What Does a Capricorn Man Like in a Woman? (Top Desires)

What Does A Capricorn Man Like In A Woman?

The Capricorn man is ambitious, patient, humorous, and practical. He’s also reserved and loves to deal behind closed doors, so your secrets are safe with a Capricorn man. He doesn’t talk about himself openly, so it’s pretty ironic that he likes to know what other people are up to.

Capricorns aren’t the best at openly expressing their feelings; they are very selective regarding who to trust and open up to.

They may not show it, but they’re softies on the inside who are scared of getting their hearts broken.

So what does a Capricorn man like in a woman?

A Capricorn man likes a patient, honest, loyal, and confident woman. She also needs to be ambitious and help him achieve his goals.

Let’s dive into everything a Capricorn man admires in a woman.

1. Patience


With a Capricorn man, slow and steady does win the race. Don’t push him into doing anything he doesn’t want to. As I said, he fears rejection, heartbreak, and failure in general, so he likes to do things at his own pace.

Show him that you have good intentions as you get close to him. Telling him isn’t enough; he wants action. He needs to know that you genuinely care about him and you’re not just with him for any reason apart from love. He wants you to choose him and not need him.

A Capricorn man also wants to know that you’re stable before he gets too deep in the relationship. As an earth sign, he doesn’t like flighty people. Capricorns value long-term relationships, so they want someone ready for that commitment.

2. Honesty


Capricorn men love mature women. They don’t play games, so if you’re the type to say one thing and do another, you won’t last with a Capricorn man.

He gets irritated fast, so lying is one of his biggest pet peeves. He sees dishonesty as childish or immature, so honesty is always the best policy with a Capricorn man.

Don’t think you can lie to his face and get away with it, you’ll only be making things worse. Capricorn men are analytical, so they’ll put two and two and discover the truth faster than you think.

After finding out the truth, he’ll confront you to see if you’ll come clean or continue lying. You can earn his forgiveness by coming clean, but he won’t stay with you if you keep up the act.

3. Ambition


If you don’t know where you want to be in ten years, stay away from a Capricorn man. Just kidding, you don’t necessarily have to know all that, but a Capricorn man expects you to at least know what you’re doing.

If you seem like you’re going where life takes you, he won’t want to be in a relationship with you. Prove to him that you want to be successful, have big goals, and are on the right track.

You can tell him about your achievements, share your schedule with him, and even ask for career advice. A Capricorn man loves his work and climbing the corporate ladder, so he’ll be more than happy to assist.

4. Confidence


Capricorn men are confident, so they want women that can match their confidence. Carry yourself well and be comfortable in your skin.

You don’t have to wear revealing clothes to look confident to a Capricorn man; if you do this, he’ll think you’re anything but confident. Wear decent clothes, but make them yours.

Have your unique style, and your Capricorn man would love you for it. As an earth sign, a Capricorn man is grounded and has a high sex appeal. So you can wear clothes that show your sensuality and femininity.

A Capricorn man also loves a woman that isn’t afraid to speak up for herself and others. A no-nonsense kind of woman that won’t let herself get stepped on. However, there’s a limit to how much of this trait he likes. It can start to look like aggression if it’s too much.

5. Humor


A Capricorn man is mostly serious, so he’s attracted to someone who can sometimes bring him out of that serious mode and make him laugh.

His sense of humor is not conventional; he loves to see the hidden jokes where most people don’t see them. So to understand a Capricorn man, you need to go deeper.

6. Loyalty


Capricorn men think long-term, they think it’s immature to engage in flings, so if you’re not one to settle for a long-term relationship, these men aren’t suitable for you.

A Capricorn man is as loyal as they come, he’s often too busy with work to cheat, and he’s not expecting you to either. He took his time to get to know and open up to you, breaking his heart after all that is unforgivable to him.

He’s stable and reliable, so once he decides you’re the one for him, he will always be there for you. If you break his trust, however, kiss your relationship goodbye.

7. Mystery


A Capricorn man loves a woman that’s mysterious both with him and in public. If you love washing dirty linen in public, a Capricorn man won’t be attracted to you.

He’s quite reserved himself, so he wants you to be as private. A Capricorn man exudes a commanding, mature and mysterious aura in any room.

If you want a Capricorn man to be attracted to you, you must match his mystery. In the bedroom, don’t be predictable and always try new things.

Don’t be hungry for attention in public, and keep things to yourself. Being mysterious is different from being shady or secretive. Remember, a Capricorn man values honesty.

8. Intelligence


Don’t hesitate to show a Capricorn man your nerdy side because he loves intelligent women. Talk to him about books and be able to hold thoughtful conversations with him.

He’ll like the fact that you can match his energy, and you both will get along swimmingly.


A Capricorn man is reserved and private, so he wants a mysterious woman. He also values an honest, loyal, ambitious, patient, humorous, and confident woman.