What a Scorpio Man Wants To Hear From You

What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear

Scorpios are among the zodiac signs famous for their intelligent and hardworking nature. Even among all the zodiacs, they are known for their persistent personality to follow a set goal and a keen sense to detect fake and real feelings.

Scorpios are known for not showing affection openly. So, whether you are in a relationship or want to get together with a Scorpio man, finding the exact words to attract his attention and make him open up to you is a must to get the keys to his heart.

So, what does a Scorpio man want to hear?

Start with compliments, compliment his looks, tell him he is perfect and one-of-a-kind, and tell him he has an extraordinary sense of humor. Share your secrets with him, tell him you trust him, encourage him to go out with his friends, and tell him you emotionally connect with him.

These are some of the most common things a Scorpio man wants to hear, but wait, the list goes on, and if you want to know more, continue reading.

“You Are Special”

Scorpios are known for their behavior to stand out from the crowd. They do not like to be your run-off-the-mill type of guy and have brave and helpful personalities. Telling a Scorpio man that he is unlike others will make him fall head over heels with you.

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As cheesy as it may sound, it works! They may seem confident and can stand their ground alone, but they require someone to provide their doubtful mind with the validation that they are cut above the rest. Doing so will assure him that he holds value in your life, and he will go all bubbly on you.

“You Are So Attractive”

They say flattery won’t get you anywhere, but compliments work like a charm in the case of a Scorpio man. A Scorpio man puts a lot of effort into looking good and wants to look his best in front of you.

So, compliments from you are like love potions to him. Scorpios may seem arrogant, but they care about what others think of them.

Hearing he looks stunning from you will boost his morale, and praising his looks alongside will be akin to hitting the iron while it is hot, making him fall in love with you all over again.

“I Have Faith in You”

Scorpios like to know everything before they can do anything and avoid showing their weakness or vulnerability to anyone, which often leads to trust issues.

Hearing words of encouragement from you can make him lean on you and give him the courage to take the step he needs to move forward.

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“You Have a Magical Sense of Humor”

A Scorpio man holds being intelligent and having a good sense of humor pretty high. Telling a Scorpio man that he always makes you laugh and has a great sense of humor by making it clear by saying such phrases will make him feel that you both hit it off quite well.

Editor’s Note

Remember, Scorpios are masters at grasping emotions. So, if he sees you faking the laugh or not being genuine with him, he will immediately draw boundaries and cut you off.

“You Are Perfect the Way You Are”

Telling a Scorpio man that he is perfect the way he is, gets him enamored by you. Remember, they are good at detecting false emotions, so saying; they are without flaws will backfire. Accepting him for who he is, is a surefire way to win his heart.

Scorpios have a controlling and manipulating nature, but they hate being the ones to be manipulated or controlled.

Telling him that you will encourage the change if he wants to change himself, but love him the way he is, even if he does not change, will melt his heart.

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“You Are My Everything and the Future”

Scorpios are afraid of being betrayed, and it is in their nature to be spiteful and hold grudges for a lifetime. They need to know that you are forever loyal to them, and they prioritize loyalty over anything else. Assure him you will be with him through thick and thin by saying he is your everything.

Scorpio may come as a star sign that avoids commitment, but they need to know you want to stick with them. So, slightly hint that you are planning a future together, which will make him commit to you more than ever.

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“Enjoy Your Night Out”

Unlike other star signs, Scorpios prefer to stay at home with their loved ones rather than go out. Check out which zodiac signs are introverted here.

However, this does not mean that Scorpios like to cut themselves from society.

He prioritizes you over others, so let him know that he can go out and have fun. Doing so will make him realize that you trust him and do not want to contain him.

“You Can Lean on Me”

Scorpios are emotionally sensitive. They put on a brave face and carry on that facade because they do not want others to know their weaknesses.

That is why, if you want to capture his heart, say that he can lean on you and you connect with him emotionally and understand his troubles.

Show him that you are as troubled by seeing him facing any hardship as he is. It will make him appreciate you far more than anything, and he will look for you to find solace.


Finally, now you are well-equipped to capture the heart of a Scorpio man and keep your relationship long-lasting.

So, keep your Scorpio man engrossed in you by mixing these small phrases in your daily conversations, but do not say them out of the blue, or it will make the situation awkward. Good luck!