Are Virgos Cheaters? Signs They Might Be Cheating

Are Virgos Cheaters?

Virgo is the last sign you’d expect to cheat in the zodiac. People belonging to this zodiac are usually self-critical, sensitive, analytical, and organized.

So do Virgos cheat?

Overall, Virgos are loyal, but like with any other zodiac sign, there are Virgos who may cheat for a number of reasons. Maybe the relationship isn’t as perfect as they envisioned, or they cheat because of pent-up insecurities.

Continue reading to know all about why Virgos won’t cheat, why they might cheat, how to spot a cheating Virgo and everything else you need to know about Virgos and cheating.

Why Virgos Won’t Cheat

Why Virgos Won't Cheat

Here are some reasons why a Virgo is most likely to remain loyal in a relationship.

They Won’t Tolerate the Same

Virgos are earth signs with the heart of a water sign. They are very analytical and sensitive to most things. Before a Virgo enters a relationship, they take their time to trust you, open up and form a bond.

If, after everything, you hurt them, they’ll find it impossible to trust you again because they protect their hearts.

Virgos are compassionate, and they generally won’t do to you what they can’t tolerate. If you can’t cheat on them, then they won’t cheat on you, but of course, there are a few bad apples.

They’re Too Busy

More often than not, Virgos don’t have the mental or physical time to cheat. They’re not all about work, but they take their work seriously. They also think about different things every minute of the day, so cheating is not at the top of their priority list.

They Hate Accusations

A Virgo would never give you the opportunity to accuse them of anything, they’re already self-critical, so having other people accuse or criticize them doesn’t sit well with them. A Virgo is usually the one doing the criticizing, and they don’t want it the other way around.

They’re Perfectionists

Cheating means tainting the inflated self-image a Virgo has of themself. Virgos take their time to get to know other people deeply, they wouldn’t want to ruin their perfect romance.

If a Virgo cheats on their significant other, they won’t forgive themself. They’ll feel like they’ve failed, and the thought of this will prevent them from cheating in the first place.

They Can’t Hide It

Although this isn’t the case for all Virgos, Virgos are honest to a fault. If they cheat, you’ll know through their body language, speech, and many other things. Look out for some signs of a cheating Virgo later in this article.

Virgos know that their speech and body language show what they truly think, so they’ll do a horrible job hiding it if they cheat.

Potential Reasons Why Virgos May Cheat

Potential Reasons Why Virgos May Cheat

In the event that a Virgo cheats, which is very unlikely, here are some possible reasons.

They’re Insecure

Virgos constantly think about everything, even their past relationships. A Virgo that was cheated on in a past relationship may feel like they’re not worthy of being loved and end up cheating.

They’re cheating to reassure themselves that they can get someone attracted to them. This rejuvenates their ego and makes them feel better.

They’re Perfectionists

I mentioned Virgos not cheating because they’re perfectionists, right? Turns out they can also cheat for the same reason, but this time it’s not about them.

Virgos strive for a perfect life, both in their career and relationships, they want the absolute best the world has to offer.

If their partners don’t check all the boxes they want, and someone else happens to check them, they might end up cheating. However, they usually end up breaking up with their partner shortly after because they hate living dishonestly.

They Don’t Forgive or Forget

If you hurt a Virgo, they neither forgive nor forget easily. They have good memories, so they’ll constantly think about how you hurt them and maybe even how to get back at you.

If you’re lucky and apologize sincerely, they’ll move on, but if you’re unlucky, they’ll retaliate, and it’s usually in unimaginable ways.

Signs That a Virgo May Be Cheating

Signs That A Virgo May Be Cheating

Virgos aren’t the best at keeping secrets, so if a Virgo is cheating, here are some signs that can give them away.

They Get Distant

If they are suddenly distant and no longer interested in spending time with you or having meaningful conversations, it could be a sign that they are hiding something. 

Of course, you can try communicating your grievances, but if they become more guarded and evasive when you ask questions, then you definitely know something’s up.

Additionally, if they start to become more critical or judgmental of your behavior, it could be a sign that they are attempting to justify their own actions.

They Become More Secretive

Virgos normally keep to themselves. But when a Virgo is cheating, they get even more secretive. They become secretive about their whereabouts. They never want to give details and have a sudden need for more privacy.

They Have Closed Body Language

You can tell someone’s hiding something from the way they behave towards you. Virgos are especially bad at hiding it. If they stop looking straight into your eyes during conversations or they have fidgety body language, you can tell they’re trying to hide something.

Virgos generally avoid lying, but they can do it well. If they start to tell you an elaborate story as a reply to anything you ask, trust your gut on whether you should believe it or not.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you can only trust your Virgo partner not to cheat on you. They generally don’t cheat, but if you see any signs and are starting to doubt, confront them directly. Virgos aren’t good with confrontation, so you’ll know whether or not they cheated.