has an ambiguous signature sign because it could equally be in Virgo (earth + mutable) and Taurus (earth + fixed).

I personally know this person, and while I think they have Virgo tendencies, I definitely think their signature sign is Taurus, which was my second guess after her sun sign.

Ambiguous Signature Signs

If you happen to have an ambiguous signature sign, refer again to the element and modality table above to figure out which two signs your chart is leaning towards!

Keep reading to help you decide which sign you relate to the most.

What Does My Signature Sign Mean?

What Does My Signature Sign Mean?

Now that you’ve determined your signature sign, it’s time to find out what it means! It’s time to discover who YOU really are!


If your signature sign is in Aries, you are full of energy and childlike curiosity.

You’re always looking out for the next thing to do and the next place to be. You fearlessly take the initiative in the things you do. You tend to be full of energy but can also be impulsive due to your fiery nature.

Your identity and freedom mean a lot to you.


With Taurus as your signature sign, you like the finer things in life.

Taurus is a sign of stability and dependability but can sometimes be stubborn and set in their ways. You have a quiet confidence that makes them very approachable.

People tend to seek you out during tough times because they are known for their steady help and advice.


Having your signature sign be Gemini makes you a great conversationalist. Your first instinct is always to rationalize the situation.

Perhaps this is because you have an imaginative, flexible mind that sees many causes for effects in events, people, and situations. You are inventive with words and can charm your way out of most things.


Cancer as your signature sign means you are loyal and sensitive.

Like the shifting tides influenced by the moon, you can be moody and emotional. You care for others’ well-being, and your strong intuition can help you spot nuances other people might miss.


When your signature sign is in Leo, you have a huge appetite for life.

Exuberance is your forte, and people are drawn to your magnetic energy. Your proud qualities make for a great leader but be careful of your ego getting in the way of your growth.


A Virgo signature sign means that you’re helpful and analytical.

You feel fulfilled when you are productive and organized. You have a keen eye for detail which can result to anxiety and brusqueness. People seek your advice because of your refined judgment and candor.


Perhaps no one is more charming and graceful than those with Libra as their signature sign.

Ruled by Venus, you have a strong sense of justice and an eye for beauty and the arts. People love being around your romantic and appreciative character. However, this easygoing attitude can make one an underachiever.

Remember balance (you’re represented by the scales, after all) is key, so you must also put in the hard work!


With Scorpio as your signature sign, people see you as mysterious and intense.

You’re passionate about all your affairs and have an air of sexiness around you. Your strength lies in uncovering what’s underneath.

Arguably the most complex sign, people find you difficult to read because you like to have control in all aspects of your life.


Having Sagittarius as your signature sign means you are open-minded and always looking for growth opportunities.

You’re highly optimistic and up for any adventure. Freedom is important to you, and you don’t let the past (and sometimes even present circumstances) hold you back.

While your optimism is a gift, try not to engage in reckless and wasteful behavior.


If your signature sign is in Capricorn, you are disciplined and efficient.

Your work and accomplishments mean a lot to you. You believe that the present’s purpose is to prepare for the future. This makes you highly responsible and even frugal, and your persistence helps you climb the metaphorical mountain.

Be sure to keep your means in check lest you risk being materialistic and ruthless in your enterprises.


You are eccentric and assertive if Aquarius is your signature sign.

Uranians are known as the most eccentric of all the zodiac signs. You are very independent and often get involved with some of the most outlandish projects anyone has ever heard of.

You aren’t afraid to go against convention and break the rules if it means you can create a more interesting life for yourself.


Pisces is one of the most imaginative and creative signs, so it’s no surprise that you’re a daydreamer.

You also have an uncanny ability to see beyond what’s right in front of you and can sense the energy and intention behind others’ words.

But your unusual outlook also means you may sometimes struggle to fit into society. If you struggle with issues such as depression, anxiety, or social isolation, embrace them as part of your identity rather than try to hide them by pretending they don’t exist.

Final Thoughts

I like to think of astrological charts as a stage play.

The planets are the stars of the show. They represent key elements to a successful narrative. It is what should ultimately transpire.

The backdrops are like the houses of the zodiac, where the action happens.

The signs are ultimately the roles, the personas that bring life to the planets and determine how they’re portrayed. It is their wild characters and delivery that ultimately draw many of us to see the performance.

They all work together to perform spectacular programs but inevitably, one talent shines out. This is our Signature Sign in astrology.

Discover your true self through the energy and characteristics of your very own astrological Signature Sign.

By counting your planets, elements, and modalities and finding your signature sign, you will be able to find out what sign you embody the most. This is the sign whose modality and element appear most in your natal chart.

Your signature sign can be your sun sign, the most common sign in your birth chart, a whole different sign altogether, and sometimes even two signs at the same time!

Discover what it means for you—and how to use it to your advantage—by finding out what your Signature Sign is.