How To Hurt a Libra Man’s Feelings (In Elegant Ways)

How To Hurt A Libra Man’s Feelings

It can be harrowing when your loved one has hurt you. If a Libra man has wronged you, it can be really tempting to get back at him.

If you want to show him how he has made you feel, it can be natural that you want him to experience some bitterness as well. Libra men can get hurt easily, even if they are not showing it and keeping up their balanced and composed appearance. 

Attempting to hurt someone intentionally can be seen as childish and might result in negative karma for you.

The win-win strategy for you, in this case, is switching your focus from him to yourself, removing yourself from the situation altogether, and living your happiest life. If you do this, Libra man is guaranteed to go crazy for you and regret losing you.

Regardless if you want to teach him a lesson and want to get back with him eventually or if you never want to see him again, this step-by-step guide will be perfect for you. Follow these 10 steps to hurt your Libra man and make him forever hurting and losing you.

10 Steps to Hurt a Libra Man’s Feelings

It takes time for a Libra man to show his feelings, so you must stay patient. It might not be very obvious when a Libra man is finally hurt. But don’t worry and follow the plan – keep in mind that the experience of trying to hurt his feelings should be fun for you!

So relax, follow these steps one by one, and you will see him upset in no time!

1. Live Your Happiest Life

Live Your Happiest Life

The most powerful way you can hurt a Libra man is by showing him that you are happy on your own and don’t need him to entertain you. Once he sees this, he will lose his mind.

Think of things that bring you the most joy and how you can give them to yourself. He will regret losing you and will do everything to get you back. 

2. Ignore Him

This will sting a Libra man in a special way. Used to being the center of attention everywhere he goes, Libra man won’t be happy about being shut out.

Make sure you don’t come across as childish when you do this. If you overdo it, it will make it seem like you care too much about him. This will have the opposite effect you are trying to achieve, so keep it simple by showing him you have other things going on.

3. Look Stunning

Look Stunning

Ruled by planet Venus, Libra men go crazy for all things beautiful. Make sure you look your best every day and invest time and effort in your appearance.

If you accidentally meet him or if he sees your photo on Instagram, he will be smitten by you and will instantly regret hurting your feelings and being shut out of your life.

4. Move On 

Nothing will hurt a Libra man as much as when he sees you have moved on and have more important things in your life than waiting around for him to treat you right.

Used to receiving a lot of attention, Libra man will feel worthless and immediately recognize how important you have been for him. 

5. Invest in Yourself

Invest In Yourself

Switch your focus from him to yourself! You are losing your precious energy every moment you think of him.

Think of all the ways you can invest your energy and attention in yourself – invest in your knowledge, beauty, education, hobbies, career, entertainment, and Libra man will be begging for your attention!

6. Reinvent Yourself

Upgrade yourself in all possible ways. Have you been thinking of a new haircut? Now is the time to do it? Have you wanted to buy something nice for yourself? Now is the time to treat yourself!

The more you focus on making yourself feel good, the more it will help you to bring your focus away from a Libra man to yourself. As a nice bonus, his attention-loving feelings will be hurt.

7. Go for Adventure

Go For Adventure

Libra man has an adventurous soul; he loves all things new, meeting new people, and going to new places. Going somewhere you’ve never been before without him or with other friends; is guaranteed to hurt his feelings, especially if you used to go on adventures together.

The worst idea is staying indoors and ruminating on the ways he has hurt you. Even if you take yourself to a spa or for a massage, it will give you a sense of adventure and help you let go of any negative thoughts. Embrace the adventure with all your senses!

8. Start a New Life

This is the best time for you to jump into the new life you have been dreaming of.

Nothing will hurt the Libra man as a realization you are ready to enter a new life without missing him and crying about him. This is the time to fulfill your dreams, start a new career 

9. Show Off Your New Life

Go For Adventure

Don’t be shy to show off your new life and new beginnings on your social media. Remember those adventures, new hobbies, and the new haircut you just read about? Show it all off proudly to the world!

Make sure you do it casually and don’t come across as desperate and looking for his attention, or you will seem childish and petty.

10. Don’t Stalk His Social Media

Even if you think it doesn’t matter if you check his accounts from time to time to see what he has been up to, you will be ruining your mood and stealing your precious energy from yourself, which you should be investing in all the great things mentioned in these tips.

Remember to put your life at the center of your attention, and the Libra man will be hurt like never before!


The best way to hurt a Libra man’s feelings is by focusing on yourself and your well-being. It will drive him crazy that you don’t sit around waiting for him or begging for his attention as many others would do. It will make you stand out in his eyes and upgrade your sense of self-worth!