How To Flirt With a Leo Man (Guide To His Heart)

How To Flirt With A Leo Man

Falling for a Leo man is almost as easy as flirting with him, but you wouldn’t know this unless you understand this zodiac sign very well. Many people are drawn to Leo men because of the attributes that make them stand out from the rest.

However, these same attributes make it difficult to know how exactly you can flirt with a Leo man without doing too much.

Leo men are naturally vibrant and passionate. They understand what natural attributes feel like, and as such, they can figure out if you are trying to force or form a character that is not yours.

As easy as it is to impress a Leo man, you need to understand some basic techniques that will help boost your chances with him. This brings back the main question; how can you flirt with a Leo man?

To perfectly flirt with a Leo man, you need to fortify your self-confidence, as this is the biggest dealbreaker for Leo men. Your appearance comes next after this because the men born under this zodiac sign are influenced by what they see.

This article provides insight into the strategies you can use whenever you want to flirt with a Leo man.

5 Ways To Flirt With a Leo Man

5 Ways To Flirt With A Leo Man

Leo men are widely regarded as the alpha of all zodiac signs, making them loved and revered by many. While they can be pleasant and welcoming most of the time, their fierceness makes people hold back from approaching them without caution.

If you are one of the many people who have taken a liking to a Leo man, but you are confused about how to get him to notice you, then you may need to learn the core of their attributes before approaching him.

After learning this, then you can use any of the following strategies to flirt with the Leo man that has caught your fancy.

1. Be Confident

Undoubtedly, a Leo man will want to be the leader in the relationship, but that doesn’t mean they will want to be with someone who is feeble. One of the easiest ways to get a Leo man to notice you is by being unapologetically confident.

Like magnets, he will be attracted to you immediately he sees that you are as bold as he is and that you will complement him well.

Once in a while, he might test your fierceness by trying to shout you down or make you do his bidding, don’t make the mistake of submitting to these demands, as this will make him see you as weak.

Always stand your ground and make your own decisions. Although sometimes, when required, you can consider the state of the relationship before making these decisions.

It will help if you are emotionally intelligent enough to know when he genuinely needs you to follow his leads and when he is merely trying to lord over you.

2. Dress Elegantly

Leo men are one of the zodiac signs that pay utmost attention to their appearance. This is borne out of their never-ending desire to always be the best at everything they do. Leo men are highly competitive, and this spirit of competition transcends to their mode of dressing and that of their partners.

If you are not the type that will walk into a room full of people and make all eyes look in your direction, you might find it challenging to flirt with a Leo man. He is moved by what he sees, and he is attracted to only the best.

Always strive to slay your appearance if you want to grab a Leo man’s attention.

3. Give Him Compliments

A Leo man’s ego is one of his most significant attributes and flaws. They do everything for the praise that comes with it, and they favor people who will always give them compliments more than those who don’t.

If you want to ascend to the top of a Leo man’s list of favorite people, then overdose him with compliments. The more you applaud his achievements and credit him for his appearance, the higher your chances of becoming a major stakeholder in his life.

Flirting with him becomes easier when you strategically position yourself in his life.

4. Be His Emotional Support

One of the core factors that Leo men crave in their partners is unrelenting support. His ambitions might be too big, as they are known for always trying to do the impossible. If he ever gets to discuss these ambitions with you, it is essential for you to back his dream.

If you intend to flirt with him, you must first make sure that he is comfortable with you and that he knows you will be ready to support his goals, however big. The moment he perceives that you are not the supportive type, he will cease communicating with you, which will hinder your mission to flirt with him.

5. Don’t Act Desperate

Leo men are well aware that they are the hotshot of the zodiac signs and are craved by many. While you might want to flirt with him badly, you shouldn’t show him your desperation, as this might make him act unpleasantly toward you.

Leo men love to do the chasing because, as always, they like to be in charge. So, while trying to flirt with him, make some conscious withdrawals sometimes and let him also chase after you.

You can do this by going on fun trips or doing exciting activities without him. He should know it’s not a do-or-die affair and that you will gladly walk away if he doesn’t signify interest in you.


The ways to a Leo man’s heart are not as complex as many believe. The only mistake people make is that they assume a lot instead of learning the critical attributes of Leo men.

When you understand how most Leo men behave, you will know that to flirt with them, you need to be confident, dress nicely, and shower them with compliments.