How To Know if a Leo Man Likes You (Sure Ways To Tell)

How To Know If A Leo Man Likes You

It is widely known that Leos are mostly always fierce and straightforward people who are never afraid to say whatever they have on their minds, regardless of what anyone would think about them.

This attribute makes people believe that Leo men will also be vocal regarding matters of the heart.

However, this is not always the case, as Leo men may find it difficult to express themselves to someone they like.

A Leo man would instead give the person cues that will make them realize that he wants them, but if you are unfamiliar with these cues, you might end up missing them.

Which begs the question; how can you know if a Leo man likes you?

The main thing that can make you figure out that a Leo man likes you is his attitude toward you. When a Leo man treats you better than his other friends and he gets jealous when he sees you with other men, it could only mean that this Leo man wants you.

Read this article till the end if you are curious about how Leo men act when they like someone.

4 Ways a Leo Man Will Act When He Likes You

4 Ways A Leo Man Will Act When He Likes You

A Leo man has no problem showing off his cockiness to everyone around him. They are always about achieving their goals through whatever means necessary.

It doesn’t matter to them if people end up tagging them with names like stubborn, arrogant, and so on.

This I-don’t-care attitude of Leo men becomes significantly curtailed when it comes to people they like.

While they may not verbally express their feelings to you, if you are vigilant, you will be able to pick any of the following attitudes from them whenever they are around you.

1. He Protects You

Being the brave people they are, the most obvious sign you can pick when a Leo man like you is that he will become highly protective of you.

While some people may find this cute and appealing, some other women may consider it to be an over-possessive attribute.

Regardless, you need to note that a Leo man would not go the extra mile to ensure you are safe if he doesn’t like you.

Also, regardless of how you perceive this gesture from them, the reality is that this is their act of service to the people they love.

2. He Gets Jealous

One of the most significant characteristics that Leos share with their number one spirit animal, the lion, is territoriality.

The moment a Leo man starts developing feelings for you, he would start seeing you as part of his pack. He will expect everyone to respect him by staying away from you because you are his territory.

Hence, when the Leo man sees any man come close to you, he might start showing signs of jealousy.

If you are not vigilant enough, you might consider this reaction from him as just a mood swing. When you pay more attention, you will realize that there is a pattern to it, and this could happen when a Leo man has a crush on you.

3. He Gives You Preferential Treatment

Leo men are always goal-oriented and are mainly concerned about getting things done rather than pleasing people.

They naturally see themselves as the leader of the pack, and, as such, they believe that they should make every significant decision for everyone’s best interest.

This attitude of Leo men makes most people have problems with them because no one likes to be bossed around. Nevertheless, Leo men don’t mind being hated by everyone, as far as things work out in the end.

However, when a Leo man likes you, your opinion will mean more to him than others.

If you have noticed that a Leo man easily lets his guard down around you and is never afraid of showing you his vulnerability, the odds that this Leo man has a crush on you are very high.

A Leo man who likes you will always seek validation from you and always ensure you are pleased with him.  

4. He Ushers You Into His Inner Circle

This action is one of the most definite answers you need if you wonder if a Leo man has feelings for you. It is almost impossible for a Leo man to bring you into his safe space if he doesn’t like you.

When he does this, it is probably his way of showing you that he completely trusts and wants you.

If a Leo man has been inviting you to different events with his friends, he probably has feelings for you.

He might not be vocal about it because he believes actions speak louder than words. It will help if you are attentive enough to listen to his unspoken words. Otherwise, he might consider your lack of response a rejection on your part.

To approve of his non-verbal advances, you should be readily available to honor his invitations to have fun with his inner circle. It will also mean a lot to him if you can reciprocate this energy by including him in your plans and introducing him to your social circle.

When you do this, it will be easier for the Leo man to eventually communicate his feelings to you.  


Leo men’s bravery and blunt attributes are great, but they sometimes serve as a detriment. Many believe that Leo men are straightforward with everyone and will gladly speak their minds always without being scared of the consequences.

While this is mostly true, Leo men are not expressive regarding matters of the heart. If a Leo man likes you, he would most likely show it with how he acts around you.

The way he treats you will be more special than others, and he would quickly get rattled when you are around other men. A Leo man that likes you will always look out to protect you.