Do Scorpios Feel Bad When They Hurt Someone?

Do Scorpios Feel Bad When They Hurt Someone?

As people go through life, they end up hurting others at one or another point in time, which is part of human nature, but how you deal with the aftermath is crucial. Here, zodiac signs play a significant role as they determine whether you will apologize, feel bad, or neglect the issue.

On that note, Scorpions are one such zodiac sign with a highly passionate personality but are also vengeful. Also, as one of the water signs, they have exceptional emotional intellect and pursue things relentlessly. Their loyalty and honesty are also some traits people with this sign are famous for.

But with all these characteristics on one side, the primary factor that keeps you from knowing how Scorpios are feeling is their secretive nature. Scorpions keep a lid over their emotions and don’t open up to others emotionally, as they feel vulnerable.

It is why this question exists, i.e., do Scorpios feel bad when they hurt someone?

The answer is yes. Scorpios feel remorseful and guilty when they hurt someone, and these things will weigh on their minds heavily. To cope with this, they will try to resolve the issue by apologizing, promising to change, agreeing to your demands, and being helpful.

Here, we will go into an in-depth view of how Scorpios feel when they hurt someone, how they deal with the emotional side of things, and how to tell your Scorpio if they have hurt you. So, stay tuned for a comprehensive view!

How Do Scorpios Feel When They Hurt You?

How Do Scorpios Feel When They Hurt You?

Among the zodiac circle, Scorpios are notorious for their reputation as one of the most vengeful signs. That’s why; if you have hurt a Scorpio and they hurt you back, the only thing on their mind will be revenge.

There won’t be any other feelings except for satisfaction for these zodiac signs to torment you. However, if they hurt you by mistake or realize they have done you wrong, the following are some feelings your Scorpio will go through:

Their Mind Will Be in a Constant Struggle

The first one will be your Scorpio feeling conflicted. If people with this zodiac sign come to know that they have unintentionally hurt you, their minds will be in a perpetual struggle to make up with you.

Scorpios won’t be honest with their feelings, as feeling vulnerable is one of the biggest fear of this zodiac sign. But you will get enough hints to make a conjecture.

They Will Feel Hurt

The passionate and fiery personalities of Scorpions often make them come across as outspoken and emotionally detached signs, but it couldn’t be more wrong. Scorpios are some of the most emotionally sensitive ones as a water sign.

They connect with people on a deeper level and feel their pain. So, if a Scorpio has hurt you, they will feel more miserable, as they will feel your pain and feel bad for being the one to hurt you.

They Will Feel Embarrassed

Scorpions have a tight grasp over their emotions, but when they unintentionally hurt you, they will feel embarrassed about it.

The reason behind this lies in the competitive spirit of people with this zodiac sign, as they hate to lose. It results in the stubborn nature of Scorpios, which can make them act brash if you try to criticize or prove their point wrong.

But when they settle down and rethink, they will feel embarrassed about their behavior and may even apologize and admit to being wrong.

They Will Feel Guilty

Scorpios rank pretty high among the most sensitive zodiac signs; therefore, if they hurt you, their guilty conscience kicks in and disturbs their peace of mind. It puts Scorpios in a fix, and they end up closing off for a while to mentally tackle the issue.

Putting them on the spot or rushing Scorpios to formulate a decision will have an adverse effect rather than a positive one here. That’s why; giving space to your Scorpio to sort out their thoughts and feelings is the best way to go about it.

How Scorpios Deal With Their Feelings After Hurting You?

How Scorpios Deal With Their Feelings After Hurting You?

Letting out their emotions is one of the things you will not see in Scorpions unless they lose their cool in a fit of anger. That’s why; if they have hurt you and it is eating them inside, you should look for the signs.

These signs include how they deal with their emotions and are obvious if you look at their habits.

They Will Try To Avoid You

After hurting someone, the first thing people with this zodiac sign do is avoid the person they have hurt, as they are overwhelmed by how to face them. Also, it takes a while for them to get back on track.

It is their way of coping with their emotions and one of the starting signs that they are feeling bad for hurting you. Scorpios feel insecure, so if you try to make them feel more guilty, they blame it on you.

They Will Convince Themselves and You, It’s Not Their Fault

Another coping mechanism is the way they convince you and themselves that it wasn’t their fault. Scorpios are infamous for their ability to manipulate others in the zodiac circle, and as they hate to take the blame, they try to persuade everyone that they aren’t at fault.

There will be an array of excuses planned by these Scorpios, and they will provide you with as many reasons as they can to prove that they weren’t at fault for hurting you.

They Will Try To Be Helpful

Another telltale indication is your Scorpio going out of their way to be helpful to you and finding reasons to have a chat with you. As they are masters at grasping emotions, they will try to probe you on how you are feeling.

If they feel that they can make you feel better by small gestures, you will find your Scorpio trying to help you in whatever you do until they are sure you are okay. It is also one of the ways you can know if your Scorpio is feeling guilty after hurting you.

They Will Give an Indirect Apology

Getting a direct apology from Scorpios is a rare occurrence. People with this zodiac sign hardly admit their wrongdoings, but if they feel they have hurt you, you can expect them to apologize indirectly.

It will be your Scorpion’s way of cheering you up; you can expect a gift, an outing, or them agreeing to your demands. It is a sign that they are hurt and want to make up with you, despite being awkward at apologizing.

They Will Try To Change for the Better

Scorpios rank pretty high in the most intelligent zodiac sign, and one thing that puts them in such a high rank is their ability to learn and avoid the same mistake.

That’s why; if your Scorpio changes their behavior and avoids repeating the same action, it is an indication of their guilty conscience getting the upper hand.

How To Tell Your Scorpio They Have Hurt You

How To Tell Your Scorpio They Have Hurt You

As emotionally intelligent as Scorpios may be, they aren’t mind readers, so sometimes, you may find them unable to tell whether they have hurt you.

As one of the most loyal and passionate zodiac signs, they love their partners intensely, and this intensity can lead to unintentionally hurting you. What you can do here is to tell your Scorpio about it, and they will change their ways.

Have an Honest Chat With Your Scorpio

Scorpios are open to rectifying their actions, and you will only have to hint, not even be direct, about the issue. That’s why; you can be open about what you didn’t like or something about their actions that hurt you, and they won’t repeat the same thing.

Give Them Some Time To Ponder About It

After letting them know the problem, it is better to give some time to Scorpios. They will think about how their actions were not fit for the occasion, what they can do to make things right, and how they should proceed in the future to avoid repeating the same mistake.

Stay Patient and Forgive Them

It is better to stay patient with them to deal with your Scorpio. They may not come around right off the bat and take some time to consider, as Scorpions are among the signs who avoid taking the blame.

However, they will get back to you and try their best to make up with you, no matter how clumsy they may come across. Instead, it is best to appreciate your Scorpio’s effort and be patient with them to make them fall deeper for you.


Lastly, Scorpios are known for their vengeful natures, so if they hurt you willingly, you can expect your Scorpio not to feel bad at all for doing so.

However, if they have hurt you unintentionally, Scorpios, as one of the emotionally sensitive signs, will feel bad about hurting you.

They will feel even more hurt, guilty, and embarrassed about it, and their mind will be overwhelmed by conflicted emotions. Also, Scorpios will try to cope by avoiding you and the issue, giving an indirect apology, and trying to be a better person.

However, if you feel that your Scorpio isn’t intentionally neglecting the issue and doesn’t even know they have hurt you, you can try talking directly about it with them. Tell them why their actions were wrong, give them time to think about it, be patient, and forgive them.