How To Text a Sagittarius Man (Get His Attention)

How To Text A Sagittarius Man

The way to text a Sagittarius man can be determined by the personality traits that dictate his behavior; these personality traits are their outgoing nature, creative and extensive knowledge, and empathic characteristics.

However, the most crucial trait is loyalty, which shows when they commit. If you are the one in your Sagittarius man’s eyes, be prepared to feel like the luckiest woman alive. But you also have to deal with their bluntness, which may come across as harsh or hurt your feelings on occasion.

With the advancement of technology, texting has become the norm, and we usually send a message without much thought. But texting has a significant impact on the behavior and feelings of people.

So, texting is your go-to option if you are enamored by a Sagittarius man and want to keep the relationship going and keep him in the loop-

So, how to text a Sagittarius man?

Be the first to text to initiate a conversation; it doesn’t always have to be you, but make sure to keep things on a lighter note, be a bit playful, joke around, and flirt over text. Also, engage your Sagittarius man in thoughtful conversations, and give him enough time to get back to you.

Here, we will give you an insight on how to text a Sagittarius man and how to go about texting. So, let’s dive right in!

How To Text a Sagittarius Man

How To Text A Sagittarius Man

If you are interested in a Sagittarius man, then you should know a few things about how to text him. We’ll give you some tips on what to say and how to keep the conversation going.

Be the First To Reach Out

Be The First To Reach Out

Unlike other zodiac signs, where you should wait and get your man to text you first, Sagittarius men are the opposite. Texting first is a crucial step to getting started.

It will kill two birds with one stone. By texting your Sagittarius man first, you will appeal to his attention-craving nature and show that you have an independent side. He will get attracted to this easy-going and friendly side of you.

You can catch your Sagittarius man off-guard by texting him with an invite to a movie or a trip. It will only increase your charm to these zodiacs rather than turn them off.

Be Flirty Over Text

Be Flirty Over

Flirting over texts may seem like a risky strategy, but if you keep things on a lighter end, your Sagittarius man will get attracted to a conversation with you.

Also, if you notice that your Sagittarius man likes you, you can mix in some risky texts. Your unique texting style will keep your Sagittarius man hooked on the conversation.

Don’t Be Clingy or Play Mind Games While Texting

Dont Be Clingy Or Play Mind Games While

Now comes the point you need to always be aware of, i.e., don’t pressure him to text you back. Sagittarius falls in the category of most independent zodiac signs and, for this very reason, stays happy in their own company.

But, things don’t end there. When you text your Sagittarius man, you should never play mind games with him. Beating around the bush is an option you must avoid and get right to the point from the very start.

People belonging to this zodiac sign are direct and transparent in their conversation, which gives rise to their blunt/frank nature.

But if you want to know when and how to play mind games with your Sagittarius man, then this article is for you.

Joke Around With Him Over Text

Joke Around With Him Over

Humor is something you can never go wrong with, considering the nature of a Sagittarius man. They have a broad palate when it comes to joking around, but silly jokes appeal the most to these zodiac signs.

While other zodiacs may find this side troublesome; however, for a Sagittarius man, it will be a fun and light-hearted conversation. So, he will want to text you more often and joke around with you.

Engage Him in Thoughtful Conversations

Engage Him In Thoughtful Conversations

While you may not be able to guess solely from the personality of a Sagittarius man, these zodiac signs love to get involved in deep and thoughtful conversation.

If you talk about a topic, especially related to travel, such as birds, historical ruins, or discovering something new, you are showing your curious nature. It will spark his interest and get him invested if you get the conversation going, and what better way to do so than texting, right?

Sagittarius signs also fall in the category of the most spiritual zodiac signs. So, if you open up about philosophical questions that require thoughtful insight, your Sagittarius man will keep you company.

Questions about these discussions can be about the following topics; fate, how things work, how personality develops, the goal of life, etc., that can provoke his sense to contemplate.

Talk About Adventures and Plan One Together

Talk About Adventures And Plan One Together

The love for adventure in this zodiac sign is unparalleled compared to other zodiac signs. People with this zodiac sign are friendly, and when you talk about adventuring to a new place, you don’t have to worry about not having a thing to talk about.

You can talk about your travels and inspire him to visit places by telling your Sagittarius man fun facts about that place. He will be engrossed in the conversation like a child.

You can also trigger this sense of adventure by taking him on trips, hikes, or tours. All you need is a text, and you will have a companion to keep you company.

Editor’s Note

Another thing to remember is to be his friend first rather than trying for a relationship. You can win your Sagittarius man over by texting as a friend rather than forcing him into a relationship.


Before finishing, you can text a Sagittarius man, but trying to get him to commit is something you should never try at the start of a relationship. Your Sagittarius man will push you away instead of texting you back.

The same is the case if your Sagittarius man doesn’t text you back anytime soon. Remember, he wants his freedom in a relationship, so if you try to bind him, it will work in reverse.

So for final thoughts, keep your texts light-hearted and friendly, flirt with your Sagittarius man over texts, be direct with your intentions, delve into meaningful conversation, and keep things fresh by joking around.