How To Keep an Aquarius Man Hooked (Surefire Ways)

How To Keep An Aquarius Man Hooked

Aquarius men are known for their calm and calculative approach to every aspect of life, including their relationships.

As much as they are brilliant individuals, it takes them a long time to figure out the right partner and even more time to express their feelings when they eventually find someone.

However, you will be in for a great time if you finally get an Aquarius man to commit to you because when they decide to do so, they do it wholeheartedly without looking back.

Hence, it is understandable to want to get an Aquarius man hooked to you, but it is essential to go about it the right way.

So, how can you keep an Aquarius man hooked?

The most prominent attribute that can get an Aquarius man hooked on you is your self-confidence. Having an adventurous lifestyle that will keep an Aquarius man entertained regularly will also get him to remain hooked.

This article will provide you with the details you need on how to keep an Aquarius man stuck with you.

6 Ways To Keep an Aquarius Man Hooked

6 Ways To Keep An Aquarius Man Hooked

Sometimes, it’s possible to have a crush on someone who doesn’t seem like they want to go in for a long-term commitment, or you want to be sure about what you are getting into with the person.

In such a situation, it is okay for you to want to devise a means to get them hooked on you.

There are several ways you can go about this, depending on the type of person and what they want in their partners. It is necessary to note that people are different, and what ticks someone’s boxes might not tick the other person’s.

If this man you are trying to get hooked on is an Aquarius, you can use any of the following tips.

1. Be Confident

This attribute is key to attracting men generally, but it has even more effect on Aquarius men because that’s the first attribute that mainly attracts them to their partners.

Self-confidence is the principal factor you need to showcase if you want an Aquarius man hooked on you.  

There are several ways you can showcase your self-confidence, and you can use any of them, as long as it is genuine enough.

Faking any of it might cause more harm than good you intend it to do because Aquarius men don’t condone when people are acting fake around them.

2. Have a Joyful Spirit

One of the biggest turnoffs an Aquarius man can hardly overlook is negativity.

They always strive to keep every form of negative energy away from their environment, regardless of its source. If an Aquarius man perceives you as negative energy, he will steer clear of your path entirely.

As such, you have no choice but to accept positivity at all times if you intend to make an Aquarius man want to keep you in his inner circle. Let him see that you are a fun-loving person who would channel his adventurous side.

That way, you can quickly get the Aquarius man hooked.

3. Create a Strong Bond With Him

A relationship built on genuine friendship is one of the best.

It will help if you endeavor to create a profound connection with the Aquarius man if you intend to have him hooked for a long time because Aquarius men are big on loyalty and friendship.

Unlike most relationships that move from the meeting stage to romance, it is advisable to take gradual steps when dealing with an Aquarius man.

Let him get to know you very well, and you should do the same. This stage will influence the level of synergy both of you will eventually share.

4. Showcase Your Intelligence

Aquarius men are mostly naturally brilliant people who rate intelligence more than most other attributes.

If you tick every other box but not that of intelligence, it might still be challenging to get an Aquarius man to pick interest in you, let alone become hooked on you.

If you can engage him in intelligent conversations and show him that you have the knowledge that transcends various topics, he will be fascinated by you.

The idea of being with you will appeal to him, and the more you continue to impress him, the deeper he becomes engrossed with you.

5. Dress Elegantly

This tip is more like a general tip for any woman looking to catch the eyes of a man she likes because most men love women who can turn the heads of everyone whenever they enter a room.

However, for Aquarius men, it’s more about the artistic side of your appearance.

An Aquarius man will prefer a woman that can get the colors of her outfit to turn out nice. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive stuff, just the ones that will blend to create an elegant appearance.

If you can pull this off continuously in different ways that will never cease to impress the Aquarius man, he will start looking forward to seeing you every time.

6. Don’t Choke Him

Don’t forget that an Aquarius man likes to take his time before making decisions. He wants to take things at his own pace and will never condone anyone trying to force him into doing anything.

The moment he feels you are overtly pressurizing him, he might back off and shut you out from his life altogether. While trying to show off some of the attributes on this list to get him hooked, you mustn’t choke him too much.

An Aquarius man loves his freedom and would not want to trade it for anything unless he makes that personal decision himself.


Keeping an Aquarius man hooked on you is not a difficult task to achieve if you understand how they behave and what they like in their partners.

You must ensure you have enough self-confidence to make him interested in you. You should also ensure that you give only positive energy whenever you are around him.