Sweetest Things To Say to a Scorpio Man

Sweet Things To Say To Scorpio Man

Scorpios may seem like fire zodiacs, but they belong to the water signs, which explains their emotional intelligence. That’s not all; Scorpio men are extremely loyal, hardworking, open to speaking about any ideas, and care for their partners more than the person themselves.

When in a relationship, these men take your problems as theirs and understand small changes in your emotion, even if you don’t say it out in the open. They try their best to keep the mood upbeat and excel at solving problems.

Also, as cold as they may seem, these men are passionate and possessive. However, all these positive aspects aside, even these mentally and physically strong zodiacs need reassurance, and they can be pretty vengeful if they see you faking your feelings.

It brings us to the question, i.e., sweet things to say to a Scorpio man.

The best thing you can say to your Scorpio man is to tell him that he is cut above the rest and compliment his looks, personality, and style. Also, tell him you have faith in him, want a future with him, share your secrets and pain, and complement how good he is in bed.

This article will give an insight into how these things help capture the interest of a Scorpio man, keep him loyal, and enhance his trust in you. Continue reading to know how each statement works.

1. Tell Him He Is the Only One for You

Tell Him He Is The Only One For You

As confident and sturdy as the front a Scorpio man puts out, his inner feelings need confirmation that he holds a special spot in your heart.

He puts extra effort in whatever he does to be the only one for you; hence, the sweetest thing you can do is to assure your Scorpio man that you only have eyes for him. Saying this makes him more infatuated with you.

Scorpios have a tough time opening up to anyone, so by putting in the effort; he ensures that he adds value to your life. By assuring your Scorpio man that he is the only one for you, you are telling him that his efforts have borne fruit, and he will fall head over heels in love with you.

2. Tell Him How Good Looking He Is

Complimenting the looks of a Scorpio man is one of the best compliments you can give. Scorpios men don’t have much interest in dressing, but they put in the effort to look the best. That’s why complimenting their looks means you appreciate the work they put in.

Scorpio men may not rank high in the most fashionable zodiac signs; however, they are conscious of their appearance. Men with this zodiac sign look at celebrities and their fashion sense and try to create their unique looks.

Telling your Scorpio man that he is handsome makes him more clingy, and if you are lucky, you may catch a shy look on his face.

3. Tell Him You Trust Him

Tell Him You Trust Him

Forcing a Scorpio man to trust you will make him more distant, as Scorpios have a hard time trusting others. That’s why telling a Scorpio man that you trust him and will work to build trust with him over time will keep you on his mind.

Scorpios as water signs, famous for their emotional intelligence, so wiggling your way out with dishonesty won’t work. Tell your Scorpio man that you trust him, and want the same from him, but understand it may take time for him to reciprocate.

It will show your Scorpio man that you understand him and are there to stick around.

4. Tell Him You Want To Be With Him in the Future

Scorpios take the crown as the most loyal zodiac sign; hence, it is understandable that these men will try whatever they can to win you over. However, if you don’t show the intent of a future with him, he may only keep you at bay.

Scorpios fear commitment, but they also want it from their partners. Sounds troublesome! But the loyalty they show if you assure them about it more than makes up for it.

It doesn’t mean you should tell him your plans for the future and push him to accept them, as it may scare him. The subtle hints are enough, and being an emotionally intelligent sign, he will pick up on it.

5. Tell Him You Are There for Him

Tell Him You Are There For Him

You will rarely see a Scorpio man having someone to rely on. Scorpio men are among the zodiacs with a small friend circle and keep their troubles to themselves.

Here, telling your Scorpio man that you are there for him and he can lean on you whenever he wants will provide him with the necessary support he requires. It will increase your significance in his life, and he will be more open and show a variety of sides to you.

6. Tell Him How Passionate He Is

Scorpios are the zodiac signs with the highest sex drive, and physical intimacy and foreplay are equally crucial for them. Telling him how much you loved being with him last night and flirting with him is the best thing you can say to a Scorpio man.

You should be prepared to indulge your Scorpio in dirty talk and be ready to have passionate nights with him. Also, complimenting him as the best lover is the sweetest compliment you can give a Scorpio man.

7. Tell Him Your Secrets

Tell Him Your Secrets

Scorpios are some of the most trusted people you can share a secret with. Also, for Scorpio men, honesty is all they want, and knowing the real you is their main priority. That’s why; if you open up to your Scorpio man about your secrets and share your troubles with him, it will be the best thing.

Scorpios are aware of the beauty in imperfections, so they will feel more comfortable with you and share their secrets with you. It will show your trust in him and his in you and is one of the best things you can open up to your Scorpio man about.

Editor’s Note

Complimenting his sense of humor will sweep your Scorpio man off his feet, and that’s the sweetest thing you can say to a Scorpio man.


Before closing, Scorpio men are one of the most passionate zodiac signs, but they also put up a sturdy front; however, once you bring their walls down, they are the most loyal partners.

Some of the sweet things that you can say to your Scorpio man are telling him that you only have eyes for him, you trust him, how handsome he is, hinting you want a future with him, telling him he can lean on you, and how passionate he is in bed.