10 Tips To Make a Gemini Woman Chase You

How To Get A Gemini Woman To Chase You

Is she a Gemini? You better be prepared. The Gemini woman is a full-of-contradictions bundle of mysteries — their psychedelic, often regarded as two-faced personality is so hard to crack.

If you want to win over a Gemini woman, respect her need for freedom and excitement, but be there for her to lend an ear when it counts. A Gemini woman likes variety and spontaneity in all areas of life, including relationships. Therefore, always keep things interesting if you want to turn the tables and make her chase you! 

By following our tips, you’ll be on your way to having the Gemini woman all to yourself.

How To Get a Gemini Woman To Chase You

Gemini women are known for being social butterflies. They are the life of the party and always seem to be surrounded by friends. If you’re looking to make a Gemini woman chase you, here are ten tips to help you succeed.

Talk & Keep Talking

Talk &Amp; Keep Talking

Innate wordsmiths, Gemini women have a plethora of knowledge on various topics. To get closer to a Gemini woman, you must be able to hold your own in conversation with her. 

She loves talking about everything under the sun and will not hesitate to ask questions about whatever interests her at that moment.

So if you want to keep up with her pace and keep up with conversations, then you should have some knowledge of what’s going on around us today: politics, fashion trends, music genres, as well as pop culture references from past decades too!

Walk the Talk

Firstly, as an air sign, Gemini ladies are naturally aloof and restless. How do you catch a cloud and pin it down? You don’t. 

That being said, a Gemini woman would benefit by having a responsible partner. Take your time to know your Gemini.

By doing so, you respect her constant need for freedom. As her potential partner, it helps to know when it’s time to join the fun or when it’s better to ground a Gemini back to earth. 

Make Her Laugh

Make Her Laugh

If you want to be more desirable to a Gemini, first and foremost, keep your interactions casual.

Be sure to make her laugh. This will put her at ease and make her feel comfortable with you. Once she feels contented around you, she’s more likely to open up about herself and allow you into her life.

Give Her Space

Gemini women are often misunderstood. Sure, they may go from cold to hot and vice-versa in a matter of days but know that it’s most likely not personal. Highly rational, your Gemini is possibly simply having an internal argument with themselves as they reflect on either your relationship or their lives.

Gemini women are pragmatic thinkers. While they struggle with making decisions at times, Geminis know what they want and what it looks like. 

Dare To Be Different

Dare To Be Different

Gemini women are lifelong learners. Their natural house of the Third rules writing and research. So it goes without saying that Geminis are some of the most clever people you’ll meet, whether in academics or street smarts. 

Gemini women are versatile. If you’re all looks and don’t follow it up with mental stimulation, you probably won’t last long with this lady. Note that Geminis get bored quickly because they’re eager to start the next exciting thing on their list. 

Take Her Out to Spontaneous Activities

Use this information to your advantage by letting her experience things she’s never done before. Take her out to see a new movie, try exotic cuisine, or take her somewhere that will give you both an adrenaline rush.

Associating yourself with excitement and adventure is a sure-fire way to get a Gemini woman interested.

Present a Challenge

Present A Challenge

To attract a Gemini woman, you will have to think fast. Geminis are incredibly quick-witted and love a challenge.

To keep your Gemini interested, mirror them: show off your knowledge and skills with an intelligent comment of your own. Remember that a Gemini’s aphrodisiac is a lively, light-hearted debate!

Be Just As Free

Work on yourself. Be brave to seek out new opportunities in your career and life. Show her that you too are unafraid of whatever is beyond the horizon. 

A Gemini woman sees the cup as half-full, and ambition is the key to self-fulfillment. She respects the hustle and knows that your dreams are only limited by your imagination. 

A jack-of-all-trades herself, she is unafraid to push her limits. 

Nothing is more attractive than a person who continually seeks to improve themselves and isn’t afraid to reach for the stars. 

Get Along With Her Friends

Get Along With Her Friends

Gemini women are social butterflies and are attracted to anything novel. They know everyone and keep tabs on all her friends. Geminis do not discriminate and are friends with everyone, yet stand out when it counts.

They love to travel, whether overseas for a holiday or just strolling around in the city and meeting new people along the way. They seek and thrive in environments that demand constant change. 

A Gemini woman respects someone who knows how to flow with the tides of life, and if you’re able to keep up with her ever-exciting lifestyle, she’ll seek you out the next time she’s out to paint the town red. 

Listen to Her

Listening to her is the surest way to a Gemini lady’s heart

Keep her secrets safe and let her confide in you, and you will be rewarded with her affection. Because Gemini women are chatty, she would love to be with someone who is a keen listener.

Make her feel secure by not being judgmental and keeping an open mind as she shares her thoughts with you. Similarly, a Gemini woman also appreciates when you seek her out for advice. 

You should know that Gemini women dislike people who are full of themselves. They can see right through your bluff whether or not they call you out on it. 


As the first air sign of the zodiac, Geminis value freedom, which manifests in her endearing child-like qualities. Gemini women are incredibly charming in their duality, a mix of mystery and charisma. The Gemini woman is independent and has high regard for herself, so making her chase you is no short of a Herculean task. 

The Gemini woman likes to have freedom in all aspects of life; this includes freedom in relationships and freedom from commitments that might tie her down too much. Learn to respect her boundaries and need for space to grow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gemini females attracted to?

Gemini women are attracted to intellect and adventure, above all. They prize ideas, creativity, spontaneity, and clever communication. Be bold in your wordplay and show off your flirting skills, and you’re halfway through winning her heart!

How do you keep a Gemini woman interested in you?

Gemini women like to be entertained, and they love novelty. They are active intellectuals with a keen interest in anything different. If you want to be more desirable to a Gemini, challenge their intellect with a pleasant discussion or debate – but don’t let them win!

How do Geminis want to be chased?

If you are interested in a Gemini woman, it is a brilliant idea to pursue her instead of waiting for her to make a move. Often shifting from one idea to the next, Geminis can sometimes be indecisive despite being analytical. 

Remember to help her make informed decisions and lead the way when push comes to shove!

How do you keep a Gemini woman interested in you?

Be open-minded. Gemini women are spontaneous and are always looking out to catch the sun. Take her out to places she’s never been to before and invite her to activities she’s shown interest in.