How To Tell if a Pisces Man Is Cheating (Clear Signs)

How To Tell If A Pisces Man Is Cheating

These are times when you might suddenly start feeling that your partner is cheating on you with someone else. This situation is not ideal for the relationship’s well-being because if your suspicion turns out to be accurate, it will probably lead to a breakup.

If the hunch turns out to be wrong, the accusations might piss your partner off, which could also lead to the end of the relationship. Hence, before making any accusations, you should ensure your premonitions are strong enough.

If this partner of yours is a Pisces man, some clues will give you pointers as to whether he is cheating or not.

How can you tell if a Pisces man is cheating?

You can tell that a Pisces man is cheating when he stops being as caring and romantic as he used to be in the relationship. If you have noticed that your Pisces man has recently become rude to you, he is most likely cheating on you.

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5 Characteristics of a Pisces Man That Is Cheating

5 Characteristics Of A Pisces Man That Is Cheating

Just like everyone, Pisces men also have some specific behavior that will give them away whenever they cheat on their partners. This attitude may not be entirely conscious or intentional but merely a consequence of their actions.

If you are not observant enough, you might not be able to pick out these clues, or you could consider them sheer coincidence. Perhaps for some other reasons, you have been suspecting your Pisces man of cheating.

You can confirm your suspicion by going through the following characteristics to see if he is guilty of any of them.  

1. He Is No Longer Caring and Romantic

Pisces men love the concept of romantic relationships and would always do anything to ensure that the romance in their relationship is top-notch. If you have ever had a Pisces partner before, you will understand the extent they can go to prove their love.

Pisces men are naturally caring and would continue to be until they have a reason not to anymore. The reason could be several things, but one of the core reasons that would make a Pisces man stop caring for you is that he has found favor in the arms of another.

The moment you realize that your Pisces man no longer worries about where you go, who you are with, and what you do when he is not with you, you should probably start preparing yourself for heartbreak.

A Pisces man would never stop caring for you if he still loves you wholeheartedly and if he is not mad at you for any reason.

2. He Becomes Rude

It is okay to give the benefit of the doubt to your Pisces man when he exhibits the behavior above. However, when he becomes rude to you, that is a blood-thick red flag that could only mean something is wrong.

The reason for his attitude may be borne out by the fact that the Pisces man is cheating on you but doesn’t have it in him to call off the relationship. Instead, he would do everything possible to make you call the relationship off yourself.

The longer it takes for you to make this decision, the more he will become aggressive toward you.

Hence, when your Pisces partner becomes unnecessarily rude to you, endeavor not to overlook his actions for too long, as they may keep getting worse.

3. He Lies

Undoubtedly, Pisces men are some of the greatest liars of all the zodiac signs. Still, when they commit to a relationship, they always reduce their lies to the bare minimum. Hence, when he lies, you can pick the lies apart if you are observant enough.

If you are good with telling the lies and truth of a Pisces man apart, you should take your time to figure out if he has lied to you recently after you became suspicious of him cheating. The outcome of your assessment will determine if your suspicion is to be taken seriously.

A Pisces man will not lie to their partners if they have nothing to hide, but the one with several skeletons in his cupboard will lie about everything.

4. He Becomes Jealous

Naturally, Pisces men find it easy to trust their partners because they are mostly loyal to commitments and expect the same from whoever they are in a relationship with at all times.

When this trusting partner starts accusing you of infidelity without cause, it is presumably because he has started cheating on you.

Pisces men habitually project their actions and attributes on people, especially their partners.

If they are not cheating, it will never cross their minds to accuse you of doing the same. But the moment they start doing such, they will also start having doubts about your loyalty to the relationship.

5. He Is Unpredictable

This characteristic is another significant pointer to ascertain your doubt about your Pisces man’s infidelity. When he becomes too unpredictable, it could be a result of the conflicting interest he has in you and the relationship.

Sometimes, he could be all warm and cheerful with you because a part of him still loves you and wants to do right by you. Other times, he may become annoying and aggressive because he is tired of the relationship and doesn’t know how to break up with you.

If this off-and-on attitude repeatedly continues in the relationship, you might want to find a way to get him to express his reasons for acting in such a manner. Failure to provide a good reason for his actions likely proves his infidelity.


One of the worst situations you could find yourself in a relationship is when you start suspecting your partner of infidelity. It could be hard to confirm your suspicion, but if this partner is a Pisces man, you can figure out if he is cheating through changes in his attitude.

When a Pisces man stops being romantic and suddenly becomes rude to you, he is most likely cheating on you.