How To Get a Pisces Man (6 Tips You Must Know)

How To Get A Pisces Man

When it comes to being romantic, only a few Zodiac signs can compete with Pisces men.

They are natural lovers because of their empathetic and affectionate nature. This makes it unsurprising that many women would always opt to have a relationship with them.

However, if you have your eyes out for a Pisces man that is yet to show interest in you, you should be careful not to scare him away by acting desperate. You might need to learn how to get a Pisces subtly.

The best approach to take when you want to get a Pisces man is to be as natural as possible. Pisces men are keen observers and highly intelligent. If you try to mask your true self with attributes that you think he might love, the chances that he will see right through you are very high.

When this happens, you might not get another opportunity to prove yourself to him, as he would already consider you to be a con who is unworthy of his love and attention.

In this article, we will discuss genuine ways you can use to get a Pisces man.

How To Attract a Pisces Man

How To Attract A Pisces Man

Getting a Pisces man to like you is slightly different from men of other Zodiac signs.

If you mistake using the same techniques you have used on other men, it most likely might not work, and you might not find another opportunity to try your luck again.

It is advisable to follow some of the steps listed below when you want to attract a Pisces man.

1. Be Natural

Be Natural

This is the most natural way to get a Pisces man to like you. A Pisces man loves when people embrace the core of who they are.

There is no point in painting yourself as what you are not because you want to appeal to his attention. Pisces men don’t need external factors to influence their decisions.

The moment they see the genuineness of your actions and who you indeed are, they will extend their long arm of affection toward you. If you are serious about being with a Pisces man, one of the most important things you need to know about them is that they are not superficial.

When it comes to love and relationship, they pay more attention to what you have to offer romantically than the materialistic aspects.

2. Go Easy

Go Easy

Although Pisces men are able to avoid confrontations from all ends because of their habit of being alone every time, even when working, their sensitivity is still a cause for concern.

They are susceptible to being hurt by words and actions, especially that of the few special people they allow in their enclosed space.

In your quest to get a Pisces man, if you are lucky enough to find your way into his personal space, endeavor to be gentle around him.

If you give him reasons to see that you are a reckless person, either in the way you treat him or other people, a Pisces man will not hesitate to shut you out of his life swiftly.

3. Be Empathetic

Be Empathetic

Of all Zodiac signs, Pisces is arguably one of the most empathetic. They are natural caregivers and would never hesitate to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

This attribute may not be the first thing they look out for in a partner because they are more concerned about finding the perfect soulmate.

However, seeing this attribute in you will be a huge bonus point.

You can exhibit this by giving back to society in whatever way you can, which could be through charitable actions, looking out for the safety of everyone, and so on.

Before embarking on this strategy, you must know that your philanthropic acts shouldn’t be just because you want to attract the man. It should be genuine and consistent.

4. Don’t Express False Emotions

Don’t Express False Emotions

A Pisces man will never tell you what they don’t mean. For every word they say, they are always ready to stand on it and back it up.

For Pisces, their word is a bond, and they explicitly expect the same mannerism from everyone, especially their romantic partners. Emotional deception is a sin they hardly forgive.

Therefore, if you are not sure of your feelings for a Pisces man, you shouldn’t lie to him about how you feel.

If you tell him you love him, you had better mean it wholeheartedly because Pisces men are highly observant and will be able to pick up cues if your actions and expression are not genuinely aligned.

5. Showcase Your Creative Side

Showcase Your Creative Side

Creativity is one of the most significant attributes of Pisces men. They are highly creative and, as a result, they tend to find other creative people attractive.

Sometimes, a Pisces man may find it hard to use words to express themselves and resort to using other imaginative means to let out how they feel inside.

Hence, they prefer to be with someone who will quickly understand their creativity and will maybe respond with the same gesture.

This factor plays a huge part in determining who a Pisces man is attracted to and would likely date.

Though it is difficult to fake creativity, the good news is that you can learn how to be creative.

6. Play Hard To Get

Play Hard To Get

Perhaps you have tried all the tricks listed above, and none has worked. You can opt for one last resort in attempting to make yourself unavailable to a Pisces man.

This tactic may seem like a dicey one because most men hate it when a woman they like plays hard to get. Talk more of a man that has not necessarily shown interest in you.

Regardless, this plan is plausible because Pisces men love challenges a lot. They prefer when they have to go the extra mile to achieve some feats.

Once a Pisces man notices that it might be difficult for him to get you, his interest in you might become heightened, and he will do his best to earn your love.


Pisces men are one of the most romantic people you can have in a relationship because their natural attributes make it easy for them to show love even to their friends and everyone around them. This insinuates that they will overdose their partner with a good loving, and romantic gesture.

This factor is probably why many people fancy going into relationships with Pisces men.

Fortunately, if you have your eyes set on a Pisces man who doesn’t seem to like you back in return, you can win him over by exhibiting attributes that will most likely attract him to you. Such as being your natural self around him, expressing empathy to him, and even random people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Zodiac signs are compatible with Pisces men?

The most compatible relationship that a Pisces man can have will be with a Cancer because they are both water signs. They are also compatible with Scorpios and Virgo.

What is a relationship deal-breaker for a Pisces man?

Pisces men detest dishonesty so much. If you cheat on a Pisces man or lie to him about delicate issues and he finds out, the chances that he would immediately walk out of the relationship are very high.