How Does a Scorpio Woman Act When in Love?

How Does A Scorpio Woman Act When In Love?

Scorpio women are very magnetic and mysterious. They may appear calm, but beneath the surface, there is a whole swirling ocean. This can make Scorpio women challenging to read.

So how would you know that she is really in love with you?

When a Scorpio woman is in love, she will go all in. She will give you lots of attention, loving touches, and constantly tries to make eye contact. She will slowly open up and show you her softer side. If she really loves you, she will even listen to your advice, which is rare for Scorpio women.

In this article, I discuss the traits of a Scorpio woman and what she desires from a relationship. I will also tell you the eight clear signs that a Scorpio woman is in love.

Scorpio Women


Scorpio women can be highly magnetic. They seem to have mysterious depths, and their erotic charge is pulsating and intense. It is obvious why you would be attracted to a Scorpio. A Scorpio woman can also be very nurturing. However, she does desire a certain degree of control in a relationship.

If you want to date a Scorpio woman, you could be in for a rollercoaster ride. Her emotions are very charged and seem to change from moment to moment. Earning her deep love and trust may take you some time.

What Scorpios Desire in a Relationship

Scorpio women tend to be picky about with who they share deep intimacy. If she chooses you, it’s because she thinks you are special. A Scorpio woman wants a meaningful relationship that will help her to transform.

She will not be afraid to dig in deep or face the shadow. Be prepared for a lot of emotional excavation and inner work. At the more toxic end, a Scorpio woman may express love through jealousy or possessiveness.

A Scorpio Woman in Love

Scorpio women can be notoriously difficult to read. They may seem calm on the surface, but underneath there is usually a tumult of emotions. Let’s explore some indicators that a Scorpio woman is in love.

1. She Wants To Spend Time With You

She Wants To Spend Time With You

Scorpio women can be slow to warm up to intimacy. It takes a long time for trust to develop. Once this trust is established, she will go all in. She will show you, in various ways, that she puts you right at the top of her priorities. She may plan romantic evenings or text you late at night.

Try to respond to these displays of affection by letting her know that she is also a priority in your life. You need to show up and display your dependability consistently. In this way, she will continue to open up to you.

2. She Gives You Her Full Attention

A Scorpio woman can focus on something with a lot of intensity. If she loves you, you will feel this focus in its full force. She will be so attentive to you that you may feel like you both exist in a bubble, cut off from the rest of the world. She will tune into your energy and respond to every slight shift.

3. She Gazes At You Lovingly

She Gazes At You Lovingly

A Scorpio woman can stare someone down so they will be gripped with terror. However, if she is in love, you will receive big doe eyes that will melt your heart. She will stare at you lovingly, to the point you may feel uncomfortable. As weird as it may sound, know this is a good sign.

A Scorpio woman can be distrustful by nature. By holding her gaze and having lots of eye contact, you show that you have nothing to hide.

4. She Makes Big Displays of Physical Affection

Scorpio women are ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and action. She won’t hold back from displaying affection. If she loves you, there will be a lot of touches, kissing, and caressing. Scorpio women are notoriously passionate in the bedroom. She deeply craves both physical and emotional intimacy.

5. She Really Opens Up

She Really Opens Up

A Scorpio woman may seem complicated and cold when you first meet them. This is a sure sign of love if she starts to show you her hidden depths. When she starts sharing her fears, hopes, and dreams, she will spill everything about herself. For a Scorpio woman, starting to open up this way is a big deal.

6. She Shows You Her Soft Side

She may have a tough outer shell. If she loves you, you will feel this shell start to crack. Scorpios are ruled by Pluto, the planet of mystery. That’s why they have such a complex emotional life. Scorpios hide their sensitivity underneath lots of layers.

If a Scorpio starts to act soft with you, she is definitely in love. Make sure that you always respect and honor her in this. If you tease or embarrass her, she will most likely pull away.

7. She Listens to You

She Listens To You

Scorpio women can be very independent and proud. She won’t just take the advice of anyone. If you feel that she is listening to your input, then it means that she has a lot of respect for you. Because they usually love to solve problems alone, it can be wise only to give advice when asked.

8. She Gets Jealous

This is a more toxic display of love. However, Scorpio women can be possessive. Love can tip over into suspicion. As long as this jealousy is adequately managed and taken ownership of, it shouldn’t cause a problem in relationships. Try to be very open and honest. Offer a lot of reassurance that she is the lover you choose above all others.

In Summary

Scorpio women are very passionate and magnetic. However, they take time to open up in intimacy. Once she loves and trusts you, she will give you everything.

She can display her love by spending a lot of time with you. She will give you a lot of attention, a lot of touches, and a lot of loving looks. If she loves you, she will take your advice on board and relinquish some of her control.