What Scares a Libra Man? (Avoid Triggering His Fears)

What Scares A Libra Man?

Libra men are one of the most friendly and straightforward people you’ll ever meet. They idolize a life free from drama and dishonesty; all they want to do is make friends and keep these friends happy.

Libra men also possess the emotional intelligence to balance their masculinity and sensitivity. A trait you’ll hardly find in men from the other zodiac signs. We must admit that Libra men might just be the most perfect in the zodiac. However, like men from other signs, they have their fears too.

So what scares a Libra man?

A Libra man is afraid of being hated, misunderstood, or ignored by the people around him. This goes against his nature as a people pleaser. Also, they hate being manipulated, which is ironic because they’re known to be master manipulators.

This article will help you understand the things that scare a Libra man and explain the reasons behind these fears.

5 Things That Scare a Libra Man

Libra men are known for their charming, easygoing ways. But what happens when you try to get closer to one? What scares a Libra man away?

Being Ignored

Being Ignored

Libra men are always the most social in any friend group or relationship. They constantly try to unite everyone, organize an outing, or host a small party.

This is because they’ve based their personality on how they treat others and how others treat them too. A Libra man will judge himself based on the quality of his relationship with the people in his life. This is the only way he can feel worthy and complete.

It’s also one of the significant ways he can get hurt because once the people in his life no longer value him and start ignoring him, he’ll wallow in loneliness and feel worthless.

A Libra man is scared of losing his relevance in people’s life because of his ego and love for socializing. He understands how important people are to his life and personality, so he’s always scared of being ignored by them.

Not Being Liked By Others

Not Being Liked By Others

Libra men can be obsequious at times. In their quest to gain people’s acceptance, it’s easy for them to lose themselves. They can change aspects of their personality just to fit into a friend group or to seek a person’s validation.

A Libra man does this because he’s scared of not being liked by others. He wants universal acceptance and is afraid of being seen as the odd guy. Also, Libra men don’t deal with rejection very well. It demoralizes and demotivates them completely.

When a Libra man is rejected, he’ll start questioning himself and his personality. Constant rejections from people around him are enough to make a Libra man depressed because without socializing and the ability to make others happy, a Libra man will feel useless.

They fear rejection and will do anything to ensure they fit in.



Despite wanting to be around people all the time, Libra men are not big on commitment. A Libra man will rather be casual friends with a hundred people than be in a deep and committed relationship with a single person.

Asides from the fear of heartbreak and being left alone, Libra men don’t like to feel like they’re tied down. They’re always eager to meet new people and don’t want a relationship to be why they don’t.

A Libra man wants the freedom to switch relationships whenever he feels. So even in a relationship, they like to be in charge of everything. They want to be in control of the relationship so that they can easily walk away from it.

A Libra man hates feeling guilty when he ends a relationship, and that’s why he’s scared of entering into a committed one.

Editor’s Note

Libra men love one-sided relationships where they give more than they receive. It’s easier for them to walk away from this type of relationship without feeling guilty.

Being Misunderstood

Being Misunderstood

Libra men are generally good people. If you have one as your friend, he’ll always come running to you whenever you need his help. They are generally good people and want people to know that.

One of their biggest fears is being misunderstood or judged by others. He doesn’t want to be identified as a fake person and wants to be appreciated everywhere he goes.

One of the ways you can truly hurt a Libra man is by spreading rumors about him. Once they realize the public’s bad perception of them, it’ll crush them.

Being Manipulated

Being Manipulated

Libra men are masters of manipulation. Due to their socializing skills, they’re attentive and are good judges of character. They can access and understand a person’s personality in a very short while.

These traits make them good manipulators and can easily make you feel emotionally and intellectually inferior because they know your strengths and weakness.

Most Libra men have this ability and are proud of it. They also know how hurtful and dangerous it is, so they fear being manipulated. A Libra man holds himself in high regard. He likes to feel like he always has the upper hand and is scared of losing it.

Being the masters of manipulation, they’re scared of the day the tables turn.

The Bottom Line

Libra men are the most friendly of all zodiac signs. They heavily rely on communicating and interacting with others for their sense of self and will always strive to make everyone around them happy.

Due to their high energy and good nature, it might seem as if they don’t have any fears, but like every other zodiac sign, they do.

A Libra man is scared of being ignored, misunderstood, or hated by the people around him. He’s a natural people pleaser and will become disturbed when his friends or family are not happy or interested in him.

Libra men also fear commitment, especially in romantic relationships. Lastly, being master manipulators themselves, they fear the feeling of being manipulated and will do everything to avoid it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Libra man act when he’s sad?

He stops caring about the things he loves and loses passion for socializing or meeting friends.

What do Libra men dislike?

Libra men dislike anything that’s overwhelming or puts them under pressure. They hate feeling confined.