Why Are Aquarius So Depressed?

Why Are Aquarius So Depressed?

Possibly, you are about to go into a relationship with an Aquarius, or you are probably in one already. While researching their attributes, you have noticed everyone mentioning one common characteristic of Aquarius, which is depression.

Also, you might have had a couple of Aquarian friends who, at one point, had slipped into depression. Now, you are wondering if this is a general trait for them or if it’s a big coincidence.

To answer your question, it is true that Aquarius people are highly prone to depression. The next question on your mind now is why Aquarians are so depressed.

Aquarians are mostly self-sufficient, reserved, and over-ambitious. These attributes are admirable, but at the same time, they are the origin of the Aquarius’ curse. They get used to their own company, and as such, they seclude themselves from the world. This makes them highly susceptible to being overwhelmed by their feelings.

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Reasons Why Are Aquarians So Depressed

What Makes An Aquarius Depressed

Every zodiac sign has its positive and negative traits, but in the case of Aquarius, some of these attributes double as both positive and negative.

If you have an Aquarius person in your life and you have reasons to believe they are gradually slipping into depression, the first step you can make toward helping them is to figure out the cause.

Some of their biggest triggers for depression are as follows.

1. Overthinking

While most people will experience something or make an observation and move ahead to other things, Aquarians will not be able to get their minds off that thing until they have it all figured out to their satisfaction.

It does not matter if it’s a big deal or not. As long as an Aquarius has taken up an interest in that particular stuff, they would leave no stone unturned until they can figure out everything.

Although this attribute is not a toxic one per se, it is a factor that can help manifest worries out of thin air. Overthinking most times doesn’t help because it only takes up the time you could have spent doing other productive activities.

An Aquarius might take note of something off about their partner’s attitude. Instead of asking the partner why they acted the way they did, Aquarius might start thinking about multiple reasons in their head that might be the cause of that action.

2. Overambitious

Being ambitious is a praiseworthy attribute everyone should strive to have because it helps propel people to achieve their dreams.

However, when you become overambitious, your drive might tilt toward becoming an obsession, and when this happens, nothing else will matter. Your mental health will suffer the most because you might not even realize how bad it has gotten until it is too late.

This is mostly the case with Aquarius people because they are known for being overambitious most of the time.

They hold themselves to a very high standard, and if they don’t meet this standard, an Aquarius will believe they are not good enough. When this happens, an Aquarius might gradually begin to slide into depression.

3. Rejection

Regardless of the zodiac sign, no one likes rejection of any form. People react to it in different ways, some better than the rest. 

In the case of Aquarius, denial is highly dreaded, and they constantly try to avoid it by all means. This is because Aquarians are the biggest critics of themselves.

They are not precisely bothered about how the rejection might make them look like to others. Instead, they hold themselves responsible for being in such a delicate position in the first place.

It is this fear of rejection that mostly makes Aquarius find it hard to express their feelings. They would instead let the emotions choke them from the inside than risk someone breaking their hearts after saying how they feel.

The sad part is that whether they bottle their feelings or express them and get rejected, both results can cause an Aquarius to withdraw completely from everything and everyone, which may, in turn, cause them to be depressed.

4. Criticism

One of the significant reasons Aquarius always chooses to keep to themselves and prevent people from encroaching on their personal space is that they hate criticism a lot.

If it’s coming from total strangers or acquaintances, it might not hurt as much as it would if the person criticizing them is their friend or partner.

Aquarius could be all fun and playful around the people that they love and trust. But if you criticize them for any reason, they will withdraw from you and treat the issue as though you have betrayed their trust in you.

If they get this kind of treatment from a couple of friends or family in a short period, this can cause them to feel depressed.


Understanding people and the way they react to things is an essential characteristic that most people should possess. This trait will considerably increase emotional intelligence and foster cordial relationships between people.

It is a popular theory that Aquarians are highly prone to depression, and, as such, it is only logical for you to be super sensitive when dealing with them.

Aquarians are vulnerable and can become depressed quickly because they are over-thinkers who mostly pay attention to things they shouldn’t and worry more than they should.

Criticism also triggers them to be sad, especially from someone they consider a friend. Although Aquarians may act like they are rid of emotions when they are in public, there is a possibility that they are merely suppressing their feelings. That, in turn, might be burning them from the inside.