How To Text a Virgo Man (Make Him Fall for You)

How To Text A Virgo Man

Virgos are the most organized and methodical people you’d ever meet. They make no room for surprises as they plan everything to the T. They think quickly and have so much mental energy. Virgo men are down-to-earth, practical, understanding, and supportive.

You’ll find it difficult to crack a Virgo man because they open up slowly. Just because you’re open with your emotions and feelings doesn’t mean your Virgo man lacks these feelings. They’re just not the best at expressing them.

They’re good at suppressing their feelings no matter how strongly they feel. He cares about you and can do anything for you, even if he doesn’t show it. Virgo men are also critical, especially of themselves.

So how do you text a Virgo man?

Don’t be scared to send the first message. Take it slow and steady when texting a Virgo man, be positive, supportive, playful, honest, and straightforward.

Continue reading to get more details on how to text a Virgo man.

9 Tips for Texting a Virgo Man

9 Tips For Texting A Virgo Man

Virgo men are known for their practical and organized approach to life, often making them a great catch for any potential partner. While they may be logical and analytical, their hearts are still very much in the right place.

If you’re interested in getting to know a Virgo man, then texting can be an effective way to start off your relationship.

1. Text First

Most times, a Virgo man won’t text you first. Not because he doesn’t care about you but because he’s trying to find the perfect words to send.

They may not look like it, but Virgo men are overthinkers. This makes them overwhelmed and even causes anxiety. If you feel like sending that good morning text, go right ahead.

I know what you’re thinking, but no, you won’t come off as desperate. Instead, your Virgo man would be glad you did the work of starting the conversation.

He loves a bold woman, so set the tone of the conversation by telling him you’re thinking of him or asking him what he’s up to. However, be careful not to say too much in the first text. Remember, you’re only trying to start the conversation.

2. Take It Slow

Don’t come off too strong with a Virgo man, you’ll push him away. Virgo men are shy and have a hard time opening up until they get comfortable with you.

So even if it may seem like the conversation is taking ages to get to the good part, remain patient. Don’t ask him too many personal questions. Instead, let him be the one asking the questions.

Ask him if there’s anything he wants to know about you, and you’ll get him talking. Let him clear up all his doubts about you by asking questions. Then you can start asking your own question slowly. Peel his onion and get to know him more with each layer you peel. 

3. Be Honest

Virgos are highly realistic, and there’s almost nothing they hate more than lies. If you think you can lie to a Virgo man and get away with it, think again.

Although it’s easy to lie about your hobbies and interests over text, you should avoid it at all costs. If you don’t read Harry Potter, there’s no reason to say you do.

Your Virgo man has a retentive memory, and one of his weaknesses is that he overanalyzes things. So he’ll almost surely find out whatever lie you told him.

4. Be Playful

Your Virgo man is a serious person, that’s exactly why he needs a partner that can bring out his playful side. Don’t hesitate to send him that meme you think he’d like or a funny video.

Virgo men are usually on the edge and anxious. Put him at ease by adding fun and excitement to his life. If you constantly make him smile at his phone screen, you’ll have the best convos.

You can also use playful and humorous texts to make him excited to meet you. Build his anticipation by telling him your favorite things for your next date.

5. Keep Your Messages Short and Sweet

Don’t bother sending long voice notes to a Virgo man because he has a short attention span. Save the long conversations for when you meet him in person.

A Virgo man values in-person conversations, so even if you chat with him a lot, set up times to meet up and bond.

Also, don’t write long, cheesy paragraphs when flirting with your Virgo man. Keep to the point and send a few romantic sentences only. A simple “I’ve been thinking of you” can do.

6. Tell Him Your Plans

While over-text is not the ideal medium to tell your Virgo man your ambitions, you should do it more often. Virgos love to plan and organize.

For example, you can show him your weekly schedule and ask for his opinion. He’ll be happy to help you break it down and give you good advice.

Telling him your plans will also make him tell you his. And once a Virgo man trusts you with his plans, he likes you. It’s an avenue for you to get to know him better.

7. Compliment Him

Did I mention how extremely critical Virgo men are? That’s right, they rarely believe in themselves and other people. Complimenting your Virgo man will do more than make him blush, it’ll strengthen his self-esteem.

Your Virgo man wants to feel appreciated, seen and loved. Do that with your compliments. Compliment his looks, intellect, or even how hard he works. Make the compliments as specific as possible, and don’t be cheesy.

8. Flirt Subtly

When you’re just getting to know your Virgo man, go easy on the steamy texts, you’ll only be scaring him off. As I said, it takes time for a Virgo man to open up to you and get comfortable with you.

Wait for him to make the first move when texting. Mirror his tone and know how to respond appropriately.

9. Give Him Time To Reply You

Virgos take their time to respond, they’re not ignoring you, they only want to give the best response. So when texting a Virgo man, be patient.

If you’re still waiting for him to text back, resist the urge to double-text. Don’t make him feel pressured to reply to your message.

Final Thoughts

It may take some time for your Virgo man to come out of his shell, but I promise it’ll all be worth it. When texting him, remember to be bold when necessary, take it slow, be sincere, be playful, be ambitious, compliment him and give him time.