How To Text a Gemini Man (With Message Examples)

How To Text A Gemini Man

It seems as if a handsome Gemini has caught your eye. Isn’t it so? Well, you have got a pleasant taste. You might wonder how to keep up with these social butterflies.

It’s a piece of cake, I’m telling you.

A Gemini man is naturally adept in communication, so that it won’t be an uphill battle for you. Texting is fun, but with a Gemini, it goes insane. Pack all the fun, craze, and energy in your text and see the guy dreaming about you.

So, how to text a Gemini man? 

Center your conversation around him. Spicing up the chat with Gifs and stickers can turn the flirt on. You can also play games like “Never have I ever” & “This or That” to keep him interested. Watch out for his mood and match his energy. Avoid boring subjects and texting like teens.

Let’s unfold how you can text a Gemini man to fascinate him. Get along with me; you won’t regret it!

Hook Your Gemini Man Over Text With 6 Epic Ways

Hook Your Gemini Man Over Text With 6 Epic Ways

A man from Gemini never enjoys dry texting. Let the creative juices keep flowing to keep him hooked in the chat.

Follow these 6 awe-inspiring tips to roll your texts like a whale. Let’s dive in!

1. Center the Conversation Around Him

A Gemini man loves talking about himself. If you center the conversation around him, it’s no less than a treat to this guy. Open up his energy by asking about his interests, hobbies, and favorites.

You can get to know him better and win his attention.

Awaken his wanderlust by asking about his travel experiences. Let him know that you are curious to know him. It will surely poke him to say things out.

So, let the exciting questions keep popping up in your chat!

Here are a few texts you can use to hook your Gemini man and keep the conversation flowing.

  • “Hey, just curious to know your favorite movie for the weekend.”
  • “Do you like to travel? Desperately wanting to know your favorite place!”
  • “What’s your favorite food? I’m thinking of making one for the next date.”

2. Spice Up With GIFs and Memes

The best point of chatting is communicating your feelings in a second using graphics. Take your texting game to the next level by using GIFs and memes.

Don’t you think it’s incredible? Your Gemini guy will cherish having you.

He loves having fun, so what’s holding you back from adding humor? Choose the Gifs from his favorite shows. He’ll enjoy watching the relatable memes. You can also make customized fun stickers for him.

It is going to blow him crazy!

Your guy will wait for your text from now, expecting a package of fun GIFs and stickers. And remember, while texting a Gemini man, don’t go below his expectations!

3. Play “Never Have I Ever..” and “This or That” Game

It is an epic way to keep a conversation juiced up with a Gemini. Initiate the game “Never Have I Ever” in a fun way. Ask him exciting questions that he enjoys answering.

This game will make him prolong the chat with you.

Here are some of the lush questions you can ask your Gemini partner for this game.

  • “Never have I ever slid into a stranger’s DM.”
  • “Never have I ever said, I Love You.”
  • “Never have I ever made you my crush.”
  • “Never have I ever fallen in love at first sight.”
  • “Never have I ever met a celebrity.”

The This or That game is also good for fun chatting. It is the best one if you have run out of topics. Make your boyfriend choose between two things. But make sure the options are fun and maybe even a bit naughty.

4. Avoid Boring and Serious Subjects

Your Gemini man is jam-packed with laughter and craze. He barely has space for serious subjects. If a boring conversation starts, this guy turns no stone to escape it.

So, you have to avoid serious discussions with him especially.

If you have already been on a date, bring back memories. Evolve the nostalgia and let him get lost in it. You can also ignite the conversation by sending him cute pickup lines because a man from Gemini enjoys such stuff.

Here are a few pickup lines you can send him by text. He’ll relish it for sure!

  • “Are you using WiFi? Because I’m feeling a connection.”
  • “I’m no photographer, but I want to take a picture of us.”
  • “If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one!”
  • “We are not socks. But we’d make a great pair.”

5. Don’t Text Like a Teen

Although the twin sign loves having fun, texting like teens is enough to sour him. Use plain text with no shortcuts. Texts like “u 2, ty, k, tnx, wbu, bby” etc., seem cringe to him. So, you better avoid them.

Long paragraphs tire him. Try to keep it simple and short. Remember the phrase, “less is more.” Keep the message concise, sweet, and lovely. Such composition will make him turn his head to you.

Avoid typing like teens if you don’t want your text to appear cringe.

6. Match His Energy

A Gemini man can never be hung on one emotion. Sometimes, he’s likely to go off mood. Look for the emotion he’s wearing and match it with his energy.

For example, if he’s feeling down for some reason, try your best to empathize with him.

You can freely show flirty banter if you see him a bit naughty. Whatever he feels, make sure to adjust according to his mood. His energy is unpredictable, so don’t let your ego dominate. Show your man that you are always with him through thick and thin.

Pro Tip

If his day went gloomy, you could say this to show compassion.

“It’s OK to be upset sometimes, but don’t forget to show kindness to yourself. I’m there for you always and forever. Sending you a virtual hug!”

The Bottom Line

If you want to keep your Gemini man interested, it’s essential to know how to text him in a way that he’ll enjoy. You can keep the conversation funny and exciting by sending him funny GIFs and stickers, playing games, and avoiding serious subjects.

Take your chat on the roller coaster of emotions and laughter. He’s already a texter so you will take over his mind soon. If you have already caught his heart, he’ll gush and talk about you every time. So, follow the tips and spice up your chat!

Happy texting!