How To Tell When a Scorpio Man Is Lying (Obvious Signs)

How To Tell When A Scorpio Man Is Lying

This situation is mostly always a tricky one to tell because Scorpios are not usually the lying type. They pride themselves on being one of the few honest zodiac signs, and they constantly strive to uphold these bragging rights by not doing anything that will taint their reputation.

A Scorpio man would rather tell the truth and face the consequences of his actions.

If you are familiar with this side of them, it will be challenging to state that a Scorpio man is lying because you already know that is his least favorite thing to do. However, some situations would inevitably warrant a Scorpio man to lie, especially circumstances far beyond his control.

When this happens, if you can come to terms with the fact that a Scorpio man can lie, then you should be able to tell when a Scorpio man is not being honest because they are mostly not always good at it.

How would you know when a Scorpio man is lying?

He will become extremely uncomfortable and tense when he is lying to you. A Scorpio man being dishonest with you would not be able to look you in the eyes when lying. Instead, he would look in every other direction but yours.

You will find this article helpful if you are looking for several ways to know when a Scorpio man is lying.  

3 Actions That Will Indicate That a Scorpio Man Is Lying

3 Actions That Will Indicate That A Scorpio Man Is Lying

Every zodiac sign has abilities they are good at and ones they are terrible at. While some will find it very easy to lie through their teeth, Scorpio men, on the contrary, find it extremely difficult to lie to anyone, regardless of the reason.

If they have their way, they would rather always tell the truth, but like everyone else, they are humans and susceptible to flaws.

Sometimes, they are forced into situations that will require them to lie, and the reason for this varies. It could be because of a life-threatening issue or because they don’t want to hurt someone with the truth.

Regardless of the circumstances, a Scorpio man will still find it hard to present a flawless and convincing lie unless he takes his time to prepare the lie.

While there can be exceptions, most of them are like this because it is not their nature to lie. You can tell that a Scorpio man is lying if he exhibits any of the following behavior while talking to you.

Keeps Looking Away

Scorpio men are usually very confident people. They like to express themselves with boldness and composure always.

If you notice any of these attributes missing when a Scorpio man is talking to you, he is most likely not being honest with you at that moment.

A Scorpio man will be more comfortable telling a truth that can land him in trouble than lying his way out of trouble. The moment he refuses to look you in the eyes to ascertain that his words are sinking in as he talks to you, something is most likely wrong.

When you notice any of these fidgetings, take your time to quietly analyze the situation by comparing his actions at that very moment to how he previously and usually acts. If you are sure his behavior is different, you can go on to accuse him of lying.

Doing this will completely throw him off balance, and he will either be forced to tell the truth or walk away from the scene. Either way, you can achieve your primary purpose, which is unmasking his lies.

Tries To Change the Topic

Another major clue that gives away Scorpio men when they are lying is that they always try to change the topic. If you ask a Scorpio man about something and he gives you a brief unsatisfying answer, he is most likely lying.

Lies make them very uncomfortable, so they try not to dwell on them for a long time; otherwise, they may visibly start showing discomfort.

When you ask a Scorpio man for details about something you need clarification on, and he keeps trying to change the topic, the probability of him being dishonest at that moment is very high.

Suppose you insist on staying on the topic. In that case, he will eventually tell the truth, albeit unintentionally, because his countenance will sometimes betray him, or he might just run out of lies since he is not an expert at lying.

Becomes Defensive

Knowing fully that he can not make up lies as quickly as others will, a Scorpio man will spend a lot of time cooking up a convincing lie to you. Most times, these lies end up as effective as they plan, and they get away with it.

However, if they are faced with someone who picks their stories line by line, exposing the inconsistencies, a Scorpio man will be boxed in a corner he doesn’t like. When this happens, the first strategy that would come to his mind is trying to change the topic.

If that doesn’t work too, their final strategy to get out of that corner will be to become defensive. When a Scorpion man refuses to give a valid explanation but instead tries to start a fight, it’s most likely because he has run out of lies to tell you.


There are several reasons why people lie. While some do it out of fear, others find it so comfortable to lie about everything.

Scorpio men are not in any way like this because they detest liars and people who are not straightforward. They consider themselves one of the most honest people and will always do all they can to keep their integrity flawless.

However, like every human, they also get to lie sometimes when they are in a situation beyond their control. To tell when a Scorpio man is lying, the most important thing you need to do is pay attention to his reaction.

When a Scorpio man is lying, he will be unable to look you in the eyes, and he will ultimately become defensive if he is incapable of getting to change the topic.