10 Tips To Make a Gemini Man Regret Losing You

How To Make A Gemini Man Regret Losing You

Have you just broken up and want to make your Gemini man regret losing you? Luckily, astrology helps you understand his hidden personality traits, even when it looks like he no longer has feelings.

There are some tricks you can use to make him miss you badly. Having a new hobby, traveling, and focusing on your own social life is a good start. Also, try to match his playful energy and discuss deep topics or tell jokes from time to time to keep him interested.

Below are ten tricks to get at your Gemini ex and make him regret ever leaving you.

Start a New Hobby or Travel Somewhere

Start A New Hobby Or Travel Somewhere

First of all, Geminis love intelligence and are curious types. That’s why he might find you more interesting when you are focused on other areas, now that he isn’t part of your life anymore.

Use this to start a new hobby and post it on social media, so he knows you’re enjoying life even without him.

Or decide to travel somewhere he wouldn’t expect during this weekend. This way, you will appeal to his spontaneous side and have some fun yourself. You can also take pics and post them on social media.

Except these, try to do something fun and capture a video to show it off.

Match His Energy

Stay upbeat so you know he’ll miss your attitude when he is gone.

Tell jokes and be funny to entertain him and have a good time when you’re together or with your mutual friends.

Try not to become dramatic and emotional because Geminis tend to feel uncomfortable with negative emotions.

Don’t Give Him Closure

Don’t give him the closure talk if you want him to come again with deep regret. He needs that talk to let go of you entirely.

So if you still want to get back together with him in the future, don’t tell him to leave you alone.

Be the Bigger Person

Be The Bigger Person

You’ll get him to regret leaving you when you just don’t allow yourself to play games back after he has tried to get a reaction from you when he talks about you to other people or tries to booty call you or flaunts another girl on social media.

Either way, it’s better to hold yourself back and be the bigger person.

This way, he will understand what a fantastic woman he used to have in his life but didn’t appreciate.

Have a Social Life

Focus on your own life and make it exciting, but show it off.

By the way, prioritizing your own life includes keeping yourself preoccupied with activities.

Making new friends or reconnecting with old acquaintances is essential to enjoying life. 

Meanwhile, don’t forget to post lots of pics on social media. Or tell your friends to post you in their own story for a more subtle effect, so he knows what you’re up to.

In addition, let all your mutual friends know how well you’re doing so they can tell this to your Gemini ex if he asks.

Leave Something Behind

If you happen to be friends still even after you’ve broken up, meeting him is a good idea.

You can take this further and leave some tangible item *unintentionally* in his place to remind him of yourself.

Thus, this way you can find a reason to talk with him on the phone.

Find Interesting Topics To Discuss

Find Interesting Topics To Discuss

As an indecisive sign, Gemini might think about getting back together with you if you change how you communicate.

If you still keep in touch, make sure to be creative while discussing. 

Talk about deep topics and stimulate his fast-paced mind with knowledge and interesting psychological questions.

Try to bring up subjects that the two of you have never talked about before.

Be Mysterious

If you get back together with your Gemini man, make it exciting to know more about you.

Don’t tell him everything but keep some things to yourself. Try to be as mysterious and leave him to figure you out.

Also, when making plans, make him assume you’re busy but still might find some time for him.

Change Your Look

Make him want to see you in person by changing your clothing style or try the classic dye-your-hair-technique that represents the beginning of a new phase in your life.

Also, you can change your social media profile pics or add new posts altogether.

Whether you’re on Insta, Facebook, or other sites, you can add to your account some new sexy pictures to arouse his curiosity.

Leave Him Space

Leave Him Space

Maybe he’s in that phase where he needs to see what his life is like without you.

So avoid making desperate moves like drunk dialing or calling him endlessly. Let him come after you instead.

After a breakup, the best response is no response to make him regret leaving you. But don’t leave for too long either.

Go ahead and completely ignore him for some time. He’ll hate that he can’t talk with you whenever he wants to.

Not only will you help yourself move on quicker, but you can make him regret it and come back later. Either way, it’s a win.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, some Geminis come back to their exes when they think that the reasons for the breakup are irrelevant.

But if that’s not your case, remember that the best revenge is moving on and creating a new, better life. 

If you want to make your Gemini ex miss you, show him how relaxed and laid-back you are, and don’t always be available to him, no matter how much you want.

Try to focus on yourself now, and if he is for you, eventually, he will come back.

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